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Rudy Giuliani makes his challenge to Republican and Democrat Governors. It is humiliating that a US hero & patriot like this should have to fund his defence of the US Republic and constitution with paid advertisers, to evade the mass media censorship of his highly cogent arguments

The neo-Pelagius, Steve Chalke & co's Satanic initiative to foist LGBT values on Gospel churches is warned about by the CI too, at last.
Such were some of you!

Pope Francis jumps on the WEF's 'Great Reset Bandwagon': shared global data, universal basic income, effectively leading to state lead mind control and totalitarianism.
Does he really think he'll escape the teeth of the ten?

A helpful assessment of Climate Change science and its proponents Not short but strongly recommended reading
I am amazed how dishonest the coverage of this conference has been. If you doubt that there's been wholesale fraud in the US Election, listen for a while to Giuliani's presentation.
It will be very difficult to prove this in time to make any difference.

The ghastliness of infanticide. Irelands's new offering to the Moloch of the New Age.
‘brutal’, ‘awful’ and ‘emotionally difficult’ – referring to it as ‘stabbing the baby in the heart’.

Wilfred Wong a barrister and leading expert on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) - the very existence of which is strongly denied, despite repeated legal convictions, and plain testimony of Saville's involvement (and his many as yet unnamed colleagues) arrested and charged for 'kidnapping a child' - we will be watching the process carefully.
DragonStonewallPaedophiles too?

Gog and Magog are the Achilles' heel for Pre-Mill and Post-Mill chronologies, unless one resorts to inconsistent allegorising and diplopia.

The evidence of the biggest Election Heist in human history is stacking up, with strong circumstantial evidence for systematic, federal-level fraud.
There's a mountain a new evidence which warrants careful examination, before the Republic loses its democratic character forever. If you think it impossible, look at the history of election fraud in Philadelphia alone - it is indisputably prolific.

What the MSM is not reporting about allegations and suspicions of extensive voter fraud in Democratic cities.

As Churchill said, Violent Anti-fascists and Fascists feed off each other. Violence is not a solution to extremism it begets it.
This is one of the basic problems with Black Lives Matter, its extreme exponents are a mirror image of the White Supremacist groups

Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Google are now full scale social engineers and censors, and should not be trusted to represent anything accurately, especially politicial, social or moral issues.

Steve Chalke, the new Pelagius, threatens faithful believers with the Law courts over calling homosexuals, lesbians and the transgendered back to Christ.

Strong evidence the senior hierarchy in the Presbyterian Church of America have collapsed on homosexuality. SBC and TGC to follow?

Ex-gays speaks out about freedom, censoring and persecution!

If you think objecting to Sex Ed lessons is prudish and needless, look at how much the curriculum has shifted. Ask youself who really are the illiberal bigots?
Actively promoting transgender ideology and homosexuality is de rigeur, and it can cause massive, lifelong psychological harm.
Questioning this is met with obfuscation, fury and denunciation.

I strongly agree with Tucker Carlson's statement on BLM. So do many Black Conservatives.
It has been hijacked by anarchists and violent radicals with an agenda far beyond race hatred.

Johnson's new 'Conservatives' trash sacred matrimony with the Cheater's Charter and foist the killing of the unborn on Northern Ireland. (The ugly list of those who have broken the Commands and have innocent blood on their hands)
Then they wonder why the nation is under judgement?!

Do African Black Lives Matter? Selective racial blindness and gaping double standards.
A very blinkered outrage.
The appalling and massive genocide in process, ignored by press and the vast majority of wilfully blind church leaders for fear of offending Islam.

“I saw my brother-in-law’s body on the ground, hacked to pieces by a machete. Our home was destroyed. The hospital was burnt. They tried to burn the roof of the church by piling up the chairs, like a bonfire.”
"Every day we carry new corpses to the cemetery. They kill farmers. They destroy our homes and churches. They kidnap and rape women.”
Given the escalation, frequency, organisation, brutality and asymmetry of attacks against predominantly Christian communities, it is time to give greater effect to our obligations as a signatory to the 1948 Genocide Convention and our duty to protect.

Augustine and the theophany at Mamre

Ever heard of moonquakes? you have now. Definitive evidence the moon is not 4.6 Gya old, from an excellent blog.
“The whole idea that a 4.6-billion-year-old rocky body like the moon has managed to stay hot enough in the interior and produce this network of faults just flies in the face of conventional wisdom.”
Thomas Watterson, Coauthor of Nature paper on moonquakes.

