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Theological connection with the increasing prevalence of sexual perversions

'The text discovered in the charred Ein Gedi scroll is "100 percent identical" to the version of the Book of Leviticus that has been in use for centuries, said Dead Sea Scroll scholar Emmanuel Tov from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem' Clever Israeli CT unwrapping without unwrapping a fragile and charred hitherto unread scroll

Prof Stuart Burgess (CMI)
'I wouldn't trust Prof Richard Dawkins to design a doorknob', Prof Stuart Burgess contributes to cycling GB golds at Rio in the Olympics and Paralympics

A thorough and ground breaking examination of the grave international abuse of Article 49(6) of the Geneva Convention against Israel - it has become a stick to beat Jews with, and has been applied highly selectively and inconsistently, and extrapolated to a degree that has never been applied with anything like the same rigour.
This paper belies the assertion that Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal. (h/t EoZ)

Something very fishy is going on at CERN, and not for the first time

Opposing radical and fanatical Islam is not racist - some of the most dangerous Muslim fanatics are white converts
Stephen Gray
It is ideology that poisons not race.

The kernel of Rabbinic and Islamic error punctured.

Obama's cultivation of corrupt and dictatorial Erdogan has been a massive and dangerous misjudgement.

Adultery 16 - Together 16 - Anathema 16
Idolatrous worship: Rome, Hillsong and other prominent compromisers with idolatry.
Touch not the evil thing! Be separate!

The most extraordinary political speech I have heard in a long time.

The EU is anti-Democratic. Whatever your position if you haven't seen Brexit the movie - watch it before you vote.

A burning indictment of perhaps the UK's greatest recent iniquity

The EU institutions are a political black hole, driven by Franco-German momentum towards political union, are drawing its constituent populations to an anti-democratic destination:
 in defence, fiscal, security policy, towards centralised, opaque, oligarchic government.
Black hole
The result with or without Brexit will be tyranny. Vote leave if you care about Europe and the UK's future.

The real scandal about imperialism and the EU, is its barely disguised sense of entitlement to being regarded as a New Empire.
See Barroso's own explanation of the unique political status of the EU as a 'non-imperial Empire', esp from 4 mins on.

The intense corruption of international banks (HSBC and Credit Suisse are mentioned) - they also have had their masks ripped off by the Panama papers for a while.
The UK Foreign Office's shady dealings are too.
Mossack Fonseca
Wolves of Tel Aviv - Israel's global problem with its massive unregulated forex fraud industry aka 'binary options' -exposed by TOI.
One worker's gruelling testimony.   Google plays a big and very disreputable part in this scandal, and in another like it lead-gen companies for online locksmiths.

Same sex parents are not healthy for children.
Worse educational attainment,
more physical and mental sickness,
more impulsive,
more sexually promiscuous and less faithful to future partners etc
Why has the government chosen to promote ill health and to discriminate against wisdom?

The Divine Name hides 5 times in complex acrostics in the book of Esther, as the ancient scribes recognised all too well by marking out the letters, once and finally as the 'I AM'.
The manner of concealment is as unmistakeable and subtle as DNA and RNA reading frames.

Praying heartily for unsaved Israel is a basic church and individual Christian duty

Hubble trouble - Gn-z11 a 1 billion star galaxy that's rather too young.
Slow to catch up with its own discoveries White textbox added

The mother of all gravy trains - the European Parliament

Palestinians in the looking glass.

Sheffield University chooses to pioneer severe discrimination against a Christian social work student for privately criticising homosexuality.
Felix Ngole
Is Cameron's last minute deal actually legally binding on the EU institutions and members - fact or fiction?
Is Michael Gove being attacked for speaking truth to power or distorting facts in his cause? Surveying statements from seasoned observers and legally adviser rather than the poltically motivated it seems very much the former.

If David Cameron is so impressed with the European Union's attractions, why is he in such a hurry to hold a referendum?
 What could possible go wrong in the future? Vote Leave or get quagmired  in a serious moral, political and economic snare.
£1/2 Trillion and counting,  £245 M per week.

The Vatican's short term memory loss and hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.
If people who build walls instead of bridges are 'not Christian', what about starting with its own dungeons?
What kind of Christian church holds prisoners with or without trial?!

A full scale assault on Barnabas Fund, with apparent police collusion (archive) - the shameful role of other Christian organisations - an indictment of parachurch groups (sadly including BF's own trustees)
Gideon was criticised and Jephthah attacked most fiercely by the Ephraimites. I do not know about Patrick Sookhdeo's conviction, but there has clearly been massive procedural overkill.

Not for the first or last time Western sources grossly distort reality in Israel. Corporal Hadar Cohen a heroineHadar Cohen was stabbed 19 times.

If you care about Great Britain or European nations' futures look at Leave EU (more strident) and Vote Leave (academic amd more precise but somewhat anaemic).
The European Union is shaping into something altogether more beastly - a wholly undemocratic tyranny.

Marrakesh Declaration - much ado about not very much or a seed of true intention? More likely the former, but time will tell.
The failure of Morocco even to recognise the thousands of Christians, many of whom I have met and known, amongst its own citizens speaks volumes more than this paper-thin gesture.
Its authors declare 'May God maintain the Kingdom of Morocco as an exemplar of peace and joyful conviviality', given its dire record of imprisonment, secret police inference and persecution (archive) it sets a clear indication of the hollowness of this document. See also here , here, and here. It's disappointing that Open Doors has recently removed its page on Morocco. (Cached page copied)
(Though OD Singapore is either behind the curve or has a little more spine than the rest of the organisation.)

Hilary Clinton's adviser and very dirty tactics used against Israel - is the US administration an enemy or an ally?
What other country would put up with this level of meddling from an ally? Egypt certainly hasn't and wouldn't.

An extraordinary and world-changing pioneer's testimony (Thanks to Prabhat B for bringing this to me)
Dr Damadian
  The music is a little irritating and the reference to C14's useful dating life (<50k yrs) somewhat confused with other marker isotopes, nevertheless a highly valuable witness.

A brave Kurdish Muslim woman who faced down Daesh in its own lair.

The enemy within, 'Evangelicals' in name who deny the Lord that bought them.
For even Satan's ministers appear as an angel of light.
The hope of the Gospel is the renunciation and departure from sin not its defence and embrace. As many ex-homosexuals can testify.

Cornelis Bennema (the liberal NT senior lecturer at WEST, aka Union) and Gresham Machen's doctrine - what is the Chaff to the Wheat? (Jeremiah 23.28b)
(Courtesy Peter Nicholson)
Union Theological School

WEST appoints Frank Hinkelmann the President of the ecumenical European Evangelical Alliance as director, whose closely networked connections with Rome are manifold.
He is well suited to honing its purpose of corrupting Evangelical witness throughout Europe. (h/t PN)
Here's a Youtube screenshot with Cardinal Schonberg in the background, at a 2015 meeting at which the Cardinal gave the keynote address, both participated in worship.
Here he is with the RC Archbishop of Salzburg

Is Islamic State manifestly 'unIslamic'?
Not according to Al Azhar's Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Nasr, who has hammered his former university for refusing to excommuncate I.S.,
'The Islamic State is a byproduct of Al Azhar's programs. So can Al Azhar denounce itself as un-Islamic?'
Al Azhar's head, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb has studiously refused to say what Mr Cameron and others have unwisely declared, or at least wants us to believe, is axiomatic. (h/t Maoz)
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