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Mercy with two bullet wounds in her back, after another Fulani attack in Plateau State Nigeria, over a hundred killed, including Mercy's mother, to whose body she was still strapped, when found.

The banks admit mobile banking is less secure.

Who's the Jewish real hater of Jews here, the one who by his admission collaborated with Nazi soldiers and funds anti-Israel groups or Elon Musk?

Does Ehud Barak embody the Israeli deep state?

Interchurch funding needs handling properly to stop fueling corruption and decadence.

Soul Survivor was always founded on rotten, hedonistic foundations, now they're becoming clearer.
Mike PivalachiMike Pivalachi

The James Webb space telescope's own website explains that mature galaxies should not be expected for 'billions of years' till after the 'Big Bang', but they are mysteriously there right at the beginning of observable time.
In the beginning God created the stars also, after the Earth.

Comfort for open air preachers.

Gaza proves how delusional the international community has been and is, why the Abraham Accords could never have come about, without a very different approach.

More ministerial corroboration of Jeyakanth's unseemly behaviour - a public application. 77% of the congregation of his 'commissioning church' now worship here.
More updated evidence.

Puffer coat
Zersetzung - AI is killing the reliability of all electronic communication, visual, auditory and written.
A return to directly encountered, pre-electronic witnesses and material documents is already the only secure means of obtaining certain testimony. Deut.17.6.
The potential for a new order of zersetzung is now enormous.
Imagine subtly altering emails or text communications to engender rifts and slander.

The idol of Artificial General Intelligence.
A calf made of Silicon, indium, gallium, selenium and neodymium

Dee Family
Is not shooting three Jewish women travelling home in their car, terrorism? If so, why not call it what it is, BBC?
Is making Judaea Judenrein an international objective? (the West Bank is a deracinated and anhistorical description).

A secret recipe, shared by Mrs Dee with her husband a few days before her death.
Dee Soup

The Biden administration is now treating Israel in a unique and rather sinister manner.
Again Glick and Phillips are both witnesses to this obscenity, whilst many commentators turn blind eyes.
Two reports on the misrepresentation of events in Israel. Caroline Glick and Melanie Phillips, for whom I have high regard.

Another Darwinian icon collapses before its time! Untempered mortar perhaps?

Another example of corrupt British family courts. A brave journalist too.

The forgotten war - please pray for Yemen, there the blood of the martyrs of missionaries is yet to flower.

Complacent churches are still funding Sri Lankan gangsterism
- an investigation needs to be called and the money stopped till it's complete.

Dennis Prager sees strong parallels between Soviet Communism and Western transgender (gnostic) advocacy.

Debate on the judicial reforms in Israel reveals just how Pharisaic the EU and the US have become.

Seymour Hersh, based on a single senior source, alleges the US blow up Nord Stream 2 on 26/9/22, as both Biden and Nuland hinted.
This extremely serious claim seems more plausible than a group of amateurs, though it has not been proven, but why is independent journalism so weak?
If true, this would be an act of international piracy, environmental vandalism and an act of war against Russia and Germany.
What has become of Western jealousy for establishing international law? Is it cant as the Russians & Chinese claim?

Darius I the Perisan
Darius I (the Persian father of Ahasuerus), now documented in Israel.

Archive of yet to be resolved problem in Sri Lanka.

Some diagnoses and solutions for the ailing NHS. It could be so much better for the current expenditure.

What sums up the problem of the PA and Fatah better than this?

Bravo Calvin Robinson - how few preachers with better theology are taking a stand like this in public!

Scythian treasure
A Scythian treasure, at risk, in Ukraine. Josephus equated Scythia with Magog, a deep problem for pre-mill brethren.

The US State Dept. is funding highly partisan groups in Israel, which are inciting civil war. Is this appropriate use of taxpayers' money?

If you haven't listened to this conversation between Justine Welby and LGBT activists analysed by the Christian Institute, you ought.
Here is the Greater Love Declaration, with which we can only have the smallest quibbles, as long as it is not another engine for ecumenism.
This background message on the subject is most helpful and illuminating. Strongly recommended, though I can't help but wonder if Augustine is part of the problem.

Want to understand the storm in Israel over the judicial activism of the Supreme Court?

It is unequivocal that the EU is getting it wrong with funding Israeli NGOs which advocate for terror.

Bad things are happening to Christians in India again, under the BJP, in multiple states. Take it to the Lord in prayer.
The linked organisation is ecumenical and not to be relied on for other data.

What shall we take home from remembering the Shoah in 2023?
*That it is grace alone that keeps us from barbaric depravity?
*The shallow universalism of the Stockholm Definition of Jew hatred? The IHRA definition is a better fit.
*The evil roots of some Protestant teaching?
*The ubiquity and ceaseless mutation of hatred of the Jews?
*That Israel still awaits her redemption despite being gathered back to her own land?

