A rejected weblog comment, - WEST or W-ST?


"Bearing in mind we are unworthy guests of the weblog, I hope to make this comment my last here.The root issue is sharply focussed  - is WEST sound? It is an issue of vital interest to present and prospective students, their elders and congregations.

There are several aspects to this.
Does Dr Holland, whom Dr Lorek has acknowledged as his primary PhD supervisor*
and by extension, the whole faculty at WEST believe:

  • That Moses was the primary scribe of the whole Pentateuch*
  • Do they wholly repudiate the blasphemous fable* that the Pentateuch was actually written by a 'compiler' around seven centuries after the Exodus? 
  • Is there one inspired author* Isaiah the son of Amoz, of the volume that bears his name? 
  • Or are there others created in frank infidelity to explain away the supernatural predictions of Babylon's conquest of Jerusalem and Cyrus' named deliverance? 
  • Were the declaredly Pauline epistles authored only by the Apostle Paul, or actually penned by a deceitful pretender?

These beliefs are equivalent to theological Polonium*, yet Dr Lorek has either approvingly taste-tested or wholly imbibed* every one, three in his thesis supervised at WEST, the last in subsequent writings, along with annihilationist error which also appears in embryo in the thesis.

If the answer is yes, the supervisor and WEST vigorously repudiate every one, there remains a profound question of both competence and discernment in so long commending* such a monument of unbelief, despite repeated warnings about its author. If the answer is muted, 'WEST' may be Bryntirion's latest name, but de facto it has already become 'W-ST'. 

There is plague in the house, it needs swift action to address, or the whole will be unclean."

Expanding the Boundaries - a poisonous hostility to the Truth   By kind permission © BLQ 2013)

Extracts from the thesis in question

(*These links were not in the original post.)

Tom Holland has replied (19/4/13) by email that he repudiates the doubts about scriptural authorship expressed in this thesis. As he points out, his own writings also corroborate this. Whilst at the time, slightly reassuring, this nevertheless raises serious and important questions about WEST's position in sponsoring and publicising works of extreme liberal theology and of partnering openly with the enemies of Christ, and in particular its academic cooperation with liberal faculties at Sheffield, Chester and Lampeter. 

Did no one read this thesis after its publication? Why do they still publicly recommend its manifest denial of inspiration?

How many other of WEST's theses are leavened with the same poisonous leaven? Why is there apparently a greater concern for academic credentials than faithfulness to the Master?

1/7/13  The plague spreads

Another WEST-supervised PhD thesis corrupted with rank liberalism

Sebastian Smolarz' thesis

Sebastian Smolarz also refers to a second Isaiah and entertains the notion of a third in a footnote, in this thesis, but there is worse too, it is listed in WEST's roll of theses

Dr Holland has both supervised and officially reviewed and approved the work, which is contaminated with such hateful disloyalty to Christ.

Holland's review

Extracts from this second thesis

Roger Abbott's thesis image
20/7/13 The house is unclean.

A third PhD thesis by a research supervisor, Roger Abbott, at WEST, officially sponsored by the College, and again listed in its roll of theses, still along with the others,
amply demonstrates its strong advocacy of ecumenical methods and its use of liberal methodology.

Beyond doubt this displays the dire direction of travel WEST is now taking.

Wales Ecumenical School of Theology -  a critique of the thesis.

Mike Reeve, WEST's new theologian-at-large has heterodox sympathies.

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