A report from Muthur on the 14th March 2023 and another appeal to CSL and LEF

Report on Rural Development Society meeting held on 11th March 2023 at VeeramaNagar to resolve the matters between Pastor Jeyakanth and groups and Pastor Mahendran and Groups on the request of Pr S.Jeyakanth to the Rural Development Society (RDS)

Purpose of this meeting

There was a complaint lodged by Pr Jeyakanth and LEFC against Pastor Mahendran and his Church. The complaint was that Pr Makendran expropriated the properties and assets of LEFC after he dissented from LEFC and he also created a division between two communities and he prevented us from worshipping God in our building. So LEFC had requested RDS to request Pr Makendran and the church to return all their properties and vacate the premise.

Based on these complaints RDS convened this particular meeting.

On behalf of LEFC brother Antony Fernando was listing out so many charges and complaints with so-called evidence.

Pastor Makendran also defended and denied all the false accusations made by brother Antony Fernando.

No concrete results were reached. There were a lot of heated arguments and debates from back and forth to the extent that unbelieving Hindu people had to stop both churches. Otherwise, the situation would have been serious. They almost manhandled each other.In the heated argument, I heard Antony Fernando telling "I had gone to jail twice already and I would dare to do anything."

What I observed in this meeting is

1. They (LEFC) approached pagans to resolve the matter of the church's

2. Hindus who have substance abuse and opponents of Christianity were invited by a Church to get their property from another Church!

3. Unparliamentary and abusive Languages were exchanged during heated arguments

4. Another deplorable thing is that those who never knew Christ Jesus (Hindus) have had to pacify and calm down both the church people.

5. I felt really ashamed being a minister of God at that meeting on the account of the conduct of LEFC people who approached the meeting [employing the secular] RDS to resolve the matters.

[A minister] spoke from the Bible and said ultimately Church property belongs to the Local church people neither to an organization nor to an individual.

You are sincerely [sic]

in Christ Jesus

A short archive of selection of documents pertaining to corruption in reformed mission in Sri Lanka.


Appeal sent to CSL and LEF (UK) 17/3/23

Dear brethren,

I was deeply aggrieved to learn from several sources independently, the first unsolicited, that Jeyakanth Selvarajah has been misbehaving badly again.

Having taken separate soundings from the situation locally, it seems the level of vicious intimidation and corruption is as great as ever, perhaps worse.

One seasoned observer after hearing separate direct firsthand accounts writes, 'JK is on rampage and bullying mission to suppress and destroy those who oppose him in the village using both political and police authorities. Looks as if he's been given protection in UK to do his past works and use foul methods, but more viciously'.

Many, who are concerned about the serious reproach this is causing in Sri Lanka and abroad, even amongst the ungodly, appeal to you again to take action, by publicly and promptly committing to investigating and remedying these and many other previous offences. I append a copy of the latest report. I will reveal identities of the local reporters, if there is a public commitment to independent, objective investigation, for their own protection.

Brethren, it is not right to be funding bribery or gangsterism.

Yours in our Beloved Advocate and our Judge,


On Saturday, 11/3 Rajendram, Mahendran and their church members were called in Muthur by Jeyakanth's representatives to the secular Rural Development Society. The meeting was from 9am to 1pm. It was rancourous, abusive & came close to violence. Antonio Fernando, a twice imprisoned criminal, whom Jeyakanth had appointed to represent him, threatened the other parties with violence, boasted of his convictions as a threat, and said 'I can do whatever I want'. Hindus who were present at the meeting both aggravated the situation and acted to restrain the two parties from coming to blows.


RDS President

An unauthorised letter by the President of the Rural Development Society.
After he had earlier met with Jeyakanth and associates at 6 Mile Post, he presented this letter, without consulting or even informing his own committee, in which he fabricates complaints from villagers and makes false assertions against one of the pastors, whose property was in dispute with LEFC.

This raised strong suspicions and challenges of bribery, by his own committee and secretary, who have since sought to remove the President.

An immediate investigation and cessation of external funding is called for.


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