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In view of the censoring of the proper and lawful exposure of paedophile accounts on Twitter, which I have personally experienced and the evasion of exposure of serious sin connected to John Podesta's emails in the wikileaks scandals by both Twitter and Facebook, and their persistent opposition to liberty of conscience and lawful free speech, I am removing their connection with this site.

Your Majesty, did you really mean that oath when you most solemnly undertook on the 2nd June, 1953, 'to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel' and 'preserve the doctrine, worship, discipline' of the 'Protestant and Reformed' Church of England?
We recognise the oath was always going to be very difficult in the light of the national apostasy, not least of her own clergy. Headship by the English Monarch was never more a mere pretext than now.
How would your father see the church, its bishops labouring to savage what their nobler forebears described as the 'impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture', denying even the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection, openly embracing Rome's abominable idolatries, flying sodomy's banners from its cathedrals, proposing rebaptising the surgically mutilated in the cause of having 'changed' their gender, endorsing easy divorce for no cause at all other than dissatisfaction?
Is this what has become of 'the power of faith'?
Is your only charge against rampant error and indiscipline, that faith [in Whom?] 'may fall victim to tribalism'?
Dear woman, dear God, how have the mighty fallen? Our national Church is now a fountain of vice not of virtue. 'Unto us belongs confusion of face...for we have sinned against Thee.' (Dan. 9.8)
Dear Madame, how much you also yet need the gift of deep repentance.

50 years today - an amazing message and image!

Why ape-human evolution is fairy tale speculation. It's anti-scientific humanist credo, flies in the face of hard genetics, and just as serious and now deliberate a fraud as Piltdown ('the clinching proof of the link' - unexposed for 40 years, despite repeated detailed creationist critique!)

Elephant in the room, based on names of the convicted, Muslim men are 127 times more likely to be convicted as part of a grooming gang than non-Muslims,
why the much ignored misogyny of Sharia matters so much.

This is a matter of creed not race, white converts may be just the same or worse.
It is the fruit of evil doctrine.

In Nehemiah's day, even taking 1% as interest was sinful. Why have Christians forgotten their heritage?

Dark tide rising - astronomical rise in Wicca and occult in US, post Harry Potter/GoT etc.
Fruit of the rejection of nominal, half-hearted, neo-Marcionite Christianity - it will end in tears...(Mt.12.43-5)

Further evidence that Josephus' identification of Magog with Scythia (E. Ukraine/W. Russia), indicates the scene may indeed be being set for Ezek.38-39 in the near term (esp. 38.4 which suggests inadvertent participation) to be fulfilled. It is a highly specific prophecy alluded to in Rev.20, as yet manifestly unfulfilled. Unstable Libya (v.5) is one key jigsaw piece not yet in place in the alliance (though Sudan (Cush) certainly is already participating in Iranian arms smuggling and closely allied to its end in destroying Israel).
Other sources indicate there are Russian soldiers involved with this system, thus potential casualties from aircraft using radar-targetting missiles in defence.

Missing someone you care about very deeply, but can't reach? Place them continually in the securer safekeeping of the One Who cares even more - how many times did you count every hair on their head (1 Peter.5 v.7)?

No, Mr Macron the new danger is the rise of neo-imperialism not nationalism.
Not just China and the Soviets, but the EU too is beginning to become a prime example (the lack of separation between internal and external intelligence agencies has long been a hallmark of tyranny).

Feel the love in Pakistan for Asia Bibi - when a whole nation is consumed with 'hatespeech' - still with her family in extreme danger of lynching.
Pakistan protests at Asia Bibi

Cannibalism definitely looks to be making a major comeback, judging from ugly parodies by Katie Perry's Bon Appetite (which I won't link to), and the shaman-witch Marina Abramovic's 'spirit cooking' for Podesta brothers, Clintons, Lady Gaga, Madonna and other celebrities.
Marina Abramovic
Is Elton John a suitable figurehead for an ethical, family friendly company?
Elton JohnElton John

Satanic Ritual Abuse is discussed by a sober interviewer and a specialised legal witness, it is a well attested phenomenon in the UK. Jimmy Saville has been documented to be involved in it (and here), what about his many unindicted associates for starters, how many in the BBC, how many in circles of influence?
A credible testimony of survival from SRA. 6 allegations of SRA were made against Ted Heath in the Conifer Report, not just of paedophilia despite strong counterpressures.

