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The still chilling and poignant lament for Oslo - Hebrew - to remind 2 state advocates like our PM what a delusion they had embraced.

Prof Gelerntner of Yale renounces Darwin's myths and predictably the priesthood rages.
David Gelernter
One key argument that persuaded him evolution is bankrupt.

5 lies often told about sex ed in school and how to respond.

Royal Navy in action constantly staving off Iranian feints in the Gulf

Greater Manchester Police alleged to one of 'the most corrupt forces' in the country and heavily compromised by organised crime bosses.
Actively suppressing justice in child abuse investigations.

If you think smartphone banking or any transaction is safe and secure, you haven't been reading the news. Everything you write, say, search or photo is easily hacked by expert criminals.

Why an Islamaphobia law will increase outrages like this one, and should be resisted.

Satanic ritual abuse is still a real phenomenon in the UK in 2019, court cases prove this beyond doubt and needs tackling, not ridiculing. (Link on this page to reportedly obscene site and one photo showing partial nudity, to prove the case)

A very candid (shocking and potentially offensive) video on the Hebron massacre of 1929, and how the same problem of hate is still very alive.

Practical steps to protect children at school, which should be but often are not being taken by the schools themselves. US site.

Epstein's exposure is long overdue and reveals many common lies about the state of the moral rot in the West.

The Home Office in pandering to PC on transgenderism is harming all prisoners and the cause of rehabilitating offenders.

PA deliberately stirring up conflict on Temple Mount behind the scenes (again).

The fascinating dance of two of Saturn's closer moons is complex, unstable and highly likely to be recent in origin - another big problem for deep time. Pluto's 4 'moons' are an even bigger problem.
A Grace Baptist Church in the South East has hosted and its Twitter feed promoted a play about a Gay rights activist, which ran from 14-28th February, according to this month's Evangelical Times.

Valuable and important ex-trans testimonies from

Unborn-child murderers move in on Nairobi to advance their ugly objectives. UNFPA Nov 2019.

Richard Carvath rightly excoriates the family courts opacity and bias - justice should be seen to be done, but often it looks like appalling injustice has been foisted on the children and their parent(s).
Solomon embraced public transparency in his famous child custody case! These are often judgements of important public interest and precedent, anonymity for the children and parents' surnames would suffice. Sunlight disinfects.

A 15 min chat about ethical principles & pitfalls with young doctors (their comments removed)

The miraculous and courageous defence of Golan in 1967, with overwhelming opposing odds and equipment.

Golan and Israel - aspects of title not often aired.

A whole synchronised school of fish captured in a 'freeze frame' fossil - further unwelcome (to the godless) evidence of the massive catastrophism they so oppose 2 Peter 3.5-6,3.

The sheer callousness of abortionists shocks even BBC journalists.
9 million innocents and counting in the UK. Watch the procedure, if you think it isn't murder.

Murdering the hopeless is becoming commonplace in W Europe.

Dramatic, recent rise in conventional STIs from lack of fear of HIV, esp in MSM. Chastity is healthy and right. Promiscuity leads to harm spiritually, mentally and physically.

The puffed up furore about Priti Patel, the new Home Secretary.

Time to start avoiding Goolag and Youtube more - a deep seated antiChrist bias manifests itself even more abundantly.

Wholesale slaughter of unborn girls in India continues, and the UK government still refuses to legislate against sex selective abortion in the UK, where this evil has also been well exposed.

You think LGBT advocates are harmless cranks or in some cases extreme, totalitarian bigots - look again at Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon.

Union School of Theology - a paragon of neo-'evangelical' corruption.

The Alpha Course - seriously defective and unbiblical. Chris Hands' helpful summary

A doctor risks all for stating the truth about sex and gender simply, gently and firmly. Others will follow.

HPV - chastity and sexual purity is the only safe means of preventing the new epidemic of oral and anal cancer, arising from the sexual promiscuity in children, but the Government's evil and perverted policies are still actively promoting the latter and eschewing the former yet more and more.
A vaccine is welcome, but insufficient, too little and too late.

Satan's strategy for vandalising the Image of God in the family, completely divorcing sexuality from procreation, the BBC embraces the notion, and by confusing and destroying gender distinctions

Instagram and grooming a serious problem - solutions.

Liligers belie the 'Fixity of species', a commonly used mischaracterisation of creation advocates since Darwin- very rapid adaptation and selection well recognised before (but not by 'beneficial' mutations and far too fast for neo-Darwinian evolution by the acquisition of new genetic information by them, if they exist at all).

EU funds PA's 'pay to slay', without caring about terror or its victims - this policy will come back to haunt them.

