Received 06/11/09 20:15

Thanks for your note.
As you can appreciate, you're placing me in a difficult position here.  I was intending to give you some details of the trip I and another Carey elder made to see Malcolm in the hope that it would set your mind at rest.  It was a very good and open visit, and we were most encouraged about the work there.  As a church, we continue to support Malcolm and I am satisfied that he is not ecumenical; he is quite happy to affirm the FIEC Statement on Ecumenism.
However, it is obviously quite impossible for me to provide you with any more detail than that if you're going to put things on the Internet or in magazine articles.  I think it very important for members of the church where I am serving to feel that they can trust me to keep matters confidential, and that applies to Malcolm as much as to anyone else.
I feel, Charles, that you have not acted in the most helpful way in going into print, knowing as you did that I was intending to go to see Malcolm in October.  I believe that we could have sorted this out in a far more God-honouring way.  I would like to correspond further with you, but I cannot do so if my response is going to be used in the way you intend.
Yours in Christ.

[The link to the '96 statement is added, which has now been withdrawn by FIEC.]

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