Promoting tolerance of minorities in Sturgeon's Scotland. (TERF = transphobic exclusionary radical feminist - or women concerned about men pretending to be women in public loos, women's shelters and female changing rooms)
Tolerance or bigotry?

Extraordinary and obscene as it may seem, this is the effect of European, UN, UK and US policy of fostering incitement to hate in Palestinian territories.
If you doubt me, read this book in full. Most Western politicians have already received a copy and a briefing about its vile contents (and ignored its clear warnings).

What is it really like living in Gaza? Interviews with residents.

Pray for the Gazans - precious in the sight of our Saviour.
A special, key purpose ahead: Ps.60.8 (not mere irony).
The world's hating of Jews currently hurts Gaza most.

The wrong kind of armour
Armed for inaction?
Where is the Messianic Spirit of Isa.11.3-4?

Heard of the Milankovitch effect? It's a common resort for Old Agers, but it's desperately dissonant with the dating data.

The Grauniad, in an amazingly sympathetic interview for such atrocities, lets slip the real power behind abortion, though his advocates don't really believe in him, of course. There are profanities in the article.

Some of the organisers of the Jude Conference advocating for greater respect for the local church are also prominent representatives of LEFC. As brother Bill Goodman points out, is there not considerable inconsistency here? First, LEFC gives almost no autonomy to its local fellowships, even weddings, baptisms, communion services & elder appointments are first vetted/vetoed by its central leader (autocrat). Even episcopacy would blush at this! Second, these brethren have publicly sought to overturn Jeyakanth's just excommunication by Amyand Park Chapel, a painful decision, based on very good, multiple grounds. This looks hypocritical. Surely holiness begins at home. More here

There is certainly apartheid in the Holy Land, but not as you've been told. A famous international jurist weighs in.

Nicola Sturgeon's abominable SNP at last seems to be making an excellent case for devolution expulsion from the United Kingdom. Some of our beloved Scots brethren would prefer she were expelled from office, so would we.

Dinosaur questions? Here are careful, thorough, Biblical answers. No embarrassment, on the contrary, here are some strong arguments against the comforting bedside story of evolution (for atheists that is).

The irony is heavy. The big banks are angling at a cashless society - and it plays straight into their dirty, usurious hands.

Is the Masoretic Text always the best? The Nahal Hever text seems to vindicate LXX and NT readings of Ps.22.17(16) - 'they pierced' My hands and feet, a fascinating, if cursory, discussion of some crucial themes. Courtesy of a friend in the US.
Nahal Hever text waw

EU interference with Israel's internal affairs has now attained a warlike character

Embezzlement? As brother Chris Buss is only now beginning to discover, in an another grant.
Inside information avers 200,000 SLR of donor LEFC money went to this lavish reception, when Pastor Poh visited.
Did he know? Was this repaid? Even if it was, who authorised this, since LEFC is a legal phantom with no constitution or recognition either in the UK or Sri Lanka.
There's absolutely no excuse for this, given repeated warnings to the supporting churches. Brother Poh has requested I not write directly.

Tackling trafficking means tackling demand as well as supply, here's some friendly help:
" if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: where their worm dies not, and the fire is not quenched."

Palestinian leaders are ruining their children's future and the world colludes.
Are there no Arab leaders to speak up, or are they all wimps?

Aloysius Periyakamam, a former right hand man to Jeyakanth Selvarajah now expresses deep remorse for his involvement with LEF's deceptions, bribery, slanders and manipulative tactics.
Will the brethren at Care Sri Lanka and LEF and supporting churches come clean about their whitewashing the situation now?
Aloysius participated in defending LEF in their cursory investigative meeting earlier this year with complainants.

The best journalist in the Middle East exposes what's really happening in US society. Jew hatred is mainstreaming, big time. If this continues, it won't be long before outward expressions of Jewishness are as dangerous in the US as they are in France and Egypt, (unthinkable only a year or so ago).
This will be Biden's legacy (and now also Trump's).

The genocidal agenda of green ideologues - doubt me?
Listen to Jordan Peterson and Alex Epstein in conversation here.

More energy than the whole US grid, 150 high power lasers - enough surplus to boil 2 kettles - a strange balance of imponderably colossal forces! Fusion no doubt the future of energy generation, but how far?
We badly need a new Manhattan project.
But I suspect the Green parties are strangely reluctant about abundant clean energy, as they are about the retreat of the Sahara to the Great Green Wall in the Sahel - it doesn't fit their Doomsday agenda.

Poulsen cuts off the Branch
An open letter to the author of a paper on Daniel 9 in Scand.J.Old.Test. with all the characteristic and toxic hallmarks of liberal infidelity, at the request of a friend.

Good Jews and Bad Jews - an old hater's technique now being applied to the Jewish State, over support for its new coalition, very hypocritically indeed.

Canada contemplates 'euthanasia' for children - a moral outrage, the death cult is well advanced there.

