A final plea

6/7/23 18:44

Dear [brother],

We agreed on the need for careful investigation. Prompting such an investigation has been the reason for publication.

Does that short meeting on a public beach, terminated by the rain, with each minister speaking hurriedly for a few minutes qualify? I don't think so.
Does a meeting that included the now convicted perpetrator of rape, as participant, qualify ? I don't think so.
Does a secondhand message that serious allegations were made by a closet homosexual* and so may be wholly discounted, qualify as a proper response? I don't think so.

These have been the character of the investigations we have become used to with JK's supporters & I could add to them.
With respect, it hardly looks like Nehemiah.

An objective, independent investigation is still completely lacking.

You have shown saintly patience and diligence in your defence, even if somewhat naively and inconsistently.

The churches in Sri Lanka and many brethren in the UK want to know who's telling the truth?

When two courts rule and your own website repeatedly and massively contradicted those rulings, and the witnesses that supported them, for over two & half years (12/19-7/22), at the pen of the man you're defending. Is it unreasonable to assert, he is lying brazenly and publicly? Even now your case for Jeyakanth's integrity is largely predicated on a successful ruling at the Supreme Court, which seems unlikely. We both look to God to reveal His perfection.

I do have a practical & constructive proposal [a panel of enquiry, including two external, experienced investigators]

As to the detailed point by point response, I append it.

Incidentally, what have I taken down from the website because it's either unjust or untrue? Please set it out here before the brethren. There are only two apparent exceptions, but neither meet your description:

[redacted but available on request]

Your brother in Christ,


*His wife laughed at this suggestion.

A brief note to a friend, summarising concerns.

An archive of documents pertaining to corruption in Reformed Mission in Sri Lanka


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