Temple Gardner's Prayer at his engagement

A solemn and delightful expression of devotion.

I have added echoing petitions in red.


‘That I may come near to her, draw me nearer to Thee, than to her;

That she may draw near to me, draw her nearer to Thee, than to me;

That I may know her, make me to know Thee, more than her;

That she may know me, make her to know Thee, more than me;

That I may love her with the perfect love of a perfect heart,

That she may love me with the sacred love of a pure heart,

Cause me to love Thee more than her, and most of all’.

Cause her to love Thee more than me, and most of all’.

Amen. Amen.


That nothing may be between me and her, be Thou between us every moment.

That we may be constantly together, draw us into separate loneliness with Thyself,

And when we meet breast to breast, my God, let it be on Thine own.

O Beloved, consummate our love in Thy pure flame.

Amen. Amen.


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