A short archive of documents pertaining to recent corruption of Reformed Baptist church mission in Sri Lanka
An appeal for objective, independent investigation - not yet another blinkered whitewash.


Lanka Episcopal Fellowship of Churches
A brief note to a friend, summarising concerns.

Language you expect from a Christian worker? Just two early examples:
2006 Jeyakanth directly threatened brother Muralee by phone and said, 'you know what they [his family & associates] will do to you'.
On other occasions direct violence was used.
2007-8 In Batticaloa, Paulose, Jeyakanth's driver and assistant said to brother Muralee, 'I will cut your throat and put your head into a bag'.
Many other senior Christians have also testified in writing of threats of violence from Jeyakanth and his criminal colleagues (convicted).

2/08 An early report from Jothy Hoole, a senior Sri Lankan pastor.
The concerns are prescient and echo the same repeated concerns raised since.

2/08 Concerns raised by Pastor Balanathan about the MT's investigation, using a party to a serious dispute, involving alleged violence and later theft of a child, as the sole translator.

An introductory page, published after a lack of response and apparent inaction, though the affair was brought to my attention by brethren who had been raising these concerns with the supporting churches for at least 4 years before.

24/11/11 A troubling report in response to specific concerns raised about child abuse.

2/2/12 A response to the report, which was unanswered.

14/5/12 A troubling eagerness to take brethren to court. V S George who officially represented LEFC was later convicted of serial child rape.
The church building concerned had been built by the defendants. Jeyakanth's team disputed the land rights.

29/10/2016 A letter to the Metropolitan Tabernacle about Jeyakanth's behaviour and his reports from a humanitarian charity (not confessionally Christian, and not evangelical), which funded Jeyakanth for some years, apparently without the knowledge of other donors.

17/10/2019 The court case that succeeded, 8 years later in convicting two paedophiles.

Winter 2019 The official response of Care Sri Lanka and on 9/1/20, the council later supported the appeal publicly. (now withdrawn, but not yet disowned or disavowed)

7/1/20 A response raising challenges to serious discrepancies in this account.

31/2/21 The six (originally seven) pastors who defected from Lanka Evangelical Fellowship and their concerns.

May 2021 Council Of Reference upbraids APC for excommunication.
For reference, 1689 confession, ch.26, para 15.

The wrong kind of armour
Armed for inaction?
Where is the Messianic Spirit of Isa.11.3-4?

20/10/21 A combined letter to LEFC from German Mennonite brethren, also previous supporters of Jeyakanth, expressing strong concern.
(permission to publish not granted, despite request, published given strong public Sri Lankan interest).

25/3/22 Brother Bill Goodman, as a former senior fraud investigator expresses concerns about irregularities in the financial arrangements of LEFC.

2/8/22 The appeal court findings. An appeal pressed by LEF and funded by them probably.
Their argument against delay, employed by Islamist lawyers, was quite despicable, given the allegation of bribery of police and other officials, voiced by the High Court Judge against their own representatives. An apology & proper restitution for these crimes is long overdue.

2/8/22 Lanka Evangelical Fellowship's immediate publication, with brother Bill Goodman's response interspersed.

23/8/22 Our questions, which still remain unanswered. Where is the holy spirit of Phinehas? Num.25.1-13, Ps.106.30-1.

21/11/22 Aloysius Periyakamam's expression of repentance for involvement in LEF's affairs.

17/3/23 Another appeal to CSL and LEF after more gangsterish behaviour in Sri Lanka is reported.
25/1/22 The court case that had already settled this peaceably a year earlier was also initiated by Jeyakanth's criminal representative.

27/3/23 More ministerial corroboration of Jeyakanth's behaviour - a public application. 77% of the congregation of his 'commissioning church' now worship here.

9/5/23 CSL now confirm they support the appeal to the Supreme Court, in the case of a child rape by a casual labourer engaged by LEF, who resided near the children's homes (a codefendant with the now deceased legal representative of LEF). They contest unequivocal findings by the two lower courts (the Appeal Court strengthened the sentence).
We again appeal to LEF/CSL to make sure their child safeguarding policies (whatever they actually are) are well known to their workers in Sri Lanka, in Tamil, (we have been assured today they are 5/6/23) and that they are enforced.

How should interchurch financing work? What's the Biblical mandate?

5/6/23 Evidence Jeyakanth clearly did support appeals against the Thambalagamam splinter church building, despite reported denials. Previous signatures compared.
Translation in English.
Translation in Tamil.

Evidence already submitted to supervising organisations of bribery by Jeyakanth and his direct associates.

17/6/23 A glimpse from Prof Hoole of just how bad things are in Sri Lanka now. Please pray for proper reformation.

6/7/23 A final plea for properly & independently investigating Jeyakanth Selvarajah to Care Sri Lanka and LEF
- not yet another internal whitewash with flawed witness, methods and processes.

30/7/23 Jeyakanth still uses Antonio Fernando, the thuggish criminal, also involved at Muthur, now to fight with Pastor Jegan (Jegannathan), an old associate & former ally, over yet more land disputes.
Arulanadtham is the proxy who accompanied Fernando to the police station.

20/8/23 Mennonite brethren visiting Veeramanagar describe being arraigned before the local police by LEFC under false charges, brought by Antonio Fernando, as LEFC Secretary.
Appeals have been made privately.

9/23 The [anaemic] case for the defence after Muthur (and perhaps the false accusations against German visitors at Veeramanagar too) - Lanka Link, p.30. The invitation to comment is welcome.

22/9/23 Subsequent claims and local fact checking about the outrage at Veeramanagar.

25/9/23 We're pleased to learn the Metropolitan Tabernacle has finally withdrawn its support, but a careful and objective investigation is still needed.
There are many important lessons to be learned.
Jeyakanth has received millions of pounds over 20 years of misguided support, if LEFC folds, much of it has been sequestered in properties and other assets, which have been registered privately in family or friends' names. To whom will they fall?
What prevents massive fraud?

1/10/23 Antonio Fernando, LEFC's Secretary, an ex-con who brandishes his past like a badge of distinction, continues threats of violence.
1 Cor.5.11 'I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner (ἅρπαξ harpax); with such an one no not to eat.'

4/1/24 I have received emotive correspondence from various associates of Jeyakanth, none of which, after weighing, appears consequential, nor requires material changes here.

Error correction welcome.


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