Serious allegations by serving pastors and former colleagues

A letter to the Lanka Evangelical Fellowship

Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 10:17


Dear Sir,

Greetings in the name of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May His grace and peace be unto you. 

We thank God for the guidance of gracious God since we left LEFC Sri Lanka. Lord has been so gracious, faithful and merciful in taking care of our spiritual and material needs.

We thank God for your encouragement and understanding on the present issue of LEFC.

We would like to update and respond to some of the genuine questions you raised.


So far no concrete efforts have been made by LEFC Sri Lanka to settle our EPF/ETF, rather Pastor S. Jeyakanth is going from bad to worse to cover his lies and faults. He openly said that we were just volunteers supported by the offering of local churches. There will be no greater lies than this in the world. Pastor Jeyakanth has been trying his best but in vain to cover all his faults and sins.

To protect him from being found fault again he called all the workers and have them signed in a document which states that “ We are not receiving any salary from LEFC, but we are volunteers 

Pensions and Savings

When we were working 2250 SLR was deducted from our salary (2000 for the pension scheme and 250 for saving). At that time He had us signed a document saying that we would not claim this pension money and saving money until we are 55 years old and adding that we will lose the privilege of claiming this money if we leave the LEFC on our own. We trusted him as a man of God and faithful and we signed so. We never thought that he would turn out to be so immoral, fraud and cheating on us. 


So please help us to receive our money which was deducted from our salary.


Stunningly not even a single property or vehicle are registered in the name of LEFC even though the money was sent by donors for common purposes nor there were any measures taken to register all common properties either in local church name or in LEFC name. All the Lands are registered either in his name or his parent's name or his relative's names or some others’ names. Not even a single vehicle which was meant to be registered in the name of LEFC or any church name to the best of our knowledge. We have attached a list that corroborates the statements mentioned here. If someone dies their spouse or children can claim the property or vehicle legally. At the time of the inquiry, it could be exposed more.

Unfortunately, many lands were purchased against the land laws of the country. No church or Institution can buy a “Permit Land” from anyone legally. Even the lands which have got DEED were purchased not in LEFC name but in his or parents' name.

Everything was done in ad-hoc manner. Since we trusted him we could not question his activities.  Permit land should not be purchased from anyone for Common purposes.

Now three different legal owners have filed three cases separately against Pastor S. Jeyakanth for encroachments. 

In another instance, LEFC has lost 2.5 Mn SLR on the account of mismanagement and inefficient administration. A lady called Vijaya ( who is alleged to have affair with Pastor Jeyakanth including by her own late-husband), claimed her land back for which LEFC paid 2.5 Mn SLR years back.

(List is attached)

We kindly ask you to declare all his properties purchased in Sri Lanka and overseas in his name and in others' names. If the State comes to know and has an inquiry then LEFC will be in danger (It is happening now in India).

His malicious and vitriolic slander against us

Ever since he was confronted with an affair with Ms Jeyalaitha and when we refused to compromise (he had asked Jegan to forget the issue and asked him to write a letter that he misunderstood the Pastor in that particular issue ) he began to do the character assassination recklessly commencing with the audio clip where he had MS Jeyalathia fabricated a story of Jegan as if he was trying to seduce her. 

Even now he has contacts with her which was evident from the last call of MS Jeyalalitha to Jegan where she was asking several times to compromise with Pastor Jeyakanth.

Letter written to LEFC of us

We gather from a reliable source that he wrote that letter which could be produced at the time of inquiry from the source. 

He has been spreading lies against Pr Kannan to cover his own sins that he is trying to URS URS [sic, usurp] authority over him and trying to overthrow his leadership by accusing him as immoral. That is a stupendous and patent lie. Pr Kannan never even dreamed to do so. Since Pr Kannan confronted Pastor Jeyakanth in the case of Ms Jeyalalitha directly and since the latter has acknowledged and confessed his sin to the former and Pr Jegan when they are together, he is taking revenge on him. It is evident that he told many people in Thambalagamam church and others too. He wrote a letter studded with malignant and pernicious lies of all the people who left him on the account of his immorality, arrogance and autocracy to others in the UK and India. 

He also induced Ms Jeyalalitha to record statements against Pr Jegan as if he was seducing her in a voice clip that was damaging his image and brought stress to his family. Recently Jeyalalitha called Pr Jegan and asked “Sorry” twice without indicating the reasons. When asked “why” by Pr Jegan she was trying to ditch him without giving him direct answers. When Pr Jegan asked her directly to confess what she did was wrong, she again was circumventing.  

Concerning Bro. Ganesh delivered appalling statements saying he had an affair with a woman without any evidence at all.

All these were written in the letter which is available in the hands of a Pastor who would produce that at the time of inquiry.

Misappropriation of Funds

We have come to know many misappropriations of funds and only some of which could be listed out here on the account of space and time.  There is a lot of discrepancies in the accounts shown. Full audited accounts needed from a neutral audit company that would not be influenced by LEFC leadership in Sri Lanka. We list a few below here.

