A heartcry of despair at corruption in UK Reformed churches

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An indication of how cursory and unsatisfactory the investigation into these extremely grave allegations has been.
Sadly in our experience this has been characteristic of this charity and its principle supporters, all reformed churches in the UK, over the last 15 years.

Original English summary (as received, I have removed names of UK brethren to avoid personalising the issues of investigation overly, but not corrected obvious spelling and grammatical mistakes)

05/03/2022 08:24:10
Subject: Narratives of their Meeting with [brother1] and [brother2]
Dear Charles Soper in Christ,

We greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We learned through Brother Murali Anna that you are continuing to pray for us. So our heartfelt thanks for that.

Our Meeting with [CSL representatives]

We are pleased to inform you that you what happened when [brother1] came to Sri Lanka. We learned that he was coming to Sri Lanka even before they came to Sri Lanka. We contacted him via his email and asked if we should talk to him directly when he comes to Sri Lanka. He too had consented to it. After that we heard that he had come to Sri Lanka. We came to know that he came to Sri Lanka and visited Pastor Jayakant's ministry. He then gave us a date when we asked him to meet us through email. We were eager to talk to him openly. But Pastor Jayakanth kept him very busy.

We had informed him already the venue and time of our meeting. It was Savodaya at 3rd mile Post at 6 a.m. We went there and were waiting. He had come from Mullaitivu after visiting JK’s ministry. Since he did not turn up we called Sherine an assistant lady, to contact him. [brother1] has asked us to come to LEFC 6th mile post. Going there was not very satisfying for us as we saw that there would be unnecessary problems if we went there. Brother [brother1] were emailed several times that we were preparing a place. So we asked him to come there and talk openly with us. When we called 6th mile post to talk to [brother1], they refused to give the phone to them. When we asked, they refused to talk to us. But we had contacted him by email earlier and asked him to come to the place called Sarvodaya which is near the place where he was staying. That day we waited in anticipation that he would come Sarvodaya. But he did not come there. We returned to our homes disappointed.

Then we contacted him again via email and asked why you did this, then he said that he was informed them that Sarvodayam was a dangerous place for them . But we denied it and said that it was not true since the person conducting it was a Christian and known to us. To which they said the information they received was like that.

Then the next day they set aside time for us to talk. Mr. Aloysius from the office called and told us that they were getting ready to talk to us at a hotel on the beach. We were invited to come to the beach at 5 p.m. We got there at four o'clock. But Brother [brother1] and Brother [brother2] arrived at six o'clock. That too was seen as a disappointment to us. At the same time when we asked which hotel was prepared for us to talk, Alcious responded casually that “ we did not arrange any hotel , but you can go to beach and talk.” Meanwhile hotel people had asked to leave the place. At the same time we had initially asked [brother1] to bring Pastor Arputharaj with him so that only he could come and translate for us. But until Pastor Arputharaj arrived at 6.45, a brother named Isaiah translated. [brother2] too was there. We had told them that we had little faith in Isiah’s translation. After that Pastor Arputharaj came and translated for us. It was late evening sitting on the beach next smelling rubbish with no place to even to sit. Brother [brother1]'s and Brother [brother2] brought chairs with them, and Aloysius, Fernando and Isaiah were there. We had no opportunity to talk to [brother1] openly and leisurely. It was about to rain, black clouds surrounded. Each was given 5 minutes only. In those five minutes everyone told them as much as we could about everything we knew. But it started to rain before some could even talk to them. It seemed to us that us they planned all these purposely in such way a that we should not talk anything in detail. We considered the discussion we had on that day was not meaningful. We who stand for the truth do not trust men anyway. God who called us is the one who guides us to this day, so we surrendered everything to Him and prayed.
This is what happened that day.

Thank you, the Lord bless you

More on this background here.
A brother who has been a SFO investigator for 18 years looks at the arrangements for funding of the LEFC and finds them very wanting.

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