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Since November 2015, Frank Hinkelmann has been appointed as a new director of WEST,
as an experienced pioneer in European ecumenism he is well suited to hone its corporate vision of how best to corrupt global Evangelical witness.

Frank Hinkelmann

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Hinkelmann is well known to the faculty at WEST for their colloboration before over work with OM, of which he has been the Europe wide director.

' "Dialogue does not mean abandoning your own positions, but rather to look for common ground in the consciousness of differences, for example in the area of ​​commitment to freedom of religion or ethical issues," he said. This is particularly true in discussion with groups and churches of other denominational or theological character.'

In 2008, he publically engages in a public front with other liberal ecumenists and Roman Catholics, as head of the European Evangelical Alliance.

Here is a conference he helped organise and head in May this year.

At which Frank Hinkelmann said,
'It’s nice to have you here at the Christ Day in Linz!
Together, we want to celebrate our God, honour Him, and praise and spread the good news of His love to every person in our country.
On this day, one thing should be clearly evident: That God's people, God’s church is made up of all manner of colourful people from many walks of life.
We belong to different churches, groups and movements, and we also come from many different ethnic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. But one man has brought us all together here in Linz: Jesus Christ! Our relationship with Him forms the common foundation of our faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of God absolved us of our guilt on the cross.
He gave us salvation and made us His children. He gave us His Holy Spirit and bequeathed us His Word - the Bible, so that we can live with Him. And He will return, as He promised.
We are celebrating this God here in Linz! We want to honour Him; He alone should be the main focus!'

Among the prominent participants was Ludwig Schwarz, the Roman Bishop of Linz.
Christoph Schonberg, a senior Roman Cardinal and the Archbishop of Vienna, was also present and gave the keynote address.

Here is Frank Hinkelmann in the same video with Cardinal Schonberg, and other Roman, Eastern Orthodox and ecclesiatical dignitaries clearly all in active ministerial participation and in shared worship.

What next for WEST, is it fast becoming Rome's agent in the UK?
Cardinal Schonberg's keynote address

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