The Turkish flotilla


A more honest man than Britain's former UN ambassador  spills the beans on the real agenda behind the Turkish flotilla.
Press TV now drops the veil of pretense for 'holy jihad'.

Jane Corbin's report for Panaroma that has had Israel haters in rage for her 'bias'! - 
she is absolutely no hasbara propagandist (despite MPAC-UK's wishful claims) as evidenced by her tendentious report on East Jerusalem in January this year, 'A walk in the park'.

Soldiers testimony at the Turkel committee - which exactly corroborates the evidence below.

A British naval expert analyses objectively what happened for ITV

Beyond any doubt - the ship's passengers' motivation was lethal from the beginning -  video testimony in Turkish and Arabic now definitively confirms this.

Detailed documentary evidence that the primary goal was not humanitarian but a strategic attempt to lift the weapons' blockade - ie to assist Hamas' war efforts.

The kind of 'peace activist' on board - one a convicted Turkish terrorist.

The real character of IHH  - despite the tunnel vision of Turkish people, and many Western supporters.

An emissary of the Vatican - jailed for gun running, released after successive pleas from the Vatican,
on strict condition he would never return to the Middle East and back in 10 months.
A prominent part of the welcome committee (9 min into video, in Arabic) for the Mavi Marmara.
An extraordinary sight as a Catholic priest quotes scriptures to an Islamist crowd to stir them up to cry Allahu Akbar!

A commando's official account of events. 
Another shocking and much more graphic email account now public.

The whole event has been staged and warned about for some weeks - designed either to goad a violent reaction or break the arms embargo on Gaza - with fatal consequences for yet more Gazans and some Israelis. Early releases from usually reliable intelligence sources now amply corroborate these assertions. 

One of the passengers interviewed during the voyage said he wanted to
die as a shahid. He said he had participated in two previous convoys and
wanted to be a shahid and twice he had been "unlucky." He was not, he
said, afraid of 'those cockroaches' (Israelis).

Hussein Urush, a senior IHH member and one of the organizers of the
flotilla, interviewed by Al-Jazeera TV a few days after the takeover
that all the passengers were prepared to die as martyrs and that the
goal of the flotilla was to reach Gaza or die trying.

Intro from Israeli MFA with abundant video evidence of the lethal
intentions of the passengers prior to naval indictment.

A summary video from Israeli MFA - simple, factual and wholly accurate, as far as I can determine;

There is also now abundant documentary & video testimony of the lethal intentions of the jihadists, from the ship's own crew and from videos taken by external and local media before the conflict.

Apart from some useful idiots aboard - this has little to do with aid, peace or human rights - much more to do with Islamist ideology. The much needed aid has since been refused by Hamas.
A detailed and well referenced account of the organisers, IHH, and their weapons hoarding, bomb making past and terrorist links from a Danish academic institute. An Israeli assessment.

A recent German documentary featuring a prominent anti-terrorist specialist with an interest in Turkish militants, Michale Kiefer, indicates other militant links on the ship.
Members of BBP (Buyuk Birlik Partisi) an extreme right wing party tied to the murder of an Armenian Christian, were present on the ship too.

Abundant video evidence of the "peace activists' " lethal intentions and actions prior to any Israeli live fire (it would have been commonplace if resistance was expected for there to have been Israeli rubber bullets or stun grenades first from the helicopter, but this is officially denied) on the Mavi Marmara.

The real agenda of many of the 'civilian' Arab passengers is also revealed by this murderous chant and the quote of the poor dupe of a woman at the end of the second clip,
"We await one of two good things - either martyrdom (shahada) or arrival at Gaza." (My translation). Al-Jazeera TV, May 29, 2010, cited in PMW, accessed 31/5/10

'The LORD tries the righteous: but the wicked and him that loves violence His soul hates.' Ps.11.5
(The Hebrew for 'violence' here is 'kHamas')
Knives    Another knife   
More photo monkey business at al-Reuters, courtesy of LGF

What actually happened at Khaibar?
The name of the town probably comes from the Hebrew term for friend (hever, as with Hebron),
but the early Muslims' slaughter and savage torture, on instruction from the 'prophet', showed quite the reverse.
A self justifying but nonetheless revealing Muslim account of the butchery and a more sanguine Christian one from the same Muslim sources (Sirat ArRasul esp.).
The intemperate consummation of 'marriage' of the slain men's wives at most within a few days of their slaughter (Khaibar is 80-90 miles from Medina)
was also at the very least a serious violation of the Divine Law, revealed over 2000 years before (Deut.21.11-14).

How much Divine fury still hangs over the heads of these bloody men and why do Islamists love to emulate this wicked bloodthirst in their songs of 'peace'?
Don't they realise thuggery will never ultimately prevail (Ps.76.10, Ps.37.1-4)? Haven't they learned that the blood they lay in wait for is actually their own! (Prov. 1.18).

Helsinki Principles on Maritime Neutrality:
'5.2.10 Blockade
Blockade, i.e. the interdiction of all or certain maritime traffic coming from or going to a port or coast of a belligerent, is a legitimate method of naval warfare. In order to be valid, the blockade must be declared, notified to belligerent and neutral States, effective and applied impartially to ships of all States. A blockade may not bar access to neutral ports or coasts. Neutral vessels believed on reasonable and probable grounds to be breaching a blockade may be stopped and captured. If they, after prior warning, clearly resist capture, they may be attacked.'   Israel acted within its obligations under international law.

Some background on the extraordinary (and many claim irrational) lengths Israel has gone to provide and supply the Gazans, despite the ongoing state of war.
This continued supply to active adversaries is almost unprecedented in human history
(even Salah Addin never reached heights of nobility like this, in his battles with the bestial crusaders):

Since the end of the IDF operation in Gaza (18 Jan 2009) until 5 June 2010:
1,025,686 tons of aid,
49,610  tons of cooking gas and
136,097,330 liters of fuel
have been delivered to the Gaza Strip.

A telling analysis of how the flotilla ironically seals the long awaited defeat of Arab nationalism by pan-Islamist forces
- another phenomenon likely to be even more short lived, perhaps after an Ezek. 38-39-like confrontation, also sucking in Russia - a possibility even Jews are beginning to wake up to.

The power behind Turkey's present Government

Ministry of God's Word
Islam/ The Satanic verses
The land of Israel
Christian anti-Semitism