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How well does Mohammed's prophethood stand up to scrutiny?


It is crystal clear from numerous scriptural warnings that many false prophets will arise - some will attract many followers.
Some will delude and convince vast multitudes.
For this important reason, God's law provides clear and easily applicable tests to any aspiring prophet.
These are tests we are obliged to apply if we wish to be safely lead and guided.
5 false and dangerous tests
First of all there are a number of criteria often vaunted of prophets,
which are certainly not given by God to indicate true prophethood.
Whilst they may seem persuasive and enticing to the flesh, they are extremely dangerous to rely upon.
Historically they are the criteria used by false prophets explicitly condemned by the Word of God.

Pharaoh, and idol worshipping Nebuchadnezzar.

4 Scriptural Tests - each essential for evaluating a claim to prophethood

A central test of prophets is whether they agree with what went before, (Deut. 13.)
- numerous massive discrepancies with manuscripts that antedate Messiah and so could not have been altered either by the Jews or Christians (how could they conspire together to embarrass the Qur'an!)
- numerous even greater discrepancies with manuscripts that antedate Mohammed by at least 3 centuries, so they could not have been altered by Christians!

- but the Qur'an embraces Greek anti-anthropomorphism that demean His personality,
His grace and the mysterious character of His name.

-it ascribes to Him the authorship of evil and the intention to deceive.

- the great sin of the worship of the Ka'aba stone is enshrined and sanctified in Islam

Miraculous Signs
Especially when new doctrine is taught.
The prophet of Islam bereft - his own revelation a feeble and insufficient substitute

Personal Character
Distinctive holiness of life essential
The 'prophet's' life abounds in assassinations of nonviolent critics/torture/repeated, unrenounced sexual impurity/oath breaking
and even false revelation that needed rebuke,
not to Christian critics but to reputable Muslim historians and the Hadith literature.

Consequences of ministry; the social fruits
Muslim nations now the most corrupt, miserly even towards the Muslim needy and backward,
in spite of extraordinary wealth and privilege.

Even in its golden days, the Islamic empire dosesn't compare with the fruits of the
Protestant Reformation for:
Orphanages/hospitals/schools (yes, girls too) / integrity and freedom from corruption/ sexual mores/
nepotism/scientific and intellectual progress  - despite corrupting trends at its inception
- like the sanctifying of usury, an overreliance on philosophy, or evil anti-Semitism.

Malaysia, a rare exception, benefitted from Christian influence after WW2 and heavily relies on a highly industrious Chinese subpopulation, dealt with as second class citizens by the lazy Malays,
even now the country is beginning to revert to type.

(the progressive petrifaction of the Muslim mind,
since Ibn Hanbali,
a heavy reliance of Greek learning and analysis and the explanation for the significant benefit gained before to be found in the proper renunciation of visual idolatry,
the prominent role in Islamic progress played by Jews and Christians).
Western apostasy since the intrusion of antinomianism into the church.

1 John 5.10-11

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