Wrocław's EST: a prime example of the advanced ecumenical and liberal downgrade now evident in Union School of Theology (WEST), FIEC, Affinity, Grace Baptist Mission and many other allied agencies and churches.

"Words are not enough. It is action that is demanded." E J Poole-Connor
Updated 14/07/2019

"Evangelicals who remain in complacent fellowship with those who deny their faith are not only failing to stem the tide of apostasy; they are accelerating the pace.
Their very leniency is eloquent advocacy; it cries aloud to multitudes that what men call liberalism in religion is far from being the harmful thing that Spurgeon thought it,
for are not they - outstanding evangelicals - hand-in-glove with those who teach it?" E J P-C

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A brief introduction to the problem of Wroclaw to be found in the Bible League Quarterly, a pdf file, (reproduced by courtesy, © July 2009 BLQ).
A follow up article detailing the response, also published in the Bible League Quarterly (reproduced by courtesy,  © January 2010 BLQ).
A footnote in BLQ
(reproduced by courtesy,  © July 2010 BLQ).
14/10/12 More involvement of eminent British evangelical figures in the ecumenical morass of mainstream Polish neo-evangelicalism,
(reproduced by courtesy,  © 2012 BLQ).

Most credit for the background to these articles, and a great deal more, belongs to my longsuffering coauthor, Peter Nicholson.
Any flaws or errors are entirely my responsibility.

        Stań po stronie Prawdy by Peter Masters
McCarthy on Rome in Polish A valuable guide to the fatal errors of Rome in Polish

Who's telling the truth?
'I worked very much in Catholic circles, in those years we started Catholic fellowships'
Malcolm Clegg published lecture 2008
'We continue to support Malcolm and I am satisfied that he is not ecumenical; he is quite happy to affirm the FIEC Statement on Ecumenism' Carey BC 06/11/09
'The ministry he is exercising not ecumenically compromised' Gen Secretary FIEC 2/1/2010
'Mr Clegg encouraged students to attend Roman Catholic masses... [he] publically stated that he, himself, goes to Catholic masses.' Former student


Malcolm (Marek in Polish) Clegg is a missionary sent, defended and supported by Carey Baptist Church in Reading since the 1980s, who has often participated in its services#.
He preached there on 17th May 2009, (a screenshot of his past schedule there).
During ministry at Carey on 22nd April in 1993, he describes his and his students' involvement in Catholic fellowships (at 46:35 and 50:40), they are portrayed as evangelistic but even the brief description here suggests cooperation rather than extrication from Rome, and Carey's pastor then, now WEST's principal, did nothing.


A seminary for Satan
- a paragon of modern Polish 'evangelical' decadence, facilitated by the wilful or blind support of Western agencies.
If you think we exaggerate please examine the data below carefully.

Amongst other work he was still listed as lecturing at EST (or EWST in Polish) seminary as of 2016, despite repeated claims he has retired (archive link 1)(link 2) *  in Wrocław, Poland. Its website claims, 'EST prides itself on its highly qualified, international and interdenominational faculty composed of educators, laymen and clergy from many churches, including Lutheran, Baptist, Episcopal, Anglican, Catholic...' At a conference it hosted from April 21st to 25th 2010, the college explicitly commends itself 'as a promoter of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue', and includes amongst the guests and participants of the conference, 'the Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Polish and Greek-Catholic', amongst others.

TVP3 montage

Wrocław is a neo-evangelical * seminary. Here is a fundraising video, its ecumenical orientation toward Rome is explicit in the rector’s introduction.  

This local media report (by courtesy of TV Poland 3, © TVP3 2007) depicts EST's inauguration day as a degree granting institution. In it Malcolm Clegg appears at 1:57, at the end of the row on the right, and briefly looks at the camera (middle frame above), Dr Piotr Lorek also appears, on whom more later, and Jacek Duda of RDE, alluded to in our second article on Polish ecumenism and the FIEC (below right frames). This clip shows how its curriculum vigorously promotes ecumenism. The enthusiastic ecumenical participation included the presence of Roman Catholic Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz and of Archbishop Jeremiasz Jan Anchimiuk of the Autocephalous Polish Orthodox Church, President of the Polish Ecumenical Council and Rector of the highly liberal Christian Theological Academy. Another film of the same event records how the Archbishop addressed the assembly (below left).  Malcolm Clegg appears in this film at 12:14.