More hard empirical evidence of the global deluge the Saviour spoke of, if only men would open their eyes, and lay aside their preconceived prejudices.

Galileo, the Papacy, Aristotle and vested interests - the conflict over heliocentric models of the solar system was more nuanced and complex than many polemicists suggest.

The spider's web - the Second British Empire. British banking secrecy and global corruption.
25% of international finance is conducted on British territory, nearly half of the world's secrecy jurisdictions are under British protection, perhaps one half of all global wealth is hidden in British offshore havens.
The facilitated theft of African gold is astronomical. The sad truth is Britain has become the international drug dealers, kleptocrats and traffickers' secret bank.
5 recommended remedies for corrupt offshore banking secrecy.
Remedial action
Taking usury has always been a fountain of grievous iniquity, and judgement will come on nations that defend it.
Why banking can be lucrative but destroy the soul.

Believing women should be priests but not preachers - 1 Cor.14.34-40
Current decadent trends notwithstanding.

An industry of harm - pornography - Amazon currently heads NCOSE's 'Dirty Dozen' list - UK citizen action needed

Leaving the Brotherhood - 28 min video -a painful but fascinating exposure of the workings of the takfiri* Muslim Brotherhood.
Though it is not the message of this video, political Islam is in a death spiral, and Islam as a whole is on the verge of a serious collapse.
(*Takir means to pronounce all other Muslims outcasts it is a common phenomenon in a number of radical Muslim groups)

God despises Hallowe'en - stay well away from it - even in jest.

Free on line porn is destroying children!
Child on child sexual abuse is a serious and growing problem
- a serious and recent survey reveals how prominent a part access to porn plays - so do the accounts of nurses involved in clearing up the mess after rape in the US (Trigger warning). Protect children you know from exposure to porn now!
Governments and ISPs need to act on image censorship now!
Child on Child and Porn

Euthanasia for mental health? The abomination of murder by doctors grows, when better helps are discarded.

Ehud Ben Yehuda- Father of Modern Hebrew

Steve Chalke and Oasis again actively promotes what God hates and knows produces incalculable harm.
Will the EA, Affinity and the FIEC condemn evil or condone it again?
Oasis and Transgender
Why MSM won't cover popular and thoughtful film about the USA's most prolific child murderer

Avon and Somerset Police wisely back down from junior officers using a Dispersal Order inappropriately for Gospel street preachers, thanks to CI's influence. Praise God for preserving liberty still.

A modern translator of the Quran covertly backtracks on his cover up of Mohammed's ignorance of the Trinity, and OUP back him up as though it was merely a typo!

The UN covers Abbas' bloody tracks by mistranslating his open boasting of ugly incitement and record of funding murderers.

Shiva the Destroyer
Stay away from Yoga (the 'yoke' of Hindu idolatry)
One Scotland
The prominent link between convicted paedophiles and the movement to ban smacking.
No surprise to those who have watched the systematic and diabolical assault on the family in the last decades.
Sadly there are many useful idiots in this stuggle against loving, Biblical discipline (Prov.13.24, 19.18, 22.15, 29.15, Heb.12.5-11).
Just ask Singaporeans or Middle Easterners!

Gay marriage campaign cake case Ashers appeal victory for liberty of conscience - unanimous supreme court verdict!

UNRWA - what has been done with $1 billion?

The suspicion grows that banning virtually non-existent 'forced gay conversion therapy' is actually a trojan horse for illegalising all churches and societies that reprove and help genuinely penitent homosexuals and transgendered refugees from sin seeking help.

The depradation of godliness - polluting the faith once delivered to the saints.
'God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.' (Ps.89.7)

'If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.' (1 Cor.3.17)

Why taking Genesis seriously matters - If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Ps 11:3)
It is a profound and foolish blasphemy to claim the Lord Jesus Christ did not have a clue about the world's real origins - was he really no wiser than His peers? Is our current age and contemporary experts really so enlightened about human nature? Even TH Huxley, 'Darwin's Bulldog', saw the myopia and naivety of the new generation of clergy.

Solid joy and peace in believing in Jesus Christ

Pure Islamic evil and British police collusion! 12 years of kidnapping and abuse by a grooming gang. Still no arrests! Where is PC Plod?
Barroness Cox asks some hard questions and seems to receive no reassurance from the Government's vague response.