Mendel's accountant has shown very nicely why evolution is running in reverse.
The authors have uniquely documented hard evidence of this in 10,000s of generations of the H1N1 flu virus, and indicated where and how flu research may have be been misled by evolutionary assumptions. Popular review.
Is helping suicide ever kind or wise? Unequivocally not, says the commandment of God.

The North Korea of Africa - Eritrea perpetrates more atocities against Christians - in Keren 23/6/19.

Another very serious cover up - showing the Family Courts are not fit for purpose, and other bodies like UK Athletics are not protecting children properly.

CI takes Newcastle Cathedral on for blasphemy over 'Queering the Church' meetings.

On line grooming - of adults! Often groomers are highly polished and patient, and known by target.
6 stages of an Amnon-like predator:

1.Targeting a vulnerable victim (soft boundaries)
2.False but dangerously intense intimacy of on line contact
3.Gaining the victims trust (flattery and ego massage): Affiliation/Acceptance/Assurance
4.Filling an unmet yearning (a 'special' connection)
5.Isolating the victim (sharing secrets): gaining exclusive rights to attention, placing hooks - learning/placing blackmailable details.
6.Sexualizing the relationship by degrees
7.Gaining control/puppetmastery: intimidate to give in to further demands without question, yet nurture sense of privilege (temporary)
Never, ever take intimate photos of yourself (- even of a foot!) That is one of the stupidest things you can do. The second most stupid thing you can do is to send them to another person online.

Google is manipulating its content and search findings increasingly. It is a publisher not a platform, and its interests are often highly immoral. Exposure by Veritas, in an explosive interview with an employee. Google was so embarrassed they have removed the exposure from Youtube!

Jeremy Corbyn takes Iran's side of the story - he would be a calamitous PM.

A glimpse of the real colour of 'inclusivism' - inaccurate, intolerant, doctrinaire and totalitarian.

Courtesy of Oasis perhaps, a transgender drag Queen, coming to Sunday School near you.
Incidentally Harvey Milk, who receives a glowing mention in the article, like Oscar Wilde and many homosexual icons was a predatory pederast

So sad to see abortions in England and Wales, despite (or perhaps because of) everything morning after pills, OCP, and SRE have skyrocketed again A tragedy for women and death to so many unborn innocents.

A glimpse of a global digital currency - FB's Libra or rather Calibra

A sprightly defence of the Johannine Comma 1 John 5.7, based I suspect largely on Michael Maynard's now finished work.

PInterest joins the criminal rogues - listing pro-life, Bible verse and other sites advocating for truth and righteousness as porn to block them. A technical insider blows the whistle on the deceit, and is sacked.
Twitter then covers by blocking Veritas which broke the story.

You're all mermaids now! Recording of the totalitarian Transgender indoctrination of a primary school, in order to acquire new victims for their ugly, injurious and fallacious ideology.

Massive Hizbollah bomb plot for UK hushed up for 3 1/2 years to keep dodgy Iran deal alive!

Deep time - an unscientific, modern myth that controverts so much solid evidence, addressed in an engaging, popular way by a new work.
The Wave, Arizona

FIEC recommends partnering with the Bishop of Birmingham for prayer, strategy meetings and ministerial cooperation (@22 mins), inspired by Tim Keller's Redeemer City-City initiative in the local 2020 cooperation - we can almost hear EJ Poole-Connor's groans!

Smallest baby in the world survives! 8 and a bit ounces!

Implant parties for implanting RFID chips (Copyright, BBC world service 21/5/19, extract from podcast) - buying and selling, every one? (Rev.13.16-7)

Leaving a lesbian lifestyle behind to obey and rejoice in the Lord, as so many have done before.

An intriguing treasure trove - a new film on the Cairo Geniza

Would you lay your named tombstone? Not for the superstitious or faint hearted.
A lovely Christian relative in strong faith in her own resurrection - places her own name alongside her dear husband's.
Mabel's gravestone

Tommy Robinson's saga continues - his real situation is being covered tendentiously and unfairly by the UK media, out of terror of stirring up Islamist-White British polarisation.
He's a demagogue, but not a racist, a crowd stirrer and a populist, but not at all a white supremacist.
For those who demur, figure this - many of his strongest supporters are libertarian Jews.
Silencing him unjustly in this manner, will only fuel extremism not help defuse it.

Storms ahead - Christianity poses "enormous harm" to China's national security, party officials told in Henan province.
The LORD is sovereign to keep those who trust Him.

6 noble martyrs in Burkina Faso refused to deny their Saviour to Muslim murderers and thieves.
'And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. (Rev 12.11)

Father of modern Hebrew - the treachery of some ultra-Rabbinic Jews, his persuasion of the dispersed and galvinising of Gentile Christians at the resurrection of the nation of Israel from dry bones.