EST rector and Archbishop    Jacek Duda

Mass ecumenism
Depicted above the rector speaking, a meeting in summer 2010, about which he writes, 'About three hundred people came for the ecumenical service, including a Catholic cardinal, Eastern-orthodox priests, various pastors, Jewish leader, Muslim Imam, Vice-Mayor of Wrocław, presidents of various universities, officials, etc. The service was very encouraging. It was like a beautiful song to God, like our offering to him, showing our unity and our hope in Christ'.

On 3/6/09 EST hosted one day of a highly ecumenical conference with Muslim imam, Ali Abi Issa, Director of the Muslim Cultural and Educational Centre, welcoming the participants, and later explaining the virtues of sharia law. In the program, EST is listed as a partner (p3 of Pdf file in Polish). Imam Ali's contributions to the College's theology journal clearly extend well beyond co-belligerency.

Imam Issa lecturing at ESTPolish Muslim League         Imam Ali Abi Issa

In a similar conference on 24/6/2006, held at Wrocław University, during the 3rd session Malcolm Clegg was keynote speaker with an address on 'Building bridges between Christianity and Islam'. The Imam was asked during this conference,
Q: Why do you organise such meetings?
AAI: They are a kind of mediation between two cultures. We want to show the people of Wrocław that we belong to both cultures and that what mainly divides us is misunderstandings. We are also trying to defend Islam, which is not only a religion but a way of life for every Muslim.
The seminary continues to host such meetings, the last being on September 11th 2010. The organisation is shared by EST officers and Muslims.

On 17th to 24th January 2010 is a week of prayer for Christian Unity throughout Poland, organised jointly by the Roman Catholic Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the World Council of Churches. The Rector of EST writes, 'You are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (17-24 January 2010). It is a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of various Christian denominations in the common discussions and prayers.  I invite you in particular to the session to be held on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 18.00 in the walls of the Evangelical School of Theology. Within each session, representatives of Christian churches will present the missionary activities of their communities. Certainly it will be exciting and informative event for all of us.' [Emphasis inserted] Professor Bogdan Ferdek lecturing at EST

The list of speakers prominently includes Bogdan Ferdek, professor of dogmatic theology at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Wrocław and a devoted Marian. Prof. Ferdek has lectured at least 5 other times at EST on formal academic occasions, twice in 2008, and three times in 2009. He has also spoken at prayer for Christian Unity weeks in 21/1/2008 and on 19/1/2009, both inside EST.
At a 3 day meeting from 30/10 to 1/11/2009, part hosted by EST, Prof. Ferdek described the groundshifting significance of the Vatican's joint statement with the Lutheran World Federation, which wickedly and shamefully eviscerated Luther's stance on justification, and claimed to effectively reunite him with the canons of the Council of Trent. Piotr Lorek and Sebastian Smolarz (more below) were apparently both present.  In October 2010, Piotr Lorek chaired the session of the same meeting at EST, with Prof. Ferdek again in formal and official attendance, as was Sebastian Smolarz.
Papieski Wydział Teologiczny
Do both Carey and the FIEC really still think Malcolm Clegg and Wrocław are 'not ecumenical' and are 'quite happy to affirm the FIEC Statement on Ecumenism'? Or do they think Archbishop Anchimiuk, Cardinal Gulbinowicz, Prof. Ferdek (and perhaps even Imam Ali) are the kind of new 'evangelicals' they would welcome into their ranks?
FIEC              Carey BC             Affinity

Some of Malcolm Clegg’s lectures have directly promoted ecumenism. Originally all 15 hours were published at this URL,235, though they have since been withdrawn. Hard copies of the original videos are held by the site author.

These files illustrate the content of these lectures in Polish and their English translations. Those who perceive inaccuracies in the transcripts or translations are invited to report them by e mail.

Central thinking (Polish transcript). 
teachings reflect the antinomian influence of  the centred set missiology of Fuller Theological Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School's neo-evangelical anthropologist Paul Hiebert. An example of the Alice in Wonderland thinking of the Insider movement, spawned by centred set thinking.

Dialogue (Polish transcript)
The lecturer's extraordinary openness to listen to and discuss infidelity.

Crucifix (Polish transcript).  
The speaker toys with the idea of using the crucifix in worship.

Guinness (Polish transcript)
A remarkable, but strangely unfamiliar, evangelistic anecdote, and some commentary.