Incest has always been more prevalent than realised, but is a rising phenomenon, as Western society descends into sickening godlessness (2 Tim.3.13).
It is often profoundly scarring. It entails a uniquely evil betrayal of trust, by violation of a basic obligation to protect the closest of our kin.
Acknowledgement to a trustworthy confidante, correctly refocusing the intense blame on the perpetrator not the victims/survivors, (despite induced participation or pleasure by the evil older party to deliberately aggravate guilt, disgrace and secure secrecy), and slow patient working through of its manifold confusing and agonising implications are important roots of healing.
The Lord Jesus Christ is neither blind to nor impotent to cleanse and help with this cursed leprosy. On the contrary, He is well able to help and in the long run to bring out deeper, greater blessings than had the wickedness never occurred. (Titus 3:3-7)

Riddle: 'When is a hate crime an act of selfless love?'
Leviticus 19.17 describes the importance of loving reproof, a key activity of the prophets and apostles, and especially of the Saviour.
The legal definition of a hate crime is an 'offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice'.
How do you think would Jeremiah have fared in a British court charged for his lifesaving reproof in Jer.26?!
'The more I love, the less I be loved!'

Changing back - deep dissatisfaction with sex reassignment surgery is common and stems from the original discomfort with one's sexuality - often a result of sex abuse as a child.
RT is this time being more honest and journalistic about this difficult subject than the BBC, CNN or a host of other tendentious idealogues on transgender issues. Don't be surprised if Youtube labels this simple testimonial as 'transphobic' and perhaps even takes it down!

Melanie Shaw
Something very fishy is going on over a most salient witness to the UK's Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. A most salient witness to the horrific and decades long Beechwood abuses in Nottingham is being denied a voice. There is strong suspicion of Nottinghamshire police corruption, and allegations of collusion have been raised, so it is disturbing to read that the same force have been responsible for arresting, labelling her as MAPPA cat 3 (highly dangerous!), charging and obtaining a two year sentence for minor arson against Melanie Shaw, in such a way that she is now being held in solitary confinement the vast majority of her time, c 19 months, in what are reported to be brutal and 'extreme bullying' conditions in HMP Styal.
Considerable irregularities in her detention, access to legal counsel, visitors and means of communications are also credibly reported by multiple sources.
Examine these sources and if you agree there are grounds for concern, write to the IICSA asking why they have refused to seek testimony from Miss Shaw, given her published desire to testify and her efficacy in bringing forensic light before.

More Vatican scandals reported about to break.

Children of 5 being sexualised by online porn - the government needs to step in with image (not idea) censorship before our future generations are destroyed.

Germany and the churlish EU sides with Iran against the USA

The essence of Islamic taqqiya (deliberate practice of deceit to unbelievers) clearly exemplified and remedied by a Moroccan ex-Jihadist in Germany. (Memri)

Transgender dogma is going to ruin 1000s of young lives until we wake up to biological and social reality. But Christ brings hope for healing!

Gaining discipline is important in resisting sinful temptations - Core Issues - a personal testimony about the need for help.

Spot the bigotry! Transgender ideologues go in for the kill for old fashioned feministas.

Even Caroline Lucas joins the ranks of the 'transphobes'!

This woman is a heroine of our time, a Patrick Moynihan. A strong searchlight into the corrupt cesspool at the UN.

Another memorable scalpel in the abscess of the UN's malice and another, and perhaps the most devastating of all!

More jihadi horrors in Egypt - Islam is not a religion of peace at home.
But the only effective response is the sharp sword of the Word.

The other appalling genocides in Myanmar - it has long been the case that the barbaric Burmese army has targeted Christians and animists among the Chin, Karen and Shen people. Yet the UN and MSM have obsessively focused on the appalling suffering of the Rohingya only. Why?

The evidence is conclusive, Corbyn harbours hatred for Jews.
His animus towards Israel is selective, particular, malicious and unjust - in other words it's manifestly antisemitic

Massive genetic gulf between Chimps and Man - esp in Y chromosome!

Corbyn fraternised with mass murderers, memorialised a mass murderer and lied about it - the man is not fit for office.
Corbyn's MB Rabi'ah salute

Evil doctrine leads to evil fruit (1 Tim.4.3) - the wolves of the Vatican hunt in packs not like the occasional Anglican pervert like John Smyth.
In Pennsylvania for decades, according to the grand jury report, they raped 100s of young boys and girls and near to none were disciplined or arrested and the victims were gagged. Divine vengeance will come.

