Why would a conscientious MP not pass on a letter 

on the UK government's promotion of physical ill health amongst Russian children? 

(Something to do with the strength of the Sodomite lobby in Parliament perhaps?)



 30/1/14 07:24

Dear [MP],

I hope you are well.
As a long serving consultant physician, I am concerned to see that, whilst on the one hand Parliament has recently been debating draconian laws to prevent private smoking habits to prevent harm to children, the government is using taxpayers' money to promote ill health of another kind among children.

The effects of passive smoking are indeed significant and deleterious, though whether they justify imposing a legal ban on smoking in privately owned cars I doubt. I spend a great deal of my professional discouraging smoking, but the injury to personal and family autonomy is very significant.

What is extraordinary is that the UK Government considers it wise to directly promote anal sexual intercourse, by now funding groups that promote homosexuality in Russia. Anal sex is well documented* to cause considerable and wide ranging forms of injury to health. Even irrespective of significant moral considerations and the amply documented damage to happy social and family life, promoting anal sex amongst children will harm their physical health and shorten their lives. Mortality data indicates that the life shortening complications of anal intercourse have greater impact than tobacco. Anal sex is also directly linked to an uncommon but now increasing form of anal cancer, by the propagation of oncogenic strains of human papilloma  virus.

I'd be grateful for a response from the Culture Secretary on this foolish initiative,
Best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Charles Soper
[Address supplied]
* I append a short summary of some of the evidence.

Mildly edited for typos. 5/2/14

My MP kindly wrote today (5/2/14) to inform me he had in fact written back, I won't embarrass him by providing the response here.




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