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Open air work is still badly neglected - every church should be involved.
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A letter from a faithful older brother in the West Country.

Dear friends,

As so much has happened since my last update, I feel I had better get on with sharing this good news.

The phone conversation with the cardiologist went well. He was very impressed with my being able to walk 5 miles without any problems – well, from the heart anyhow - we won't go into other parts of the body!

He assured me, I am on the waiting list for the Echocardiogram, but sadly confessed, this will not take place until next year as there is a 11-month waiting list.

In the Cardiologist’s ‘full’ letter to my GP, where he told her all those secret's I had passed on to him!

Dr H. was so impressed, that she gave me the OK to join an open-air meeting – as long as I was ‘very careful’.

So, the are following day, I was able to join [a dear brother] and the witness team at W.

Then the following day, at B. Having arrived on the spot before [a dear brother] had come, I thought I could push the boat out a little further and start handing out tracts on my own. I was pleased with the way my heart was keeping up with all these developments. During last Monday's phone conversation, I was able to assure my Dr that everything had gone well - I even confessed that I had felt faint after running after a couple of lads who had shown interest in the message. But then, quickly pointed out to her that I hadn’t run for two and a half years! Having it pointed this out, I didn't really think that I would get my next request. This was, ‘Do you think it will be OK for me to have a go at preaching in the open air?’ I rather surprised the girl, when I said, ‘I have been preaching several times on zoom - and can't get the heart to misbehave – so, I should be alright in the OA shouldn't I’?

I can't assure you, it was a big and pleasant surprise to receive the go-ahead. O, I did have to promise, that I would stop immediately - if I felt anything different in the chest area!

So, the very next day, I once again, made personal history in W by preaching in the open air.

It was in that same spot where I had last preached on the 22nd December 2019.

What a joy it was - to be preaching again, especially thinking of those times where I had been so near to eternity and how poorly I had been. I was so thankful to God that I had a job to hold back the tears!

It seems the NHS are still keeping me employed with a few more further opportunities!

I have already attended the pre-op for the [minor] operation. The nurse who conducted these tests was pleased to receive literature and later, also an elderly couple. But how different it is to be handing out ‘many’ tracts on the streets!

I will, hopefully, send out the date for this next operation when I am called.

I think that's about all for now.

Many thanks for all your prayers. Now you can see they are working!

Lots of love,

Not all are called to preach, but all are commanded to witness!