Sexual impropriety (Polish transcript)
A disturbingly casual approach to fornication (Eph. 5.3,11-12).

Some basic questions for Mr. Clegg to address, drafted at the request of Carey's elders - no response has been received.

Mr. Clegg and his supporters appear to have radically diverged from the 1996 FIEC Council's unanimously agreed statement on ecumenism,(since removed in 2012) and indicate an ongoing defection from Biblical standards in the FIEC, and the umbrella association Affinity, to which its leadership is closely intertwined. This aspect of church life must be addressed to sharpen her mission and vindicate Christ.

When 'an evangelical church or leader unites with those of a liberal persuasion who deny essential gospel truths, or with those of a Roman Catholic persuasion who add to the gospel, then great confusion is created.  The impression is given either that the evangelical, liberal and Roman Catholic are all agreed when in fact they are worlds apart doctrinally, or that their different messages are equally valid when in fact there is only one gospel. Not only is this confusing but it is also a contradiction of the gospel on which our FIEC churches unite.'
FIEC's position on ecumenism before 2012 (since abandoned for a vaguer one).

One is bound to ask, does this not also apply in Poland to missionaries of FIEC churches?

W języku polskim - Oświadczenie FIEC w sprawie ekumenizmu

The connection between EST and WEST (Wales Evangelical School of Theology, now Union School of Theology)

There are also links between WEST (formerly Bryntirion) and Wrocław's EST's academic dean and former director of Biblical studies *, Piotr Lorek, who completed his Ph.D. in Bryntirion in 2006 (his blog reports it concluded in 2005, the EST site 2004), and took a BA at Highland Theological College in 2000, and Sebastian Smolarz, about whom a little more is given below.

WEST     Union Theological School
Piotr Lorek claims (#15), that 'Paul probably thought that the existence of unbelievers ends with their physical death', and articulated the same annihilationism in the College's journal in 2009. He also refers uncritically in the same abstract to a deuteropauline author, indicating the extent of his doctrinal collapse. In his PhD thesis, supervised at WEST, he refers to two 'Isaiah' authors, cites Martin Noth, an eminent German liberal, with warm approval, who maintained the blasphemy that the Pentateuch was authored 7 centuries after the Exodus (conservatively dated) by a post-exilic compiler. His PhD supervisor at WEST was Dr Thomas Holland, the supervision was shared with the liberal Universities of Wales and Sheffield,  he completed his studies at Tyndale house in Cambridge (2002-3) and at EST. The text of his thesis was also proofread by another former EST lecturer, Dr Elliot-Hogg and the pastor at Carey. The work was funded by Blythswood Care (Scotland). A public appeal to WEST about this thesis is found here. Relevant pages of the thesis are here.

There are apparently two sides to EST's dean - the formal side and the less formal side*, from his current blog. The accompanying video is posted from YouTube below. (He authored the song Pustka, which seems to contain allusions to casual sex - a question the author has not denied in correspondence.) Here is a shameful synthesis of godless music with evangelism for the Lord's sacred Name. If gold rusts what shall iron do? If the dean is like this, what hope remains for the seminarians at EST? Are other graduates and doctoral students at WEST and HTC also practitioners of this form of evil syncretism, or do these schools reprove and disown it? If so, it is strange Dr Lorek seemed quite unaware of Christian objections to and arguments against this godless form of music and the great sinfulness of using it for worship or evangelism. It also noteworthy that WEST continues to list him in an 'honour roll' of previous students and of doctorates,
at the time of writing, despite knowing about the problems with EST since 24th February 2009.Christ or Satan's disciple?A promoter of vice?

Piotr Lorek at the inauguration
Minister of light

or of darkness?

Promoter of purity

or of vice

However it seems the FIEC is also unaware of these, given its shameless promotion in Together Autumn 2009 of a 'Christian' girl band, a rapper, a freestyle dance group and a 'Christian' illusionist at Walton EC in Chesterfield and of a Jazz Club Cafe in East London Tabernacle, both for 'outreach' suggests how worldly wise and foreign to a Gospel of repentance and remission the association's leadership have become. Would E.J. Poole-Connor approve? We consider he will have fiery things to say in the Day of Days to the decadent leadership that have succeeded him.

(Video now removed by its author)
'Exit' an exhibit of syncretistic 'evangelism', promoted by Dr Lorek. He is the 'Elton John'-like lead.