Should Christians get their hands dirty with the fight over abortion? Yes! Raise your voice for the dumb!
Appalling wickedness has been imposed on NI, potentially termination up to term without any process at all beforehand. Our country's hands are deeply stained in the blood of the innocent.

Israel's first martyr in modern history.

Michael Moore's revealing if spikey film about the proximity of the Green movement, banks, oil companies and the biomass sham.
Widely castigated by environmentalists, but probing a serious hypocrisy about profit.

Would Spurgeon say the same now?
An army of prophets?
Temple Mount animal sacrifices to be expected again soon. An egregious insult to the Author of Leviticus.

Some helpful comments on the causes, manifestations and our approach to transgenderism from the Christian Institute.

Some spiritual roots of feminism were deeply and overtly Satanic. Not that disqualifies all that women have fought for, or justifies the prejudice that they have faced. However it should arm us with caution about the movement. Article J.Creation March 2020.
Beginner's guide to Luther & Tyndale
FIEC recommends drama as a means of evangelism! Another step towards the grave of decadence and obsolesence.

China's butchery of its own citizens condemned by a legal tribunal. Live organ trafficking from political and faith prisoners

The sleeping lion begins to awaken to Satan's terror - like Joseph's brethren, Israelis awaken to their massive deprivation and rediscover their Glory.
Who is blind, but My servant? Or deaf as My messenger that I sent?

Virus evolution not as it seems - very strong evidence in favour of a recent Creation not of gradual, blind evolutionary progress.

Caroline Glick on Trump's deal for Israel and its far reaching ramifications."
Contrary to popular opinion, this is a good deal, a very good deal, for the Palestinian Arabs, far better than they could expect, but predictably they'll fumble it again and end up with less. ‘Who all coveteth, oft he loseth all’, Aesop's dog and bone.

Pelagius' lost message
Steve Chalke's latest book, 'The lost message of Paul' is a cunningly crafted but toxic and dangerous work.
It's rankly liberal, is universalistic, denies the anger of God, destroys justification by faith without works, which he confuses with sanctification, redefines saving faith, calls original sin 'entirely wrong headed', denies the historicity of Adam, confuses the message of the reformation and popularises the heretical EP Sanders and NT Wright's deeply flawed and not so New Perspectives on Paul.
It is Balaam's counsel - and a deeply accursed work, fit only to be repudiated.

A response to a public post by Jeyakanth Selvarajah on a High Court ruling on 17/10/2019 in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

Does the English Standard Version stand up to scrutiny as a faithful translation of the original texts? The TBS categorically reject its credentials for good reasons.
The author focuses heavily on gender neutral language, but the broader deficit is its addiction to the bane of dynamic equivalence.

In 2019, Tim Keller and John Piper's liberal The Gospel Coalition(TGC), as predicted, actively promotes same sex attraction, and endorsed gay 'Christian' Sam Alberry to encourage single adoption (?by homosexuals) in evangelical churches.
Alberry claims celibacy, but says physical intimacy is fine between homosexuals.
Another Brit, Ed Shaw, homosexual figurehead of the FIEC's push to normalise homosexuality, 'Living Out', is promoting gay attraction on behalf of TGC to children in Sydney

TGC also underhandedly undermines scriptural, complementarian prohibition of women preaching and leading, by redefining the terms.
Others will swiftly follow their descent into disobedient decadence, FIEC and Co-Mission next.

Rachel Gilson, a self confessed lesbian (though married to a man), wickedly claims same sex marriage is proper in the churches, and the evil orientation is a 'gift'. She still appears as a contributor on Tim Keller and John Piper's TGC pages, many months later.

Islamophobia is a real phenomenon, but the charge often acts as a shield for Jew hatred and justifying restricting Christian liberty


Looks like the Southern Baptist Convention has serious problems now with homosexuality.

Excellent talk on historical Adam and Eve- genetic evidence very strong. Despite attacks from 'friends' of the Bible.

Keith Waters
Vicious targetting and persecution for a tweet that advised caution about LGBT shame. The LGBT lobbys shoots itself in the foot.

The Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy to former President Trump, Peter Navarro's report 'the Immaculate Deception' carefully detailing and referencing the evidence for why he suspects Joseph Biden and his administration has engaged in the biggest theft of all time.
Media reporters who claim there is no evidence are plainly dishonest.

In the Washington Post's critique - Philip Bump claims he discovered his own reference on reading the report.
If that were not true, the article begins and ends with a deceit for effect, which doesn't bode well for what lies in between.
He has since written to deny knowing of the citation beforehand.

Time's Molly Ball points out the degree of [legal] but extensively coordinated collusion and collaboration to unseat Trump, 'That’s why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.'


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