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Grandmother and Finnish Member of Parliament, Päivi Räsänen faced imprisonment for quoting a Bible verse. Is Finland going the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, Zeboim and Admah?
We're delighted to hear she has been fully exonerated and the arresting authorities put to shame!
Päivi Räsänen

Gog & Ukraine - it looks very likely tonight (18/2/22) that Ukraine will be invaded by Putin's massive army. Josephus, the Jewish historian, identified Scythia with Magog, roughly equal to E Ukraine and Western Russia on our maps.
This may well eventually trigger the crucial events described in Rev.20 and Ezek.38 (no they are not separate events as some unwisely hold).

Brother Bill Goodman, who has been a SFO investigator for 18 years, looks at the arrangements for funding of the LEFC and finds them very wanting.
Corrections or comments will be forwarded to him if passed to me.

It is troubling that Care Sri Lanka's recent investigation into the very serious allegations against Selvarajah Jeyakanth from multiple serving elders (see more below) amounted to a brief open air meeting in a public place with the detractors, at the last minute, which was interrupted by rain, and focused largely, according to the parties, just on one recent case of adultery. This matter should have prompted serious incident reports to the Charity Commission. Instead this looks like very much another whitewash. Here is the report of the pastors on what they saw and heard in Tamil and in broken English.
Background is here and here.

Maajid Nawaz is sacked from LBC for highlighting carefully documented argument about vaccine mandates. (Paywall). Look out, something sinister is brewing in this. I predict (20/2/22) the UK government will soon backtrack on its current plan to discard covid passes, (I do not of course claim to be a prophet!). The cabinet don't realise the full agenda, nor is it set by them. This is about data control not healthcare.

The Most Reverend Justin Welby has chosen to abhor God, His laws, and overturn the tradition of his illustrious forebears by appointing a man in a legally contracted homosexual union ('gay marriage') as his Appointments Secretary. The Earth will vomit, Lev.18.25. We need look no further for the cause of cosmic change (not just Earth's climate) than this single abomination. He should have been banned, until he bows to Christ, not placed in high position to defy Him.
Stephen Knott

Another illuminating production through CMi (though Back2Genesis have produced it). Inadvertently shows just how irrational, obscurantist and anti-scientific neo-Darwinism and the nest of vipers (esp so called 'humanism') that rest upon it have become. Creationists have the future on their side.

The UN Human Rights Commission is weaponised to further the war against the Jewish State. The founders would be appalled, but the UK is silently complicit, as is Europe and the US to their eternal disgrace.
More context on this by salient and previously perceptive commentators here and here.
We are approaching the days of Zech.12.1-2.

UNRWA is hiring terrorists, and only fired them after exposure.

An anarchist over a year ago analyses the WEF's Great Reset associated with the international slogan 'Build Back Better' with more perception than many sleepy Christians, care is needed with this, and he misreads the utopian motives of the participants as purely commercial.

A(nother) new turn at Union Theology?
New director

The FIEC is fulfilling ancient prophecy? - Isa.3.12

How to help your open air preaching brother

If you haven't yet responded to the Government's consultation on banning repentance from sodomy gay conversion therapy, you had better get your skates on. But don't be surprised if they let their Herodic tendencies get away with them anyway....

Big tech is censoring opinion and acting as a publisher, editor and selector of information, the ultimate social engineers and silencers of truthful dissent.

The Blofeld like head of the WEF, Klaus Schwab expects us all soon to receive RFID chips in the skin or brain.
His purpose is transhumanist, but it bears uncanny resemblance to some very dystopic notions.

PWMI should disown this serious error. Ordained sacrifices after Calvary, after the destruction of the Second Temple are a blasphemous denial of the completeness of Messiah's work, not a blessing or a means of cleansing.

Children are being scarred and destroyed by uncensored hard core porn.
Age verification is needed NOW! - not in 10 years time, where are our pusillanimous MPs?
Have you written to yours firmly but politely?

