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Nairobi conference

Kenya's UN Fund for Population activities don't go to plan, condemned by US Special Representative and 10 ambassadors from other states for pushing abortion to term as a 'human right'and promoting sodomy, though not quite in such undiplomatic language!
The Vatican it seems has been emasculated by its own wickedness, and no surprise.

Something very rotten at the UN General Assembly and the EU Court of Justice, and again the UK Government is guiltily complicit.

Sadly the USA is sinking into a deepening antipathy to Jews, just as its administration has taken some of the most important positive steps towards supporting Israel. This antipathy is largely facilitiated by its myopic Jewish democrats.
Their reaction to this observation now will be predictably furious, but a few years will see it fulfilled.

Christians should stand firm in prayer and support for Israel's right to exist and to prosper, and that includes Judea and Samaria, whilst also praying for the salvation of and seeking a just and peaceable remedy for the Palestinian Arabs.
The first step is to completely disown incitement to and financial support for the murder of Jews by their mainstream bodies.

Resisting Stonewall's demands - another unspoken election manifesto.

Voice of the Silenced - the power of Christ is being censored and stifled by universities, and other official bodies.

Haircoverings have been neglected in our churches to their hurt, and especially to the injury of the fairer sex. 2 Pet.2.19

Silicon Valley does do evil! Instagram is another corrupter fomenting church corruption - see live shadowbanning below.
Satan's puppets

The strong connection between Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness, 'Christian Counselling, evangelical corruption, Pantheistic/Gnostic New Agers, Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism and the Occult
Following his penetrating book on the Dark Side of Christian Counselling.

A timely update on the importance of genetic editing from professional geneticist at CMi

Who gave WHO the right to recommend teaching masturbation to 4yr olds!? And 9 yr olds to be taught to make conscious decisions about having sex??
In the grip of perverts.
Stop funding WHO's 'Standards for Sexuality Education' now! Needs a thorough purge, pouring petrol on the flames of depravity.

The real catastrophe is not the climate, but childhood exposure to hard core porn as the CI points out. It needs firm action now - my MP is sick of hearing from me, what about yours?.

Useful 32 resource from Christian Concern on Abortion - 'Why Christians should always advocate for the unborn' - though before iniquitous NI decriminalisation

As a former Labour voter (pre-Blair), why Corbyn would be disastrous and dangerous for the UK from CUFI.

A favoured author of the Evangelical Alliance's head of mission to young adults, Yuval Hariri, a blasphemous humanist, with a deeply anti-Christian vision of future human evolution.
The EA's man is either dangerous or extremely naive or both.
Hariri's worst work
UN Human Rights Council turns over a new leaf! Appoints slave owning and defending Mauritania as a member, with Venezuela, Libya and China!
Fox guarding the chickens! The new fire chief is a convicted arsonist! The child protection officer a paedophile!
Why is the US, the EU, the UK silent?

Persimmon or Balm of Gilead
Ancient plants cultivated again in Israel after centuries of neglect, 5 precious components of incense.

Down's syndrome the mass slaughter of the innocent, 90% in the UK, protested.

Belgium's 'healthcare' service moots euthanasia for a 23 yr old woman physically well, but severely depressed.

Erdogan's hands stained with the blood of 35 yr old politician Hevrin Khalaf. His ISIS-inspired thugs executed her and her driver in cold blood (short video in link).
Hevrin Khalaf

Oasis International Association (linked to Steve Chalke) received £170k in donations/grants in 2018 for pushing (amongst other things) a transgender agenda amongst the churches. Who are the donors?

NCOSE: Child sex images are an epidemic crisis proliferating rapidly on the internet and governments are stifling not accelerating legal resistance. Action needed now. Have you written to your MP? If an acquaintance jokes about such matters, is it unwise to suspect criminal complicity?
NYT article detailing some of the horror of the darkness and stonewalling by Big Data Co.s. 'Truly Terrible Things' Ferocious judgement is coming soon (Lev.18.25).
2007 'Fewer than two percent of the crimes would be investigated, he predicted. “We are overwhelmed, we are underfunded and we are drowning in the tidal wave of tragedy,” ' 12 years ago the problem was miniscule by today's standards.

Stephen's fatal challenge to the rabbinic Sanhedrin.

The Shema and manifold snares of neglecting its call.

Is Hebrew the oldest script in the world?
Palaeo-HebrewOphel Palaeo-Hebrew
There's gathering evidence for a cross between hieroglyphics and ancient Hebrew in the southern Sinai, 1500-1800 BC, with corroboration from much later in Jerusalem at Ophel.

The persecuted Rohingya you haven't heard about!
Christians violently attacked by their Muslim co-refugees!

Catholic Hospital in Nova Scotia forced to kill/euthanise patients.

Israeli Tin sourced from Cornwall 11-12 centuries before Christ!
Original article.

Good evidence for Edom's Kingdom even before Israel's founding, from copper mine organisation and C14 dates.

US Navy now officially confirms numerous UFO sightings and is at a complete loss to explain their supernatural, physical characteristics 200+g acceleration,10k mph velocities.
US Navy video
Ezekiel wouldn't have had the same trouble as CMi points out. Nor interestingly do Bible-loving Christians have the oft extremely unpleasant and life changing 3rd kind encounters with demonic forces, often described as 'alien'.

25 years in glory - Mehdi Dibaj
Mehdi Dibaj
the luminous Christian Iranian martyr of 1994
- so luminous, the Times writer Bernard Levin gave up his whole column on Jan 18th 1994, to Dibaj's amazing courtroom testimony, after 9 years of cruel torture by the Iranian mullahs for his love and unswerving faithfulness to the Messiah.


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