Another WEST scholar has strong ties to EST, Sebastian Smolarz, who is also on the faculty there. Sebastian Smolarz is supported by Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Cardiff (see links). Sebastian Smolarz, Piotr Lorek and the Marian Roman Catholic theology professor, Bogdan Ferdek, mentioned above, all participated in a conference on John Calvin's legacy on 4/12/2009 at EST, and promoted by the Polish Evangelical Alliance (Alians Ewangeliczny), which like the EA in the UK is neo-liberal. All three names, the 'evangelicals' and the Marian Romanist professor, also appear on past theological publications by EST. Both he and Piotr Lorek appeared at a conference on the afterlife, again at EST, on the 25th May in 2007, with the Muslim Imam above, who also spoke on the same theme.
A short, unanswered appeal to IPC's elders is found here, re its promotion of ecumenism.  An examination of his PhD thesis, supervised at WEST, its extreme liberal content and official endorsement is found here. Short extracts of the thesis are reproduced here to demonstrate these claims.

EST also seems to entertain radically weak and ungodly views on homosexuality, in a conference hosted at the college on 18/9/2010, some strikingly heterodox things were said by Sławomir Torbus, like the suggestion that Sodom's main sin was its lack of hospitality, or that NT texts like Rom 1:26-27 do not explicitly condemn sodomy. The conference received front page coverage on the college's website.

Kalina Wojciechowska, a lecturer at EST (archive link 1)(link 2) in Wrocław, presented at the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups in Warsaw in 2015, (archive 1, archive 2). Her paper examined the view that the first mythical human was androgynous, and that differentiation into two sexes later resulted from the Fall.

Another EST graduate (during its former incarnation as BST), is Zbigniew Niemasik, who also leads his church's band (in vocals and guitar), the church website promotes the rock band theocrisis, which you can see in action at a club (Video now removed) or in concert (Video now removed by author). On 18th January (stycznia) 2009, he invited Fr. Wojciech Żmudziński, the head of the Eastern European division of the International Jesuit Education Leadership Program to preach at his services. The church's statement of faith is barely Nicene, let alone evangelical.


'Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.
And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts.'
Rev. 2. 22-23


WEST itself has had other serious issues with 
Anthony McRoy, a visiting lecturer there and at All Nations, whose positions on militant Islam are disturbing. He has attended conferences in Iran comparing Mahdism with Christianity, given interviews with Press TV (an Iranian State organ), has described the most eminent international  sponsor of Holocaust denial as 'intelligent, humble, charismatic, and charming', defended the racist and Islamic supremacist Hizb ut Tahrir group from being banned by the NUS, which he in turn accused of 'Islamophobia', on the NABA website accused Labour front benchers critical of Islamic extremism of racism, expressed remarkably sympathetic views on Al Qaida, eulogised Al Zarkawiadvised Muslim voters to emulate the BNP's shift from racism to identity politics and, according to the Jewish Chronicle, before professed conversion held former membership of the neo-Nazi National Front, for which he now expresses repentance, but still maintains an anti-Zionistic position, to the point of being anti-Semitic. His own defence to these charges is here, but his other writings for a Muslim readership provide clearer evidence of his priorities. Does this represent the vision for WEST's mission strategy to Muslims? If so, it will prove tragically fruitless.


Various responses and developments after these charges

'This is all about secondary separation'.
This is a much more basic issue. Whilst this writer agrees fully with Peter Masters that the scriptural response to evangelical ministers who engage in ecumenism is censure as those who have committed a spiritual form of adultery, Carey BC is engaged in supporting and financing ecumenism directly and has been for over 25 years, in the person of its emissary. Even those who oppose secondary separation should see this is in a quite different league.

'Why not try to resolve this internally?'

Strenuous and repeated attempts have been made to try to obtain from Carey and its elders (past and present) some dissociation with Mr. Clegg's odious views and practices, and various officers in the FIEC and Affinity, before bringing this spiritual canker to public notice. The widespread, though thankfully not universal, lack of concern suggests the problem is deep rooted and much more pervasive.

Some early correspondence with the FIEC.

In subsequent correspondence,the title of the first BLQ article has been described as 'scurrilous' by the FIEC, despite the lack of an external investigation into these charges. To date there has been no FIEC investigation and no official statement on these charges,
raised since January 2009.