Selvarajah Jeyakanth has now been excommunicated from Amyand Park Chapel. He has also now resigned from Thampalagamam Church, at the church's insistence (this is disputed in his latest prayer letter, we will shortly know the mind of the church, reportedly over 200 members have left during recent discord). The reasons have not yet been made public, but here are the allegations of six pastors who formerly worked with Jeyakanth, which precipitated this.
Why is this man still receiving enormous funds for his work, largely sequestered in his own and his family or friends' names, in property and vehicle registrations, whilst these allegations remain unanswered?
They corroborate and compound many correlated allegations and concerns raised for well over a decade, and some even more serious, by many senior serving pastors in and outside Sri Lanka, for which many have appealed repeatedly for thorough, objective investigation.
This appears to amount to a serious breach of due diligence, which has been repeatedly brought to the charities' attention. We await a thorough and objective examination of these charges.
We believe a great deal of damage has been done and continues to be done to the Lord's Name in Sri Lanka by this man with these monies.
A recent article in the Colombo Telegraph, which I have had nothing to do with, indicates very widespread concern about his ministry and character. Polite, steely & accurate replies to defamatory comments there have not been uploaded and the comment section since withdrawn. (I retain proof for these claims).

Another, more pointed and less prurient article from the CT and in the local Daily Mirror challenges the LEFC to come clean over yet more serious allegations of corruption.
Here is the redacted verbatim report from a Sri Lankan contact to indicate where Reformed Baptist charity contributions have been going for a decade, 'Above information I received from a [brother] *** (keep the name secret) who worked in the Trincomlee [sic] police for many years... He met one of the CID (his close friend) and got the information. he honestly admitted he too was bribed for 100,000 SLR while revealed that JK would have paid 600,000 SLR altogether to cover up this case where they changed the story that girl herself voluntarily involved in this abuse'

The depth of US Presbyterian Jew hatred - it stinks to high Heaven.

Canadian genocide or mendacious reporting about a troubled past?
Six common errors about the appalling and indefensible (and mainly Catholic or Anglican) Residence Schools

Abusive exploitation or therapy - Transgender 'treatment' of adolescents in the NHS.

Petition on Covid-19 passports and churches to be signed by church officers/officials.

Amazon, the predatory, global monopoly may be in the crosshairs of welcome tax reforms lead by the US.

NIH may also have responsibility for the putative (non deliberate) covid-19 leak from BSL-4 Wuhan virology lab after well documented NIH-funded gain of function research. At the very least there has been a massive conflict of interest in the WHO investigation into this, because the EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Dansak who supplied NIH funding to the Wuhan lab was the sole American on WHO's investigatory panel, which according to many MSM reports, whitewashed the question of a leak!

A clear example of how widely pro-LGBT fanatics want to cast the net with 'conversion therapy' bans on the Gospel itself.

The global fountain of evil that is California State plans to force doctors to refer patients for killing, against their consciences.

Anal sex is becoming much more prevalent amongst children and teens as a result of the sewer of uncensored porn. It is fornication, even between marital partners.
It may also result in many health problems including cancer and incontinence.

The government, search engines and ISPs have been extremely negligent and will face strong judgement.
Despite its unsavoury nature, Christians and the churches ought to be speaking out, but when did you last hear a clear sermon against sex outside of marriage let alone the perversities that now abound?

What China is doing to ordinary Uighur women is beyond despicable, the BBC reports.

Christian Institute outlines the ban on calling homosexuals to repentance by wickedly conflating Christ's command with extreme and illegal behaviour

Why the UK needs legislation on the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of Satanic Ritual Abuse, well documented from a number of high court cases and alleged by independent witnesses both of Ted Heath and Jimmy Saville with many unnamed colleagues.

The Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy to former President Trump, Peter Navarro's report 'the Immaculate Deception' carefully detailing and referencing the evidence for why he suspects Joseph Biden and his administration has engaged in the biggest theft of all time.
Media reporters who claim there is no evidence are plainly dishonest.

In the Washington Post's critique - Philip Bump claims he discovered his own reference on reading the report.
If that were not true, the article begins and ends with a deceit for effect, which doesn't bode well for what lies in between.
He has since written to deny knowing of the citation beforehand.

Time's Molly Ball points out the degree of [legal] but extensively coordinated collusion and collaboration to unseat Trump, 'That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.'


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