An open letter to the brethren at Care Sri Lanka

Written in response to this prayer letter, the last published information on this matter, since retracted, but available on the website for months.

Tues, Aug 23rd, 2022, 07:36

Dear [brother],

You wrote that you have 'received various information about the court case' (contemporary press reports). Does that also include the appeal judges? Our information was that even the Islamist defence lawyers funded by your envoy were not confident of their position at the appeal. This obliges me to enquire,

Does CSL still contest Mariyadas and V S George's conviction for rape?
Do you still contest their direct link to Children's Home where Diana and her sister stayed?
Do you still claim this home had no connection to or oversight by JK?
Do you still claim either V S George or Mariyadas didn't work for JK?
Are you aware of the appeal court's allegations against Rajendran, who has still not been investigated by the police?
Are you aware of other allegations of crimes against children in this home?
How do you explain the delays between the filing of the accusation of child rape with the police in c.2010 and bringing the case to proper trial in 2019?
Are you aware of the allegations of bribery levelled at workers you still support, by the High Court judge?
Are you aware claims of an undue police delay were repeated in the Appeals Court ruling?
The police 'safeguarded' the criminals. p.6.
Do you acknowledge I have sent you evidence of bribing the police by JK's staff from a former policeman in Trincomalee?
How do you respond to these allegations?
Do you still claim Diana is mentally incapable of schooling or of testifying in court?
Do you stlll assert her own behaviour was uncontrollable and that she was violent to other children?
Do you still aver this was the reason she was she was banished from the Children's Home?
Do you still claim that the aunt was primarily motivated by greed towards the charity? Or that she accused the girls' own father, her brother-in-law, who also worked for JK, of rape falsely? Do you also abide by the assertion that this accusation was motivated by the desire to steal the father's land, and that this was prevented by Mariyadas and V S George?
Can you produce a single letter in which Muralee falsified his name to the judge to accuse JK?

I am appalled that you seem still to be defending these outrageous libels and the crimes they are designed to conceal, so are many other people in Sri Lanka, the UK. Is this what you mean by fair mindedness? Many ask why you are funding this work, yet have not investigated even these convictions independently?

CSL now has several serious crimes to its own record, by publishing & defending such an account and in previous reports. Merely retracting the document does not address its position.

Sincerely in Christ, our only hope of mercy,


The wholly inadequate nature of LEF/CSL's previous investigation to the child rapes is underscored by glaring contradictions with JK's statement in 2019 and by incorporating the chief alleged perpetrator as a participant, avoiding even addressing the central allegation of child abuse and ignoring hard evidence of flaws in their account of Chithruvel's death, which are in our hands, including the testimony of JK's own staff to the contrary & other major irregularites about the certification of the death.
Our response at the time is here, long before the court case or the appeal. There is much more that could be written about this, but the secular authorities have been far more effective at investigating this, to the disgrace of the UK churches involved.

More on this background here.
A brother who has been a SFO investigator for 18 years looks at the arrangements for funding of the LEFC and finds them very wanting.