WHAT'S GOING ON AT WEST? (aka Union School of Theology)



An archive of linked pages and documents


Jonathan Stephen's presentation in Evangelicals Now

Booklet written by Ruth Palgrave: They Have Forgotten

Review by John Thackway: A Publication for our Time, Bible League Quarterly October 2012  (Google cache)

Article based on booklet: The Right Direction? in the Bible League Quarterly, January 2013

Abridged version: Abandoning Separation from Biblical Error: The Disaster of the Theological College WEST in the Sword and Trowel, January 2013

Comment by Mike Plant in Congregational Communications, October/November 2012

Review by Roger Fay in the Evangelical Times, January 2013

Guy Davies: The big issue was schism, not separation

Gary Benfold: Too far, this time

Jonathan Stephen tweet, 26 January: Beware the evangelical Taliban

And these comments

WEST/Kerry Orchard: Response to Negative Publicity

R. E. Palgrave: Response to the statement posted by WEST  (Google cache)

Martin Marprelate: Response to They Have Forgotten

Martin Marprelate: R. E. Palgrave, BLQ and WEST Seminary

Last appeal rejected by this blog - WEST or W-ST?

Martin Marprelate: Bible League Quarterly and Biblical Separation

E. S. Williams: The Sad Decline of WEST, English Churchman, February 2013

E. S. Wiliams: WEST, Porterbrook, and Driscoll

E. S. Williams: WEST's guilt by association

Robin Compston: Guilt by association

Kerry Orchard: The Good Name of WEST, Evangelical Times, April 2013

WEST Principal's thanks for this letter 

WEST's Shameful Contribution to Mission in Poland

WEST: Expanding the Boundaries of Inspiration

The PhD thesis in question listed with approval on WEST's website  (21st March 2013 and 27th April 2013)

WEST: Further Failure to Separate from Ecumenists in Poland
(By kind permission of the BLQ July 2013)

A list of PhD and MPhil theses gained by WEST students - some  supervised only at liberal colleges, some at WEST and liberal institutions.

'View the full list of award success with details of the research.' Piotr Lorek's name does not appear here.

'In our generation', Stephen Clark's reply to 'They Have Forgotten' - officially endorsed at Affinity's website Abridged version  Full version

Peter Masters: Secondary Separation - when to stand apart in the Sword and Trowel 

Still Not Coming Clean

Another WEST-supervised PhD polluted with extreme liberalism - and endorsed by the College after publication   Extracts from this thesis.

Tom Holland's review

Wales Ecumenical School of Theology


WEST appoints an Anglican theologian-at-large, with heterodox sympathies.

Marprelate resists Biblical secondary separation

Peter Nicholson: WEST's Johannine Expert: The Fourth Gospel is Partially Fiction
(By kind permission of the BLQ Jan 2014)

Error enters the fold - WEST's new NT lecturer is not confident that John bar Zebedee is author of his Gospel 

Bennema calls his use of the term 'fiction' and 'fictional' for the Gospel of John 'unhelpful' in Affinity's 'Foundations Magazine'

What is the wheat to the chaff?  Gresham Machen and WEST's senior lecturer in NT studies compared
(Courtesy of Peter Nicholson)

WEST: Multiplying Errors to Itself 

WEST appoints as director, Frank Hinkelmann,
President of the highly ecumenical European Evangelical Alliance

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Union - a new fountain of theological corruption