The lightning pace of the recent commendable response (official website FIEC 23/12/09 - now withdrawn) to a blog post of an unattached minister, who once preached in an FIEC chapel concerning the alleged lack of disapproval of the FIEC (RMWest 18/12/09) to the racist British National Party was remarkable in contrast.

Why was a proper dissociation from the racism of an unaffiliated minister so much more urgent than a continuing lack of faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to the Fellowship's own unanimous statement of policy in a flagship member church, which has hosted several official meetings for FIEC, over 25 years?


A chronological list of documents highlighting the hideous problems at Wroclaw's EST and associates

A brief introduction to the problem of Wroclaw to be found in the Bible League Quarterly, a pdf file, (reproduced by courtesy, © July 2009 BLQ).

A follow up article detailing the response, also published in the Bible League Quarterly (reproduced by courtesy,  © January 2010 BLQ).

A footnote in BLQ
(reproduced by courtesy,  © July 2010 BLQ).

28/3/12 The FIEC has now withdrawn its Statement on Ecumenism , the new Statement of Gospel Unity is weaker and vaguer than the old.

14/10/12 More involvement of eminent FIEC figures in the ecumenical morass of mainstream Polish neo-evangelicalism, (reproduced by courtesy,  © October 2012 BLQ).

One prediction in the article appears to have already materialised, in that a Grace Baptist Mission missionary acknowledges he was trained in Warsaw's highly ecumenical Baptist college – and has implied he would like the local church he pastors to join the ecumenical Polish Baptist Union? (Henryk Skrzypkowski, deputy leader of the Union, says he does not support ecumenism, but photographs tell a different story – Skrzypkowski seen here on his knees, seeking unity with Rome (see all shots). Dr Wichary the head of PBU is seen here representing them at a prominent ecumenical conference with Vatican representatives).
The GBM seems intent on repeating the ecumenical disaster of its involvement in Poland in the 1980s-90s. Affinity too uncritically lists GBM's emissary as bona fide.

The missionary has engaged in ministerial cooperation with extreme ecumenists and unbelieving liberals like Marek Budziński, Andrej Seweryn and Konstanty Wiazowski who often pray with Roman Catholic priests for unity with Rome, (all three pictured here below behind the missionary). Wiazowski in a sermon preached at a service of prayer for unity with Rome said that “we all believe the same things, we just dress differently” (text published in the PBU’s own magazine). AK at Warsaw 1st Baptist church
Yet despite repeated remonstration, Grace Baptist Mission proudly showcase the same worker in their annual 2018 conference.
Budziński at the 9th Gnziezno Cathedral conference, for interchurch unity with Rome.
MB at Gniezno
Churches need to be more vigilant to test their workers' real convictions on such matters and the dubious missions they support, or they may find they too are now actively promoting the pollution of their mission field, and must also give account for this.

'Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.' 2 Chr.19.2b

      now known as Union School of Theology, Union School of Theology   

24/12/12 The Bible League Quarterly publishes a detailed and carefully documented account of

WEST's involvement in ecumenism. (Google cache)

WEST responds by cutting (and later reinstating) the offending pages from its website. 

WEST's history, news and reasons for joining. (Copies from the google cache). This appeal too has been removed.

One of WEST's directors, Frank Hinkelmann, is currently President of the profoundly ecumenical European Evangelical Alliance, whose close connections with a Roman cardinal (h/t PN) are easily identified

till Nov 2014, Lindsay Brown, has also been director of the now highly ecumenical Lausanne Movement.
 See the WCC head's invited address to the Lausanne 3 ssembly in 2010.
WCC head addresses assemblyWCC head and Benedict XVI
22/3/13  WEST claims that this BLQ article is 'baseless and scurrilous'  we respond by demonstrating this is very far from the case even with respect to the Polish scene alone.  

30/3/13     A personal, last public appeal to WEST and its supporters, rejected from a supporter's weblog.

2/4/13       'Expanding boundaries' - a PhD thesis, riddled with extreme liberalism - examining just how deep the rot at WEST now is.

4/4/13     BLQ responds officially (Google cache copy) - a painstaking and meticulously documented rebuttal of a very weak response by WEST.

                    Relevant pages of this thesis. 

More evidence of WEST's ecumenical links in Poland (by kind permission BLQ © 2013)

2/7/13       WEST: Still not coming clean - another PhD riddled with rank liberalism, and officially endorsed. Extracts from the thesis.

