A short example of recent correspondence.
To avoid personalising an important difference on issues, the officer at the FIEC and other references have been anonymised.

From: [A brother at the FIEC]
To: 'charles soper'
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:15 AM
Subject: RE: Malcolm Clegg
Dear Mr Soper
Please forgive the impossibly long delay in coming back to you. 
As promised I have both spoken to and visited [an elder at Carey] over the last few weeks.  [The elder] himself has had extensive discussions with Malcolm Clegg, who believes that his comments have been taken out of context and misrepresented.  [The elder] and a colleague will be visiting Malcolm in October, I think, and reporting to me amongst others on their return. 
I hope you’ll agree that I’ve taken this as far as I can for now.
It goes without saying that I was very disappointed to read the article BLQ – especially the Editor’s take on your article.  I am very glad that we all have to stand or fall before own Master!
With warm Christian greetings
The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

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21 July 2009 21:26
Dear [brother],
Thanks for this gentle reply. I am also sorry not to be able to respond in kind appropriately.
I would be grateful for some specific indication of how Mr Clegg's comments and actions have been misrepresented or taken from their context, and how either he, or Carey B.C. respond to the charge of directly facilitating ecumenical ministry with Rome - the public evidence is precise, extensive and growing.
I would be interested to see the report, but the situation seems a most serious one, which Poole Connor or William Carey would be horrified by and called for immediate, decisive action without delay. Will their and our Master take any lighter view? I cannot agree at all that no more could or should be done at FIEC. Wroclaw, which continues to be supported in the person of a senior lecturer,  remains an energetic fountain of 'great confusion' and 'contradiction of the Gospel', in words that will be familiar from '96. A former president writing to the general secretary of the situation at Above Bar, on 13th November 2002, claimed that that problem was, 'serious, and needs to be investigated'. He referred not to an investigation by the local church, but by the FIEC of the local church. The problem at Above Bar was an isolated act of betrayal, which was swiftly apologised for and corrected in measure. The situation at Wroclaw is one of sustained and systematic adulterousness, for which no recognition of wrongdoing has yet arisen, let alone the feeblest gesture of rectification.
This sort of neglect tends to irreparably corrupt the fellowship and grieve the Holy Spirit,
Yours sincerely in Christ,
Charles Soper

No reply and no clarification has been received to this mail until now.