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1000 naked cyclists parade past the cenotaph in one of the lewdest displays of public wickedness in UK history, and the police marshal the parade instead of arresting them.
The 'naked rambler', Stephen Gough, was convicted in March 2013 for the same offence.
Sexual Offences Act 2003
Russia (alias ?Gog) backs the barbarians - vetoes mild expression of UN (and ICRC) concern about Hizbollah's assault on Al Qusair's 30,000.civilians

Half a year's holidays anyone? Actually more - for Eurocrats who manage their time carefully. (open europe)

David Cameron is either being naive or mendacious about the role of Islam in the Woolwich attack - it's difficult to judge which is more dangerous to the UK.
He must publicly and plainly identify radical Islam itself as the problem, not beat around the bush - it would help moderate Muslims and others to gain traction on the real issues.
One of the suspects' Imam, says, 'He is a hero for what he is done', and claims what I can also confirm that many, though probably not most, Middle Eastern Muslims feel the same way. Independent.

Open air work in Woolwich 26/5/13, as usual, but with a slight hiatus from the constabulary (@ 44.49).
Brother Josh Williamson's detailed account of the proceedings

By destroying the foundations of Christian ethics and the UK's unwritten Biblical Constitution, the Government is unwittingly and dangerously removing the mortar that binds our society together.
Incidentally, it's curious that whilst under a radical implementation of the Sharia that most Muslims approve, homosexuals would be stoned or buried alive, how few seem to be troubled to write to their MPs to protest Homosexual 'Marriage', what a striking contrast with Danish cartoons or Salman Rushdie. Why is their societal concern so sleepy? Polygamy perhaps? Silo thinking?

Anjem Choudhary says the bloodied murderer was 'a very nice man with impeccable character and nothing unusual about him.'
He refuses to explicitly condemn the attack, simply argues it is impolitic. His group the now outlawed Al Muhajirun celebrated 9/11.  His position is merely consistent with his master (see Ibn Ishaq's detailed history Sirat Ar Rasul for explicit confirmation of Mohamed's bloodied trail), whose actions were in many ways much worse than those in Woolwich, and included massed summary executions, widespread rape, assassinating non violent critics and torturing his female opponents. Activities widely and proudly reiterated by jihadists today and through history. David Cameron and the intelligence establishment need to realise the character of historic Islam, not hide their heads in the sand by implausibly claiming this is a 'betrayal of Islam'. AC's citizenship should be revoked and he personally expelled before others are radicalised. Murray is commendable but wrong to try and bolster moderate Islam, when in fact it is merely a diluted version of the real entity, all too visible among the Salafis, takfiris and jihadists in Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

The EU not a Christian Club, more a gay bar. Commission says the promotion of sodomy a requirement of entry.

The European Nexus for the promotion of sodomy, transexualism and other sexual perversions.
(The ECHR, European Commission, Parliament and other allied institutions are fountains of vice in this regard - as this propagandistic website alone testifies).
'Changing gender should be as easy as changing a car numberplate.'

Shavuot - Pentecost - excellence from Mike Moore

Why sometimes journalists get hurt in Israel. (EoZ)

The first hook in Gog's jaw?

Another outrage against education in Morsi's Egypt  (14/5 released on bail for now for the exorbitant sum of $3,000!)
Damiana Abd AlNur

A painful reminder of the sufferings of brethren in North Korea

(shocking cartoon depictions of the horrors of the camps)

There are now real signs of early change - 'Remember those in prison, as bound with them' pray for them often.

Sharing Christ privately contemplated as grounds for courtmartial in a dictatorial middle eastern state  in the US army!

The Red Cross/Crescent and a commemoration of murderers.

There's an Amanda Berry almost every day in Egypt, and probably two a day in Pakistan, but it's an organised religious network not an evil pervert, and the police & judiciary do nothing.
140 Amanda Berrys in Bangladesh, and the US and UK media say nothing!
Vengeance is coming and it will not spare the perpetrators.

Speaking from the heart.

An important historical speech - Daniel Moynihan's speech at 'obscene' 'abomination' at the UN on the Zionism is racism resolution (read apartheid) in 1975 - how the US has forgotten!
A new book on his speech.

The worst victims of Jew hatred, are often Palestinians - Syrian refugees set aside for unfavourable treatment in Egypt. (EoZ)

Life returns back to normal in Gaza. Not including the grads to Eilat from Sinai, or mortar shells that landed short in Gaza itself.
By the way, Arabs in Sinai are blocking the transport of building materials to Gaza - because they're jealous of the high standards of living there. (EoZ)

The global hall of shame - national league table Christian slaughter across the world.

Which matters more: protecting Islam's reputation or free speech to accurately criticise and speak the truth to power?

However Islam's best critics are its own advocates. An Egyptian cleric calls the Boston attacks amateurish and praises Al Qaeeda's higher standards on public TV
He's quite right about US debt public though - debt per citizen as of 17/4/13 c. $53,246 each. (Egypt's was last quoted as $5,462 per head, CIA 2012)

So the appendix is vestigial and 'evolved' 18 times independently, huh?
A bridge from London anyone?


