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If racism is the unjust and biased treatment of a minority primarily based on race, there is more than a tinge of racism not only in Oliver Letwin's deracinated, crass and overgeneralised comments in 1985,
but also in contemporary howls of protest against them.
Why should any part of society be spared the just and holy exposure of its moral defects and degeneracy, whatever the skin colour? Do we not all need at times reproof?
To pretend that sometimes whites, and sometimes blacks, and sometimes  other races do not excel in certain types of sins, and to stifle prophetic censure, if the statistics and crime figures prove otherwise, is itself a product of racial prejudice of another kind, shows a severe lack of compassion (Lev.19.17), infantilises and dehumanises the community it seeks to 'protect' and the crowning depravity which actuates and directs this prejudice is a thoroughly shameful deficit of trust in God's wonderful and active power to transform each race into the portraits of His image in Messiah.
Jonah reproved and won the Ninevites, Jeremiah the Gentile nations, and Paul the Cretans, at the same time, in each case as reserving the strongest reproofs of all for their own kin. If Letwin had beem motivated by more compassion and less ambition, his words would have been better honed to diagnose and direct the healing of the maladies he saw, as it is these same maladies abound today in more UK communities, and the canker of drugs, vice and debauched revelling has spread far and wide, and all 'the people love it so'.

The longstanding institutional Anti-Zionism at the Foreign Office is counterproductive and a national disgrace.

WEST appoints Frank Hinkelmann the President of the ecumenical European Evangelical Alliance as director,
whose closely networked connections with Rome are manifold.
He is well suited to honing its purpose of corrupting Evangelical witness throughout Europe. (h/t PN)
Here's Youtube screenshot with Cardinal Schonberg in the background, at a 2015 meeting at which the Cardinal gave the keynote address, both participated in worship.

Here he is with the RC Archbishop of Salzburg

 The Paris agreement looks like something of a farce whether you're sceptical or a fervent believer in anthropogenic global warming, given India and China's real plans

The latest Government 'Trojan horse' - forcing sodomy, other extreme sexual perversities and unscientific humanist creation myths on all home schoolers
under the guise of tackling radical Islam and imposing a sterile educational homogeneity of deracinated and ahistorical 'British values', which are neither British nor values. By all means tackle radical Islam, but let good education be judged by its results, some our best thinkers and reformers were home schooled and tutored.

Ofsted gets rough on informal home school associations and invokes the law against them. We do not advocate breaking the law, but some Christian and Jewish home schoolers pool resources and informally share expertise in joint day sessions and these too may now be targetted by overzealous inspectors of the kind we have already seen interrogating children about their expertise in lesbianism and other perverse agendas. Ofsted is also consulting  about dubious plans which may impact other non school Christian groups for children, Sunday Schools and perhaps youth gatherings - all eerily familiar from pre-Glasnost Soviet days for the unregistered Baptists. Is that really the direction Jacky Morgan wants us to take?

'Islam does not allow and does not have any place for any violence and terrorism.' Leytonstone's Imam Imran Patel.

When did Imam Patel last read the Qur'an and the Sunna, does he really think the British public are this gullible?
Shiites of course are of a different persuasion, 'The purest joy in Islam is to kill and be killed for God', Ayotollah Khomenei.

Prioritising the prudent use of tax payers' money - has our Government gone mad?
£30,000 bonus for schools that fast track transsexual teachers

Victims of traitorous, Islamist husband and wife murderers in the US, at a centre for the disabled.
This is not a primarily matter for gun control, it is a matter for tackling Islamist incitement, and repentance for national sin.
Islamist triumph?
The duped perpetrators
Islamist perpetrators

An unprecedented and extraordinary find in Jerusalem, at the Ophel site, King Hezekiah's seal.

A powerful and disturbing description of the effects of mass migration - we need vigilance, clear heads and warm hearts on this.

Did the Turkish leader whose son and close ministers stuffed suitcases with cash, stuff the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes? - it seems likely, given the exit polls.
Erdogan shows his jihadist colours by refusing to condemn ISIS if it did down the Russian airliner.
Does Merkel really support Turkey's accession even as a bargaining ploy?

Monogenes an important term for believers in inspired scripture (TBS p. 13)

Updated files on PricewaterhouseCooper's perverse diversity policy - global standard bearer for corporate decadence. (2 Kings. 23.7)

Oxygen in comets - another nail in the coffin for deep time evolutionary myths about origins.
'It is tricky to adjust models of the early Solar System to allow for the survival of gaseous O2' Nature's studious understatement. However the consequent theoretical gymnastics will no doubt impress.
Comets have long been a problem for old agers.