Another compassionate and concerned teacher sacked and referred to her teaching authority for saying the obvious about a very troubled CoE primary school child wanting to change sex.

Are you such a fuddy duddy you still believe in the fairytale genetics of human-ape evolution? Listen to Dr Jeanson especially.

More & different details here, never mind the natty ties, listen to the compelling logic.

.An evil man is at the heart of the UNHRC, why do Western democracies tolerate such malicious deceit?
Eleanor Roosevelt's dream has turned into a dystopian nightmare and the West winks!
In a June 2006 report, UN Watch exposed the role of UNHRC expert Jean Ziegler in co-creating and managing the Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize, an award that was given to dictator Hugo Chavez, antisemite Louis Farrkhan and convicted French Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, in the same year that Ziegler himself won the prize.

James Webb ST adds considerably to not lessens the insoluble problems of Big Bang theorists.

Some Rabbinic Jews enthuse over the Red Heifers of Texas.
Though not as much as some misguided Bible lovers

Brother Bill Goodman, the Pastor at Bethel Baptist Chapel in Bath, weighs in on the Council of Reference Statement from Lanka Evangelical Fellowship.
(I wholly endorse his response -see my open letter to CSL below).

Whitewashing serious crimes? An open letter posing important as yet unanswered questions to Care Sri Lanka and supporters.

The Appeal Court ruling on the case of Jeyakanth's two Children's Care Home workers (one has since died in prison) is published here (local copy). It contrasts strongly with his own account, which is inadvertently self-incriminating. Much could be written about this.
There is some very serious clearing up to do in Care Sri Lanka, in a now very needy country.
An apology to the victim and her aunt would be a good start.
But there is very much else besides.

The EU hides its hatred of Jews by pretending it loves the Palestinians, but this malice harms them even more
Where's the concern for Palestinians in Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon...?

The hideous reality of a legal system weaponised against democratic rulers witnessed in Israel.
The video insert reveals just how disastrous and myopic the renewal of the Iran JCPOA deal is. How can friendly allies support this fiasco?

The EU is directly funding terrorist organisations, disguised as human rights groups in Israel, and the State Department looks the other way and pretends not to see.
A summary of convictions of terrorist murders by prominent staff members of these groups. Both Foreign Affairs departments are well acquainted with these facts.

A groundbreaking work on Y chromosome haplogroups and the youth of the human race.
Jeanson nails human genetic history! Well worth studying for fascinating insights into human origins.
Nathaniel Jeanson
Robert Carter of CMi, who advised Dr Jeanson, makes some very interesting and salient observations and criticisms, esp Jeanson's important propositions about Jewish lineages

How you can help a brother preaching in the open air.

The Biden administration risks completely destroying the IAEA and the international non proliferation regime that undergirds it, by making a deal with nuclear Iran.
And US' allies are saying what?

What has the State Department done in Pakistan? Are some elements going rogue, with the power vacuum at the top?
There are extremely serious allegations here that need thorough investigation, irrespective of the war in Ukraine.
Majid Nawaz for whom I have respect has his own explanation.

A powerful rebuke to the lazy and challenge to the faint hearted. A dear brother returns to the plough.

Pius XII was Hitler's Pope, he agreed to silence criticism of mass murder for the church's gain. Kertzer's new work describes the details.
He is not a saint, he is a devil.

How many children have died in the Congo working for reckless Chinese companies extracting Cobalt for the batteries for your EVs?

Some of the investigations into Abu Akleh's death have been farcically biased. Paving the way for a new blood libel, after Mohamed Al Dura.
Important background to why the Israeli police intervened, almost completely unmentioned in mainstream sources.

The horrors of the ongoing genocide in Xinjiang, revealed in leaked official Chinese documents, authenticated by many separate sources.
Don't buy Chinese goods unless you absolutely have to.

Why the Enlightenment is actually a wreathing in darkness. Why the most influential modern philosopher, Immanuel Kant, was both unwise and ignorant.

Shireen Abu Akleh
What is the background and the reality behind the Shireen Abu Akleh funeral scenes, which have not been reported in the BBC and other mainstream outlets?
What's the balance of evidence about the killing during reporting from within an intense crossfire itself?

My address at the memorial service of my father, Robert James Gibson Soper.

If you think Canada is still the land of 'the free and the brave', perhaps you ought to see this.

Is John Hooper wise to paint Sam Allberry as a repentant Christian? - he looks out and proud to us, as a 'gay Christian', even if for now, he maintains his celibacy.

What's really going on with Russia and Biden?
Why is Biden's admininstration working with Russia so closely on Iran and calling for Russian regime change?!

Spurgeon too was strongly persuaded Ezekiel 37 could only refer to Israel's national and political restoration and he foresaw it 84 years before it happened.
He then foresaw her conversion to Messiah.
This was his settled view till his death, preaching along the same lines in 1890.


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