The summons

30/7/23 Jeyakanth still uses Antonio Fernando, the thuggish criminal, also involved at Muthur, now to fight with Pastor Jegan (Jegannathan), an old associate & former ally,
over yet more land disputes between a local fellowship and LEFC HQ.
Arulanadtham is the proxy who accompanied Fernando to the police station.
Jegan reports this directly.

This complaint was sent to THAMBALAGAMAM POLICE from ECHCHILAMPATTU POLICE based on complaint number CIB 329/177, against Saravanan Jagannathan who lives in the area of Thambalagamam police by Mr Arulanadtham with regard to the land. So you have been summoned to the police station on 28/7/2023.

An archive of documents of corruption in Sri Lanka.


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