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Takfiris in Syria treat their own women worse than expensive toilet paper, let alone the kafirs. Ugly testimony of prostitution and incest from returnees of the female jihadis.
Radical Islam is radical evil, moderate Islam is moderate evil,
though even a cactus may be slightly better than the barren and shallow desert of the idolatry of Western humanism.

Oak Hill embraces homosexual orientation, not as a 'vile affection' but an ineradicable state of inclination till death, thus paving the way for its tacit acceptance.
Would it be right for faithful and exemplary Christians to describe themselves as 'thieving' or 'adulterous' or 'lying' believers, then why 'gay'? Ex-homosexual Christians define themselves as ex- or post-gay.
'Such were some of you'.
Will the bulwarks collapse elsewhere too? WEST may be soon in following, given its embrace of liberalism and ecumenism and close links to OHC and echoes the apostacy of its Polish partner. (h/t PN)

'Homophobia' - changing the goalposts yet again - this time during the match. A psychodrama therapist is under discipline by the UKCP for helping gay people who want to become straight.
The early advocates of homosexuality as disease rather than a serious sin would be astonished.

Never has global hypocrisy been more heinous.

Bankrupt Western economic strategy - enslaving our children and grandchildren.
'Help to Buy' or 'Help to die' - Why is the UK Government playing roulette with taxpayers' money? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac revisited. Interest is iniquitous.
The US government plans to swell every newborn American's debt to over $60,000 and every taxpayer's to well over $150,000!
When Joseph enslaved Egypt- he only imposed 20% taxation!

The slave traders country of choice - the UK. If Israel has transformed its once dire record, why won't we?

A wolf enters the fold - WEST's new Johannine specialist isn't sure if John bar Zebedee wrote John's Gospel and thinks much of it is 'fiction'

Pioneering ecumenism among UK evangelicals

An archive of documents pertaining to WEST.

Netanyahu before the UN - the first 10 mins well worth listening to.

Christians in Pakistan
Barnabas launches appeal for Pakistan Christians under threat.
(We regret and oppose BF's highly ecumenical position, but nevertheless have supported its lifesaving works.)

'For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them.'
Rouhani is as much a ravening wolf in mild garments as he has ever been, and the West is extremely naive in not insisting Iran stops weaponisable enrichment now.
The US, not Israel, is first in line for trouble, especially now that Hizbollah has a major drug peddling foothold in the Southern States.

A valiant brother stands, whilst the police cut corners and pander to popular sentiment, without regard to the law.
An interview describing the details of Pastor Josh Williamson's double arrest.    The second arrest.

Another glorious and heroic jihadist operation - in emulation of their prophet. Actions speak so much louder than honeyed words.
'Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.' 1 Jn.3.15
Child in Nairobi(Reuters image of a muslim hero of a much nobler kind)

Another fatwa from Downing Street?
Imam DC
This jihad has nothing to do with Islam!?

The dangers of the proposed three-four parent babies - germ line modification - Darnokovsky's critique in Nature.

Sodomy is often accompanied by thuggery - it was ever thus.

Why would Muslims burn the Qur'an?

The third Caliph 'Uthman burnt hundreds!

A post-muslim Middle East around the corner.

'We want you to fly over Syria, wag your finger at Assad, and then fly back'
ET's glorious Matt hits the nail on head.

Speak loudly and carry a small stick? - US deterrent power has never looked so weak.
(Not that this writer supports pinprick attacks on Syria over CW, but threatening action and doing nothing impresses noone.)

The UNHCR commendably begins its examination into a small hell. BBC reports though doesn't mention the Christians who form a large bulk of the victims.

Is evolution not a religion after all?

Richard Dawkins concedes Intelligent Design - of an unorthodox kind.

Why it should be obvious the Earth and its universe are young. (This they are willingly ignorant of)

The heterodox sympathies of WEST's new Anglican theologian-at-large.
Mark Noll handled sympathetically

21st century California is in danger of becoming a police state - the eventual charge was trespassing by 'holding a demonstration',
but it has been common practice to preach on public property, under the First Amendment.
In this Christian preachers must choose between Christ or state law. The charge was thrown out, but is now subject to appeal.

Eid al Fitr is coming up - a dangerous time to be a woman in Egypt.

Intact preserved Hadrosaur skin - after 70 million years? Fishy paradigm.
Hadrosaur skin
When David Cameron deals with Google, Bing, the ISPs and other effective purveyors of hard pornography,
he needs to remember a few pop ups and links to counselling sites are not going to make much difference.
When dealing with an enemy as poisonous as a cobra, there's only one proper solution.
King cobra decapitate

'While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption...'(2 Peter 2.19a)

Why is John MacArthur endorsing the worship of the golden calf?
Lecrae's sheer sensual evil and the New 'Calvinism' (which is a deeply mischievous misnomer) of John Piper. (h/t

The abomination of 'gay' marriage enacted - 'The mystery of iniquity [anomia] does already work' - enshrining wickedness in law, or framing mischief in a statute - for all her pagan savagery even Boudica was not guilty of such a crime, nor any since for 2,000 years.
Anomia in Thayer
The Head of State has been induced by wicked men to deny her own name (אֱלִישֶׁבַע = oath of my God) and perjured herself, (her coronation vow 'Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel?')
The UK has never been so accursed, nor ever in its history been under greater Divine indignation.

Fraud and evolution - common bed partners.     National Geographic too has lied in this cause.

Whilst I have little respect either for the UN, for humanism, for Islam, or for that matter Western feminism, this young lady demands a careful hearing.
She has already dealt a forceful blow to Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan. She speaks for millions of those silenced and deprived of literacy.

The Ecumenical cesspool called Refo500 and the participating new Calvinists - including to our surprise and shame, Joel Beeke, despite prior warning.
Details on its agenda and other participants here and here. Call for papers on 'Encounters between Jesuits and Protestants'.
Selderhuis   Selderhuis and Beeke
One prominent organiser in Refo500 is Herman Selderhuis,
professor at Apeldoorn Theological University who is an active ecumenist with Rome and a liberal academic as even his preface for Princeton 2002 conference of the International Calvin Conference reveals, over which body he still presides.

The myth of 1% - yet another adult fairy tale.

Tony Miano and the local Wimbledon Stasi - is SW19 in Britain or former East Germany?
The Wimbledon police have violated Sharansky's test of a basic democracy, and should be taken to book for unlawful arrest.

Some details at CCN

Another WEST PhD riddled with rank liberalism - this time officially commended.  A previous personal appeal.

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