21/7/13    Wales Ecumenical School of Theology

27/9/13     A wolf enters the fold - WEST's new NT lecturer: '..We remain agnostic whether the gospel and the epistles of John have common authorship (an author we call ‘John’)..'

16/3/14    WEST: Multiplying Errors to Itself - Liberalism is now deeply entrenched in WEST's faculty

Some other pertinent early documents:

The extraordinary report of a visit to Wrocław by Carey's elders.

Our reply.

A subsequent letter to the General Secretary of the FIEC.

The FIEC's verdict on the evidence presented above     Reakcja Sekretarza Generalnego FIEC

Carey BC continues in December 2011 to host the 'Prepared for Service' course,
despite its own missionary being at profound variance with the declaration participants are required to sign. (link no longer functions)

Other Agencies involved in Polish Ecumenism

Slavic Gospel Association in Polish Ecumenism
British mission agencies that are not engaged in deep theological compromise in Poland appear to be highly exceptional.

Ecumenical and syncretistic Baal worship, organised by Dawid Kozioł, the key contact, who is supported by EMF (copy of cache).

7/1/2011         Much more on this EMF sponsored rally.  
Wybory2010 - EMF's worker the key contact 
30/8/2010  An unanswered letter to Evangelical Times, about the September 2010 front page article

30/10/2010 A short, but unanswered appeal to Immanuel Presbyterian Church of EPCEW, Cardiff, about their lecturer in EST.

22/12/2010 Christianity Explored (CE) joins the ecumenical bandwagon in Poland. CE is sponsored by at least two Roman Catholic organisations there (1, 2) and does not as yet contain a distinctively evangelical statement of faith in Polish, unlike its English page.

Incidentally, CE and its daughter courses are already sponsored by Roman Catholic book sellers and churches in the UK, suggesting its content is deemed wholly compatible with or at least adaptable to the Gospel according to Rome.

28/3/12 The FIEC has now withdrawn its Statement on Ecumenism, perhaps not surprisingly the new Statement of Gospel Unity looks considerably weaker and vaguer in practice than the old, even if the wording looks more vehement.

23/7/12 Thirteen fellowships affiliated to Churches Together have left the FIEC and one been disaffiliated, and a senior friend pledges that, 'It is not now possible for an FIEC Church to belong to Churches Together'. This is welcome news, but concerns about the vagueness of the new statement remain, as well as about actual practice in the churches.

14/10/12 More involvement of eminent British evangelical figures in the ecumenical morass of mainstream Polish neo-evangelicalism, (reproduced by courtesy,  © 2012 BLQ).

25/12/12 A strong indictment of WEST's recent record from BLQ.
WEST's history, WEST's news and reasons for joining WEST. (Copies from the google cache). This appeal too has been removed.

22/3/13 WEST claims that this BLQ article is 'baseless and scurrilous', we respond by demonstrating this is very far from the case even with respect to the Polish scene alone

30/3/13   A public appeal to WEST and its supporters, is rejected from a supporter's weblog.

2/4/13   'Expanding boundaries' - examining a PhD thesis supervised, published and promoted by WEST, riddled with liberal theology.
    (By kind permission of BLQ © July 2013)

20/10/13   FIEC's formal links with Oak Hill College, which like Wroclaw, although so far to a lesser extent, now advocates homosexual orientation as a legitimate expression of Christian profession.

14/7/19 Lowest Common Denominator - Union School of Theology.


My dear brother, Peter Nicholson, and colabourer in the exposure of matters listed here, though I bear sole responsibility for its flaws

Some General Documents of Relevance

Stań po stronie Prawdy by Peter Masters

A brief overview history of the poisonous roots of the ecumenical movement, David Samuel in the Churchman, for younger readers.

A follow on Bible League Quarterly article, with a supplement by David Fountain, and reference to the sad event at Above Bar Church.

Affinity – BLQ.

The Downgrade controversy – a vital global milestone in the conflict with unbelief and compromise inside the churches.

The greatest fight in the world – CHS’s last, great manifesto with searing contemporary relevance

Spurgeon's landmark unmasking of the wolves of the Downgrade - 'The Case Proved' - more relevant now even than then, in supposedly 'evangelical' missions and churches

Endnotes: #   Since 26/10, these free geocities sites have ceased to operate, an unedited copy is provided here.
(The original URLs were: and

*   Original pages have been intermittently removed and then replaced by EST and Dr Lorek - the links are to copies of Google's cacche, by which their genuineness could previously be confirmed.