Pastor Balanathan's letter re investigation concerns

February 2008

Dear [Ministerial brother]

Thanks for coming to my house. I am happy you came and met me and my wife.

But I am not happy that you did not come with a neutral translator to listen my grievances and problems. I did not see that what I said was faithfully translated to you and vice versa. So I am disappointed. It is not fair that a person who is accused acted as translator. I do not have confidence.

For instance Paulose told me in Tamil "If I loose my job only you will come to know who I am". He threatened me. But when you asked, he told lies by telling, some other things. He never changes. Unless Pastor Jeyakanth get rid of him former will be spoiling his name continuously and we also will not have god time with him.

Further he was not even reprimanded for hitting me, a Pastor neither by Pastor Jeyakanth nor by you. At least you have asked to apologies.

He did hit me indeed but he said he pushed me. You saw my wife (retired nurse) walked out in the midst because she could not bear that Paulose was telling lies. By the way do you endorse or approve this kind of behavior of manhandling. I understand he was prompted by Pr. Jeyakanth.

I am sorry that you came with 'accused people' alone not with others who are neutral.

Since we are not fluent in English we could not explain to all to you. So I am sorry to say that your inquiry seems to be partial and bias. Though I told this you did not listen me but kept telling I knew English and discarded my saying.

So if you come with a neutral translator possibly with Pastor Jothi Hoole before you leave ( I understand he is coming to Trinco ) you can have a fair and just inquiry. It will be easy for you also. If I am wrong I am willing to correct.

I know little English. I can not express all in English. I will report to you (first and the last) . Decision belongs to you.

Therefore I consider this inquiry brought more grievances and worries and not peace. So I would be glad if you have impartial inquiry when Pr Jothi Hooles come.

Once again thank you for coming. Hoping to see you again.

God bless you.

Yours sincerely

The text is unaltered, despite obvious flaws.

An archive of other documents on corruption in Reformed Baptist witness in Sri Lanka.


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