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Is this what international athletics, tennis, football and cycling now boils down to?
(>800 athletes with <1% of results being natural)

The betrayal of Syria's Kurds by the US and NATO - and its tacit ongoing support for AQ in Syria.

Taqqiya ('permitted' deceitfulness) embodied    Abdullah Al Andalusi

Government counter-terror adviser with high level security clearance by day, jihadist and apologist for IS by night - this an extreme example of commonplace practice.
The dullards at MI5, Scotland Yard and especially in Whitehall need to wake up. Professions of peace must be tested by consistent practice and sacrifice, not honeyed words alone.

26/6/15 A day of eternal shame for the US - holy matrimony is defiled, and judgements will certainly follow.

Kerry and Obama have literally lost their heads with Iran nuclear deal - it is a work of rank and dangerous incompetence.

The right arm is Hamas, the left UNHRC which in its latest report on Israel's action in Cast Lead is acting as an enabler of terrorism and lawlessness.

The JCPA report summary on the Gaza war is succinct, 'The War Israel Did Not Want and the Disaster It Averted'

Anne Bayefsky, 'Little wonder that the UNHRC report is riddled with lies and libels.
It claims Israel was “directing attacks against civilians,” and acted “in utter disregard of…the civilian population…”'

Remember these men and their families - subject to death penalty in North Sudan for their Gospel work
Sudaneses Pastors
Pastor Yat Michael and Peter Yein Reith.

Patching over the great anathema.
The latest modestly camouflaged attempt to unite Evangelicals with Rome. (h/t PN)
De Chirico's Handbook on the Papacy
The author has participated in and eagerly endorses sinful dialogue with Rome, under the auspices of the World Ecumenical 'Evangelical' Alliance (so called).
'their relationship [Rome and WEA representatives] began to be marked by frank conversation and friendly debate.'
Is this how the Holy Spirit instructed us to behave? No, no, no.
From the same author's thesis on John Stott, who infamously chaired the NEAC in Nottingham's statement identifying Roman Catholics as 'fellow Christians'.
'The first-fruit of the new season inaugurated by Stott was an emerging attitude which is progressively becoming less hostile and more constructive'

Yet another 'evangelical celebrity' joins Sodom's bandwagon.
One would hope for more backbone, after all 'ex-gays' are no new phenomenon, the Holy Spirit has not lost His power since Corinthdespite the Mayor of London's public untruths about stifling their voice.

High moral ground in Ireland - the sheer hypocrisy of the BDS movement.

Transgenderism is often linked to real misery after surgery, as I have seen many times.
An analysis of how transgenderism is tied to homosexuality, is not Christian and often founded in myth or untruths
The website of Walt Heyer an ex-transHis recent exhortation to Bruce Jenner.

Iran imprisons 18 more ex-Muslim converts to Messiah - Islam of all colours, like other forms of darkness, hates the light.

A lance corporal in the US marines demoted and dismissed with bad conduct simply for refusing to remove a small Bible verse - the US administration is a sink of anti-theistic prejudice and iniquity, on a mission to promote sodomy and other perversions, much worse than many Middle Eastern dictatorships, where the corporal's practice would often be regarded as innocuous if not commendable.
The founding fathers would be astonished and appalled at the fruits of their project.
Lance Corporal Sterling and her text

FIFA should be banning the PA not Israel, for many, many reasons:
championing murderous terrorism and blocking attempts at bridgebuilding with sport amongst them.
Ali Hassan Salameh, the Commander
“Ali Hassan Salameh, the Martyr Commander, the Red Prince. The glory in his name is enough.” The architect of the Munich Olympic murders
Facebook, Fatah - The Main Page, Feb. 17, 2015
The UK government meanwhile continues to bankroll Palestinian murderers of children and civilian non combatants. This is a deliberately hostile stance.

Eire's people chose to defile the holy.
Holy matrimony or pure degradation?
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication,
and going after strange flesh (σαρκος ετερας), are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. (Jude 7)

“Breathtaking flagrancy” by “the cartel” of vultures punished again - (aka High St Banks)

Depravity at the heart of UK's political and media elite - 1,433 suspected paedophiles under investigation (76 politicians, 135 TV or radio, 43 music industry).

Northern Ireland also now illegalises conscientious dissent from the abomination of 'gay marriage',
and obliges all businesses to promote sodomy, in an act of singular judicial vandalism, Ps.94.20
Gay Marriage lobby

Oregon illegalises criticism of sodomite 'marriage'.
So much for the first amendment - trashed by 'gay rights'.

Is murder ever acting in the best interest of the patient, even if the family request it?
Killing cancer patients has become normal in the Dutch 'healthcare' system, even though some of them might have lived for years or even decades.

On line incitement is not the only means of radicalising young Muslims in Tower Hamlets. Teachers are too.

Pamela Geller the anti-Islamist controversialist
'We are abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages' - Pamela  Geller. (Archive)
This time quite right too. IS are savages and so are those who support or apologise for them.

A cruel injustice - breaking our word - the sinful breach of the British Mandate in Israel.

West Ham Mega Mosque - should freedom of speech extend to advocacy of idolatry of the visible? Job thought not and nor do we.

It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black: Unconscious Bias and Open-Mindedness at PwC
Archive and here

Sheep to the slaughter - IS barbarities still attract admiration and followers from hundreds if not many thousands of UK Muslim youths.
Ethiopian Christians about to be beheaded for their faith

A senior jihadist's testimony to the Messiah (in Charisma magazine)

What Iran thinks about the nuclear deal is very different from the rest of the world (translation of Iranian press release from Belfer Ctre, Harvard)
Are Obama and Kerry kidding themselves or others?