Bankers, not just the cruel, selfish and godless ones at RBS, are not to be trusted, in the words of a senior banker 'quasi-organised crime' gangs, 'scumbag's - usurers are always sinning.

Monkey Dust - another extremely dangerous, cheap and addictive street drug - MDPV.

As a past occasional Labour voter, I am deeply disturbed the present leader of the Opposition should side so closely and publicly with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hizbollah, all supporters of attacks on civilians.
He is unequivocally evil in doing so.
Corbyn's MB Rabi'ah salute

The unflinching martyrdom of brave Sudanese Pastor Stephen, Beatrice his wife & 2 daughters Rachel and Priscilla at the hand of Muslim fanatics, and its glorious fruit.

Sarah Kuteh reinstated by NMC - without restrictions after grossly unfair dismissal for giving a Bible to a patient!
Why has the NMC forgotten most NHS hospitals were named after evangelists?

The breathtaking account of the maryrdom of the 21 yr old Christian nursing mother of a newborn, Vivia Perpetua, Felicity and her glorious companions, March 7th AD 202 or 3, taken from her prison diaries and completed probably by Tertullian. Fuller original text of her diary here.
An inspiration to holy living and dying. They peaceably crushed Roman tyranny underfoot and won even their own jailer to the faith!

Despite serious irregularities in the prosecution and early trial and malicious accusations Barnabas Fund's Patrick Sookdheo is unanimously cleared of the charges brought against him.
Christian Today, Christian Media Corporation International, the Metropolitan and Wiltshire Police, CPS and some other accusers have some serious questions to answer about their motives and methods.
Fuller detail on the highly dubious background to this case from Barnabas here. 12 senior Anglican clerics concluded, 'there had been a concerted move to take Patrick Sookhdeo down and destroy Barnabas Fund'.

The arrest of David Lynn - this kind of incident damages the reputation of the Metropolitan Police enormously - has protecting sodomy really become their chief priority as knife crime in the capital reaches unprecedented heights?
What gave rise to such offence? Look at the recording at 1:06

This is the police's amazingly heavy handed response!

The horrors of a life on Spice

A brave young woman's testimony of recovery from the horrible dungeon of

Temple enthusiasm growing year on year in Israel as Tisha B'Av approaches

But it will end in tears
Incidentally the cherubim are so close in the T.I.'s logo at the end there's no seat for God! Ps.99.1

Inspiration from Creation - an extraordinary talk by Prof Stewart Burgess declaring his exultation in the excellence of Divine Design, and why Richard Dawkins and most biologists are very poorly qualified to comment on design.

In planning to ban Gay Conversion therapy, the UK Government has a hidden agenda to marginalise those who encourage gays to repent.
Ex-gays are being silenced, censored and intimidated!
Voices of the Silenced
The Royal College of Psychiatrists is playing dead, and sticking its head in the sand.

Wittingly or unwittingly the FIEC, Affinity and the Evangelical Alliance are setting up their member churches for shipwreck, as they endorse Living Out - professedly celibate, openly homosexual. (Archive)
The danger here lies in an inherently unstable and immoral position, as is evident from LGBT-churchgoers criticisms of this position.

How many pastors openly profess and embrace an inclination to evil, whilst denying effecting it?
This is not repentance from the orientation, it wickedly cherishes and endorses it.
The scripture is clear homosexual desire and orientation itself is 'vile' - the original can also mean 'shameful' or 'dishonourable'. (Rom.1.25-7)
These church leaders wish to make the abomination of inclination to sodomy a point of pride and candour.

How many pastors are openly abstinent hankerers after theft, public but poor flaunters of covetousness, professedly self-restraining murderers, tongue-tied blasphemers, lip-biting deceivers?
The Gospel leads to hearty and full renunciation, with abhorrence of the iniquity. 'Such were some of you, but you are washed, you are justified, you are sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God' (1 Cor.6.11)
Why then should we endorse open homosexuals who claim celibacy (at least for now)?
Living Out
21/6/18 Tim Keller joins Living Out to encourage their promotion of tolerance (archive) for what God abhors and Who sees its wounding, poisonous nature.
Sadly it is of a piece with his established antagonism to Divine Law and his antagonism to the Creation history

Al Quds Day in UK - Iranian sponsored terrorist advocacy under the guise of BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions against Israel specifically) - why Hizbollah is a dangerous movement which supports terrorism against civilians and should be banned in the UK.

