Evidence of bribery by Jeyakanth Selvarajah and his employees, known by his supervising organisations

* There have been persistent reports from persons involved in judicial proceedings initiated by or against Jeyakanth that the police and judicial officials have been bribed to delay or dismiss proceedings. Witnesses are available to interview, but have not been approached.
These include allegations of grave crimes, subsequently proven in court.
By its nature, it is often very difficult to substantate claims of bribing.

* Testimony of the High Court Judge against Jeyakanth, in his employees' child rape case. His descriptions of judicial tampering and police prevarication caused a police officer to faint in court. The verdict was later confirmed and sentence increased on appeal by the defendant(s).

* The written testimony of a police officer, based on his direct account from a colleague taking a 100,000 SLR bribe from Jeyakanth. The name is available for interview in a formal and forensic investigation.

* The direct testimony of former co-workers in various situations.

* The testimony of the Appeal Court, which averred,
'The learned State Counsel further submitted that, as the police officers of Uppuveli police station have not been cooperative and had tried to favour the appellant and the other workers of the children’s home, the PW4 has had to take the complaint up to the Superintendent of Police to get the complaint recorded correctly.'
It is troubling that the first ground of the appeal was based on the very delay that the alleged bribery secured, in other words blaming the victim for their own crime!

* The testimony of Aloysius Periyakamam who had direct involvement with LEF's financial affairs and liaised closely with Jeyakanth.

* Documentary and multiple eyewitness evidence of Jeyakanth's action in bribing a local official to pervert justice.

Why are churches still funding this work, without proper investigation?



A short archive of selection of documents pertaining to corruption in reformed mission in Sri Lanka.