The collapse of Arab World Ministries (AWM)
and more latterly too the Red Sea Mission Team (RSMT)

Last updated 13/10/18

AWM previously known in its more muscular incarnation as North Africa Mission has now merged with Pioneers,an American mission with a very touchy feely website, but a hollow confession to which
non-evangelicals could easily subscribe.
AWM's older confession of faith is a much more solid example of evangelical distinctives (though it could be improved on):

  • We believe that Arab world Muslims need salvation in Christ and that we are called to represent Christ to Arab world Muslims.

We believe in:

  • The full inspiration of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments; their authority, sufficiency, and inerrancy, not only as containing, but as being in themselves the Word of God; and the need of the teaching of the Holy Spirit for a true and spiritual understanding of the whole.

  • The unity of the Godhead and the divine co-equality of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • The utter depravity of human nature in consequence of the fall, and the necessity for regeneration.

  • The absolute Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ; His virgin birth; His real and perfect manhood; the authority of His teaching, and the infallibility of all His utterances; His work of atonement for the sin of mankind by His vicarious suffering and death; His bodily resurrection and His ascension into Heaven; His present high-priestly intercession for His people; and His lordship over His church as its supreme Head.
  • The justification of the sinner, solely by faith, on the ground of the merits and vicarious sufferings, death, and bodily resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  • The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in conviction of sin, regeneration, and sanctification, as well as in ministry and worship.

  • The resurrection of the body, the judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ; the eternal blessedness of the righteous, and the eternal punishment of the wicked.

  • The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.

Again under their core values:

  • We are evangelical. We hold to the historic Biblical faith. We submit and adhere to the Gospel of grace as revealed in the Scriptures.

A similar tragedy took place in March 2015 with the once robust work at Red Sea Mission Team,
now amalgamated into the non-evangelical 'Reach Across'.


What a sad day - though in truth the collapse has been long coming.

Replies to correspondence have not been encouraging.

This strongly underscores the vital importance of the New Testament pattern for evangelism


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