The court case in January 2022, that preceded the chaos at Muthur on the 11th March 2023, was brought by LEFC.

Testimony by the defendants, corroborated by court records - translation to follow.

1. Antony Fernando (AF) and others came and disturbed Makendran (also known as Mahendran, hereafter M) and others claiming that this property belongs to us and we must worship here. There were some arguments back and forth.

2. Then AF went to the police first and lodged a complaint against M and others that they were threatening and trying to manhandle them.

3. Then M and others were summoned to the police and asked to give a statement. M told the police the truth that they were the [plaintiffs] ones who created the trouble.

4. So police filed the case under section 81 ( breach of peace) against both parties.

5. Verdict was given that M and others can continue to worship in the same place while another party may join them in the worship. (Earlier their [plaintiff's] lawyer wanted a separate slot for them, but the Judge did not grant it after listening to M's lawyer's argument that this may create a commotion again. Both parties were warned that they would be arrested and put into jail if they violate the orders of the court which says to remain peaceful.

The ugly events that took place at Muthur at the Rural Development Society, again initiated by LEF, with strong local suspicions of bribery and clear indication of intimidation.

A short archive of selection of documents pertaining to corruption in reformed mission in Sri Lanka.



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