100 years on from the forgotten Jihadi genocide of well over 1 million Armenian, Aramaic and Greek Orthodox Christians
(women but not men were frequently offered the chance of Islam or death - an unenviable choice, though one is clearly much worse)

A few pertinent quotes from Michael Overd         
Christians need now more than ever before to clearly speak the truth in love, boldly and humbly.
Michael Overd BBC fair use given controversial and newsworthy nature of the topic
"If I heard someone preaching the things I am accused of preaching I would talk to them about it."

“I am amazed that the Judge sees it as his role to dictate which parts of the Bible can and can't be preached. I did not quote the full text of Leviticus 20 or make reference to the death penalty but the Judge is telling me that I should use other parts of the Bible. This is not free speech but censorship. The Judge is redacting the Bible."

“I have been ordered to pay compensation for causing ‘emotional pain’ to someone who approached me aggressively demanding to debate the issue. There was no harm, injury or theft, just a simple disagreement over theology which I have now been fined for."

“My motivation for preaching the gospel is my love for Jesus Christ and my deep concern for people who do not know His great love and are heading towards an eternity separated from God.”
More on the case here and here  The level of tendentious reporting and suspicious picture selection in mainstream sources is most instructive. The BBC itself is case in point.
The BBC cites Judge Qureshi as claiming he was guilty of 'double standards' - a curiously inapt expression under the circumstances!

More single parents in the UK than the rest of Europe
Unmarried parents represent 1/5th of all couples but 1/2 of all marriage breakdown. Governments that tamper with marriage are sowing the wind.

The EU aims to render East Jerusalem 'Judenrein' - by boycotting Jewish businesses there.
From Guardian report on leak
The kind of preaching Muslim Palestinians promote and cherish (to their own hurt more than anyone)
How much, if at all, has Netanyahu changed his opinion on a Palestinian state since the election?

Global violation of James' warning, esp in the Arab plutocracies presage certain judgement.

The almost complete absence of freedom to change religion from the iron tyranny of Islam in the EU's chosen peace partner, the PA.

Why voting Conservative conserves nothing of value,
Nicky Morgan closes a Christian school, because of its failure to promote sodomy.

Useful idiots abound in the West - Jihadi John's associates in 2010, the CAGE charity were funded with £200 k by Anita Roddick's foundation and large sums by the Joseph Rowntree foundation.
They reluctantly stop fuelling IS/AQ apologists under CC pressure.

Much worse than useless: the World Evangelical Alliance (of which the UK's EA proudly describes itself the founding member) and the utterly corrupt World Council of Churches embrace.
(The KGB actively infiltrated and influenced the 1980s WCC, 47 KGB wolves were reported in its own documents to be present at the WCC 1983 Vancouver General Assembly)

The problem with radicalisation is the root!  ISIS, AQ, Hamas, Hizbollah and the other puppets of the dead are only following their exemplar prophet radically.

Everybody , but everybody, in the Middle East knows that - only dhimmi US and European ostriches prefer to pretend otherwise, many if not most in their governments, media and academe included.
No root, no problem. 'You shall know them by their fruits.' All attempts to modify the fruits without touching the root are bound to failure.
Devils' baneThe Devil's bane or Monkshood (Aconitum nappellus) - can sometimes be fatal even to touch
"The roots are where the highest levels of poison is found"

Another young man burned alive by hating Muslims, this time the world doesn't want to know, and this time he wasn't dropping bombs, just wearing a cross.

Yet more Muslim murders in Libya and Copenhagen - and again a special hatred for Jews and Israel - the religion of Cain?
Yet the blood of the only true Mediator speaks better things than that of Abel.

Drugs abuse among homosexuals of either sex is much higher than the general population (Home Office 2014)
Gov drugs stats

3 parent babies - a helpful summary by Dr Peter Saunders

The clinching evidence for the Big Bang so hyped by the media falls to dust - but where are the apologies for duping a naive generation?

The Lausanne movement loses the thread and attacks Christ's friends and comforts His enemies (for the umpteenth time)

Baroness Deech hits the nail on the head with 'recognition' of the pseudo-state Palestine

Ofsted  the DoE is bent and badly needs sorting out by the DoE.
John Bunyan  Frances Ridley Havergal
'British values', according to Nicky Morgan, that the most famous Brits of all would utterly abominate, are being foisted on our school children by an iniquitous Government.

A measured response from JfJ to the Islamist atrocities in France (and the much worse Muslim murders in Nigeria)

Strong evidence of censorship of data consistent with young Earth dates on ideological grounds only.
The paradigm rules supreme, whatever the facts! An abstract was excised without explanation post hoc - the presentation is here.

Charles Darwin was hardly a paragon of natural wisdom or a patriarch of bioethics - like many vicious young men, he took a cruel delight in torturing animals. A nasty piece of work.

On reacting to satire,
King David and his greater Son showed restraint and meekness. Elisha invoked Divine intervention.
But blood-stained Mohammed took things into his own hands, even with sleeping women who were suckling their babes. (see: sariyyah, Asma b. Marwan, Umm Qirfa Fatima, Fartana).
These simple boys are just following their exemplar.

Selling up? - A crime worthy of life imprisonment and hard labour
Preventing the Jews from lawfully obtaining a foothold in their own land is more important than the life of one's children, cf. the EU and US's anointed peace partner.

Satan hates mockery almost more than anything else
Latest cover
The caption was '100 lashes of the whip if you don't die laughing!'           Hebdo est mort, L'Hebdo vive.

However it must be added, despite the revealing Muslim hypersensitivities, that Hebdo was an extremely blaphemous site against the God and Christ,
far more profane and abominable than anything written about Mo'.
Wicked men do sometimes act as the Lord's sword to bring down chastisements,  even if it goes far beyond what Christians would seek judicially,
it does reflect the eternal vengeance God's enemies will inevitably face before long, at His hands.


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