A brief summary of concerns raised about Jeyakanth Selvarajah and his supporting societies in the UK and Europe to an old friend


There is much else linked to in the archive referred to in the page. Muthur is just the latest in a series of serious offences, which have been cross checked with different sources. This small sample has not been made public without repeated appeals for action and investigation, some of which have been perfunctory, inconsistent and highly defective, like using Jeyakanth as a translator for hostile witnesses or conducting interviews with complainants in public spaces.

His own former colleagues allege among other things: repeated bribery of police and politicians, an agile and articulate ability to cover his tracks, extreme intimidation, misappropriated funds, actual violence by his henchmen, a series of adulterous relations, some directly witnessed, and all 'LEF' property & assets is registered in his own family or friends' names, quite needlessly in Sri Lanka, since LEF still has no legal standing in Sri Lanka or the UK. I have much more documentation, which I have collected, largely incidentally, as reports have come in over 10 years. CSL/LEF have seen this.
APC excommunicated him, and others have distanced themselves from him, but have been taken to task by his supporters, most unwisely in my view.

Quite enough written, though I am ready to address detailed enquiries or challenges about inaccuracies, if needed. In short, I would discourage supporting him or hosting him, till a proper, independent investigation is done.

It has been pointed out to me, I have conflated child protection with safeguarding. The latter was intended.


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