Crisis in Pandemic 

Worst of all is that during the time of the pandemic while having enough money to pay for the workers, he delayed our payments, paid half of our salaries, even that was delayed by a month! Workers of LEFC underwent indescribable sufferings and ordeal on the account of his inhuman act at the time of this pandemic. He had enough money to pay for others. He solicited money from others for the purpose of paying for those who were affected during the pandemic and up to 5.6Mn SLR he had during that time. But we were given late, and we were given half the salary. He said he had no money. We definitely came to know that he does not have a pastoral-heart. In our understanding, LEFC is considered by him a company to promote him. Even unbelievers were giving special help to unbelievers in times of crisis. PLEASE CONDUCT A THOROUGH INQUIRY. We all have evidence of the money received during that period. 

Loan Vs Gift - 

 It has been the habit of Pastor Jeyakant that he will give loans to workers, believers, and church members and they will be trapped later. Sometimes he will get the land deeds from them as a mortgage. Many deeds are with him since poor workers and believers are unable to repay their loans. We have the evidence of many people who face this plight. We would like to know whether this money was given by LEFC, UK as a gift earmarked for a particular purpose OR Loan. We want to know whether LEFC, UK  instructed him to adopt these procedures. Some have repaid with bank interests to LEFC already and some still do. We want you to have a proper inquiry on this matter.

5. His Past Life of Adultery at Assembly of God Church

As you requested the evidence Dr Pr.K.Muraleetharan will send to you with details.

6. Amassing unjustifiable Assets

As we indicated earlier he has amassed properties and assets in Sri Lanka and the UK. Please note that his own younger brother S.Jeyaraj who is just an employee in a Christian NGO purchased 15 Millions SLR (65000 SP)  ( worth of house Dr. Paul Hoole. He told his elder brother Jeyakanth who has got a supermarket (Shop) helped him purchase this property. Meanwhile, it is to be remembered that he purchased a house (outright purchase) in Mitcham for around 50000 SP and renovated it with another 35000 SP. He also purchased a shop from Mr Selvarajah. When a Pr from Sri Lanka was in Mr Selva’s house in the UK , the latter asked his son “ If you do not want to run my shop, Pr shall give it to Pr Jeyakatnh who is asking to purchase this shop some years back.

The list is annexed for your perusal. This list indicates the irregularities of admin and management in that none has written in LEFC name including ALL vehicles. 

7. Threatenings 

After a brief period of time, again, the same politician has intimidated Pr S. Jeganathan saying that Pr Jeyakanth has instructed him to get involved in his matters. He said, “ If you do not stop sending letters next time I will not speak again, but…….”. Earlier Pr S. Jeyakanth told Mr.  Kumarathurai that he would kill me. Now Pr S. Jeyakanth has told that politician that “He has been cleared of all accusations.” Please ask Pastor Jeyakanth NOT to threaten us through that politician who has nothing to do with us. Pr JK has threatened so many people in the past including Brother Sasikumar with whom he is engaged in a land dispute. He needs to stop his notorious thuggery. All are astonished as to the involvement of this unbelieving politician who is the third person and has nothing to do with LEFC. He is a total stranger. Intimate close alliance with politicians puts the future of LEFC into jeopardy, and it is very detrimental for the health of a Christian organization that trust the Sovereign God only. Politicians are given enough help from  LEFC fund to threaten us or some ulterior motives. We have a picture where Pr Alocious, Pr Subramaniyam are involved together with a politician in distributing the relief packages. That politician told us directly “ I am a politician, get help from anyone including Pr Jeyakanth to help people.”  

8. Immoral Behaviour 

As indicated earlier we have the evidence that he confessed his sins of his illicit relationship with Ms Jeyalatiha  to Prs Jegan and Kanna, and his talks with Ms Jayalalitha where she expresses his desire to live with her in addition to sending improper photos to her. We have the evidence. Recently we gathered from the call Ms Jeyalaitha originated with Jegan that Pr Jeyakanth is still in touch with 

 Earnest Appeal to  LEFC

Please make all necessary arrangements to have a full inquiry based on scripture to investigate all the accusations mentioned above. It is strange to us he who is accused is still teaching through ZOOM to others. He must be brought before justice for all his demeanors. We pray that he will come to sense, repent, relinquish and be restored as a believer.  

Yours sincerely,


Place of ministry Name signature

Trincomalee     A. Ganesh signed

Vinayagapuram S.Ravinathan signed

Komatalamadu S.Pulendrararaja signed

Karadiyanaaru/Urugamam S.Christopher signed

New Vattavan S. Jeganathan signed

Nachchikuda/Mullikulam Anton Suresh signed

[Last name removed]       

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A brother who has been a SFO investigator for 18 years looks at the arrangements for funding of the LEFC and finds them very wanting.
Some of these pastors are still listed as connected with CSL by their website in May 23, despite this dissociation over 2 years earlier.