We note Stephen Sizer a veteran Israel hater is back.

Tim Keller - pillar of the New Calvinist movement - carries the hallmarks of a false teacher - phenomenally popular in worldly circles, employs philosophical rather than scriptural arguments, favours full ecumenism, harbours hostility to Divine Law, conceals a hidden agenda, and fulfils the mandate of Isa. 30:10-11
'Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:
Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.'
Stay away from his camp! It will lead to harm.

Keller's woefully defective presentation of an emasculated Gospel.

Why do the Jews matter? How do they solemnly confirm the testimony of the Bible, whilst at the same time rebelling for the most part against it? Why is the time near at hand when they shall be restored? Why are so many Christians unprepared and short sighted about this? (Romans 11.11-28)

Outrage of the Windrush Generation's mistreatment

Christians may be surprised that unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love are heresies shared with many groups, Buddhist, Hindu and even some Satanists.
The root of the error lies in extirpating Divine Law, and establishing a foundation for amoral behaviour, often called Antinomianism.
Love is the essence of the Law, all the grace we receive is based on Christ's merit, (Jer.23.6,33.16,Rom.5.21) and the purpose of our election is holiness and righteousness (Eph.1.4, 5.27, 1 Peter.1.2, Jude 24).

Evidence that Barnabas' Fund's Patrick Sookhdeo has been mistried and will be cleared on appeal

Free speech dies in the UK, Lauren Southern and Britney Pettibone non violent interviewers and critics of Islam detained (in BP's case for 3 days!) and barred by the Home Office for asking awkward questions.
Craziness! Where is the sleeping British media?
Fox reporting on these events

Lord Pearson's interview with Tommy Robinson

Many more hundreds of young white and Sikh women raped, trafficked and abused severely by Muslim and Asian gangs this time in Telford.
MSM, police, social services again silent and complicit.
A second predatory Muslim rape gang convicted in Oxford, guilty of abusing non-Muslim girls on a 'massive scale'.

The lie given to pampering vicious pimps - 'legalising prostitution is commercialised rape'. Why is the Met doing so little?

Eastern pantheistic spirituality and neo-Darwinism - hatchlings of the same evil brood.

Vice President Mike Pence's speech at the Knesset - Jerusalem - righting a profound historical injustice.

Interesting article on claims of brain determinism and brain-mind identity from decision to action analyses.
Neural activity is the footprint of the soul. Pure materialism cannot account adequately for consciousness, let alone many other spiritual phenomena.

A useful analysis of the extent and depth of the Anglican Bishops' denial of the Gospel in averring a basic lie.
Though sexuality/gender is more than a merely physical attribute,
it is our distinct reflection of the Divine Image.
Anglican Church 'affirms' transgender identity, betrays Christ's Word, and gets stomped on by transgender activists.

Twitter is little more than a propaganda tool, and suppresses critical free speech, according to its own engineers.

What is wrong with us? - a detailed, painful but accurate account by a master diagnostician
Courtesy of Wheaton College's excellent CCEL resource

A few thoughts on the spiritual roots of Anorexia Nervosa, after trying to help a dear friend.

Resurgent Gnosticism - an important and dangerous spiritual trend, foreseen at the end of days by the Apostle John. Christian Institute briefing.

With whom was the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31 primarily made?

Contrary to lazy international opinion, Israel defended her rights and was far from being the aggressor - Jerusalem is her eternal capital.

Mystified and appalled by the Holocaust? - listen to these talks (1,2) by Art Katz.
An effective remedy necessitates a full diagnosis.

The Nashville Declaration is a deracinated slash at tackling LGBT error, leaving a prominent gap - where is crucial the description of same-sex attraction as vile (Romans 1.26, pathe atimias)?
Where is call to repentance and self-loathing over evil affections, not just consequent actions? Study the vacuum in Article 8.
If some of its prominent supporters, like Sam Allberry, are now celibate but still in a self-confessed sense 'gay', if self-restraint fails and consistency with inclination prevails, where does that leave the other signatories?

A tonic for times of adversity, a short letter to Mrs Theresa May, the Prime Minister, and a challenge to other believers to pray for her and her staff

FIEC goes soft on sodomy

A letter to Mr Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary on UNSC 2334. The current disgrace that is the CFO.


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