Isabella's home! 340 gm of baby at 24/40!
Isabella Evans

A meticulous, important and as far as I know wholly accurate account of why Julian Assange's arrest is much more to do with high level corruption on both sides of the aisle in the US than anything else.

The BBC has become, despite its founder, the not so noble liar

Same Sex parenting may harm children, and publications about it have been tampered with.

Palestinian rights become incitement to hatred again, now in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

2007 Yogyakarta Principles - the remarkably effective global LGBT P agenda analysed - gays are more equal than others!
An activist's guide to perverting human rights here.

The dark places of cruelty, theft and abuse. The Global Financial Secrecy Index 2018.
The UK is a prominent, if not the main focus, of this criminality.

Margot James is strongly to be commended for trying to stem the deliberate sexualisation of children with porn, despite her previously behaviour
More, much more is needed, Amazon, Instagram, WhatsApp, FB, and Twatter, Youtube and Goolag need to stop advocating for paedophiles, incest and vicious exploitation too, as Tumblr, Comcast and some other sites have done already.

Porn use correlates with violence against and abuse of a wife or partner.
Why a woman should be wary of a boyfriend who views porn.

A cashless society puts all your privacy in the hands of the banks and enables negative interest - charging for saving.
Be vigilant! Don't concede such massive powers to usurers so easily! The history of their past behaviour is almost only evil.

The shadow justice minister has perjured himself and is not fit to be a solicitor, let alone an MP, let alone the Attorney General - he should resign or be sacked.

The laudable US Magnitsky legislation against massive banking corruption, in which the UK specialises, is being exploited as a Trojan horse for imposing sodomy and LGBT on other nations by the UK parliament.
The Overseas Territories are being trounced into abandoning the family.

How many of you are willing to die for Christ?
The question was asked minutes before 12 children were murdered at Zion church Sunday School in Batticoloa. Here are the children giving their answer to the same or a similar question the same morning.
Batticoloa Sunday School
Ramesh, a brave church member ushered the Muslim terrorist outside at the cost of his own life, saving the lives of scores of others.

Useful US resources to address child sex abuse, from a trustworthy source.

Worship of Baal in 2019

Kristie Higgs
Kristie Higgs is the latest example of increasing LGBT totalitarianism in the UK of a kind carefully analysed in an important work every pastor and concerned Christian should read, Gabriele Kuby is Roman Catholic analyst of the Global Sexual Revolution, the deliberate and insidious assault on the family.
Gender blurring   Revolution
'Gender mainstreaming'- blurred distinctions, assault on the institution of marriage, the state-sponsored clamp down on freedom to critique sodomy and other forms of immorality, the elitist EU and UN advocacy for the 2007 Yogyakarta Principles which endorse perversions as "human rights for sexual minorities", the deliberative pushing of pornography, the active campaign to sexualise young children, and much more are meticulously documented by this serious and brave academic.
Ultimately it is an assault on the Divine Image.

Rabbinic efforts to restore the Temple continue to become bolder.

Amidst the heartache, barbarity and bloodshed of the Sri Lankan attacks, it should also not be forgotten how intensely God hates idolatry.
Idols of SL
It is a grievous insult and offence to Him to breach the Second Command, and one of the principle reasons for the fall of Byzantium and the Middle East to the scourge of Islam - just as idolatrous Israel was repeatedly handed over to painful chastisements.
His Holy Being has not changed since Exodus 32 or Rev. 21.8. Idolatry, including the use of 'Christian images', like false images of Christ, His mother, of the 'saints', brings hideous damage and deceit, and would have outraged the Apostles and early church leaders, despite widespread ignorance and Roman Catholic burying of the command now (as an obsolete subclause of the first).
Ps.115 or Hab.2.18, Jer.10.8, Zech.10.2.

Every disaffiliated church should be vigilant & prepared for child protection.
The ministers of the churches of the Southern Baptist Association in the US have been woefully lax.
Wolvish predators abound esp. amongst youth pastors.

Dubious conduct needs flagging and reporting to legal authorities, and even simple reports by children must be investigated and taken very seriously.
Ministers need to be careful to avoid all appearance of evil.

Amazon heads NCOSE's 2019 dirty dozen of corporate sponsors of porn, trafficking and sleaze. Google, Twitter and Netflix still prominent.


Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan devastatingly skewers UNHRC for hatred of Palestinians and appalling bias and extremely hypocritical partiality in descriptions of Israel's defences against Hamas.

Taking Genesis seriously is a basic Christian belief, not a secondary issue.

Aisha's story of horror and hope - very hard, but strong comfort.
Please don't give to Open Doors lightly - I am not confident they use money wisely.


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