The Red Sea Mission Team have collapsed doctrinally this year, as Arab World ministries did some years ago.
A lesson to be remembered.

Occupation? Settlements? From the River to the Sea. As far as the Palestinians are concerned Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are illegal settlements. UNRWA is doing more much more harm than good.

The other side of the coin, the forgotten refugees, over one million, some living in their lands for over 2,500 years.

Colonel Richard Kemp (former commander of British Forces in Afghanistan)
says Palestinian and Western Leaders have blood on their hands. He focusses on John Kerry's recent mendacious assertions.

No problem with incitement?

It is commonplace and longstanding practice amongst the Arabs and especially the Palestinians, as wise and God-fearing Arabs are quick both to acknowledge and denounce.

'I cannot understand how trying to kill a 70 year old woman, or a 13 year old boy, or a religious couple coming home from praying is heroism worthy of praise. In my mind, no violence is worthy of praise, especially against civilians. No, they are not heroes and they are not shuhada. It is time to stop dying for Palestine and instead to live for Palestine. Someone who praises this is not a good leader of his people. I thought you were better than thatGershon Baskin

This is Fatah's own page (the AlAqsa Martyr's brigade, h/t EoZ, archived), this is what not only Abbas, but also the EU, UK and US are funding.
Fatah's page

Former BBC chairman slams the BBC for 'lack of balance' on Israel, again.

What other widely respected national leader encourages the granting of honorary law degrees to murderers?
Abbas is the problem not part of the solution.

Is Turkey complicit in the attacks on the HDP peace march?
Deep state involvement in the Malatya martyrs case has long been suspected and evidenced.
The opposition leaders thinks so, and the Turkish police in the capital were visibly hostile to the crowds within seconds of the bombing - blocking ambulances and firing tear gas.

What would Mohammed do?
Some of his followers in IS are convinced they can justify these recent barbarities by emulation of the Hadith.

David Cameron and Theresa May's Christian 'extremists'?
British heroes and architects of our greatness - both would regard gay 'marriage' and homosexuality as abominations and fit for criminalisation.
John Bunyan                                  Hannah More
John Bunyan                                                     Hannah More
                                                            Baptist Preacher and Author                                          One of the group of evangelical social reformers called the Clapham Sect

But perhaps these are Cameron's and May's true 'British values'?
Boy George Elton John Lady Gaga

Does anyone with eyes to see now doubt that Abbas and the official agencies that support him (including foreign governments) are actively seeking trouble?
A Palestinian commentator who nails him.  Abbas and his supporters are no friend of good Palestinian aspirations. Graft also remains endemic.

'The UN fanning flames that the PA has been fuelling' so says Israel's Foreign minister and the ADL of the moral equivalence of the  UN Security Council's statement on the Temple Mount disturbances, which were entirely incited by and initiated by Palestinians, despite strenuous Israeli efforts to defuse the situation.
Abbas with atypical Presidential gravitas describes the 'filthy feet' of Jews defiling the Sanctuary.

The growing intensity of depth of Jew hatred in the UK is truly remarkable, and the media has ignored it.
It is rooted in and spills over from a deeply irrational antipathy to the land covenant.

Vicious delusions in the PA over the history of Herod's Temple, and Abbas has the gall to call sober and almost universally acknowledged history 'delusional myths',
which reveals a great deal about his and his people's mindset.

Wind of revival blowing in the houses of Islam An unprecedented 69 new 'movements' of Ex-Muslim believers in the Saviour Messiah in the world this millennium
(Courtesy of AWM - about whom however I have serious reservations)

Kim Davies
The USA has imprisoned the First Amendment.
'With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.'
(The verb 'shew oneself froward' comes from the word for tying in knots)

Sheer depravity at Panned Parenthood - why is the UK, UN and US funding wickedness like this?

Dagon and Islam

The latest modestly camouflaged attempt to unite Evangelicals with Rome. (h/t PN)
De Chirico's Handbook on the Papacy

Diversity and Conformity at PwC
A Phineas of Poland skewers PricewaterhouseCooper's Workplace Policy:  (Not for the easily offended) Archived here and here

"I will ensure that India is freed of Muslims and Christians by December 31, 2021,"


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