Exactly who do these people think they are, and why are they misusing taxpayers money? The EHRC 'Equality' body derides importance of natural parenthood.

WEST plays with Polonium. Or will we soon call it W-ST?

Facebook does the same as Youtube (below).

Youtube censors (then later reinstates) an accurate translation of PA official broadcasts.
(A young girl is strongly commended for a dreadful song full of hatred so characteristic of Palestinian education now)

The UNHCR has become an organ of selective hate and is not a responsible body - Nobel Laureate David Trimble echoing many other sentiments (UNW)

Debating British funding of the inciting of the oldest hate.

A Wesleyan Methodist at last

Scores of Coptic Christians tortured and abused in Libya

Brutal misogyny under the cover of Islam and a nascent feminism at war in Pakistan.

A very timely word of warning for Christians from a retiring rabbi

Though here too there is covert idolatry, along the lines of Ammishaddai, Dan's descendant, a forerunner of AntiChrist.
(Dan being the first of the offspring of the concubines, Joseph's accuser, and omitted from the sealed tribes in Rev.7 - a familiar problem within Jewry)

Getting priorities right - bashing Israel and defending Palestinian and Arab apartheid or advocating for persecuted Christians?
Guess which most mainline 'Christian' bodies choose to do! The old/new ways of apostacy.
A grass roots account for those befuddled by the global propaganda campaign.

Leaflet:  10 reasons why gay marraige will do irreparable harm to our society (FRC).

Are homosexual parents the same as normal families?
Social Science ResearchVolume 41, Issue 4, July 2012, Pages 752–770

A few key findings - Children of homosexual couples had:

Less educational attainment
Less sense of security in family of origin
More reports of ongoing "negative impact" from family
More likely to have depression
Arrested more often
If female, more sexual partners - both male and female

A common flaw of 'sample' studies cited to support gay parenting.

A true voice of conscience in the Middle East - Nonie Darwish

What every Western journalist in the Middle East knows but dares not say - Islam is poisoning the future of Palestinians

'The so-called Free Syrian Army, or rebels, or whatever you choose to call them in the west, emptied the city of its Christians, and soon there won’t be a single Christian in the whole country.'
A detailed report from the Assyrian Churches about the horrors of Syria's battle for Islam.

Iran is far from the only concern for a jihadist nuclear terror attack. Pakistan's military heavily infiltrated by Islamists.

DOB 1/8/1998, yet deemed adult enough to be abducted for marriage and 'convert' to Islam by the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior, in violation of national and international law
Her case ignored by the Islamist President.

Another leading light suggests that perverting the definition marriage to include homosexual couples may result in destroying adultery as grounds for divorce in holy matrimony too.

Young carbon date for dinosaur bones censored!  Evolution blinkers.   The original video of the presentation underscores the care taken to avoid confusion by contamination.

A vote for the undermining of holy matrimony by redefining adultery is a vote against the 10 commandments.
' For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.'

UN's hypocritical support of illegal ethnic cleansing.

Strong evidence Iran is planning a nuclear weapon, on top of its denial of the visit to Parchin by the IAEA - the world (the US esp) is hiding its head in the sand from a potentially apocalyptic future.

In 'gay marriage', there is no adultery that counts. Only 'conduct between the respondent and a person of the opposite sex may constitute adultery...'
The new Bill is 'a complete dog's dinner' according to that well known international homophobe David Blunkett. It's an outrageous and an abominable assault on holy matrimony.

The chief Egyptian hatemonger - Morsi at it again (before his election) (Memri)

The UK's Sunday Times sinks to the Jew hating gutter (on Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Intolerance in the raw - Egypt imprisons a mother and her 7 children for up to 15 years for returning to Christ.
Islamist thugs smash a church building whilst chanting their slogans.
An update on the state of the US jihad - if you think this is hyperbole read the 'Muslim Mafia'.

The government at last sees sense over section 5 - but will it see it through?

A spurious controversy rages in the US. So what does jihad actually mean? A list of Quranic verses which make it abundantly plain.

The real views of President Morsi (before he became president) (EoZ)

The BBC's scandalous manipulation of his words.        A tardy correction

The UN in 2013 - Poacher or gamekeeper? (SWC)    The bestial Commission (DM)    WaPo's extraordinary awakening that settlements are 'an excuse for intransigence' not the real problem (both from EoZ).

Even by it own extraordinarily low standards, the Anglican Church now looks utterly ridiculous - in a partnership defined by sinful sexual intercourse, yet required to be penitent and celibate.
This is not a messy compromise for backslidden members but guidance for its 'leaders' and architects! 'Evangelicals' in this sham are a disgrace to their Master and their brethren.

Barnabas Fund has done much good, and its creed much healthier than the lamentable Lausanne Covenant, but in practice it remains highly ecumenical. Its 30th December hero of faith is the Cistercian monk  Charles de Foucald. It's wiser for individuals & churches to give directly to local sources they trust and check the accounting themselves, though BF's principles for localising the use of funds are admirable.

Islamic rapes continue to be perpetrated then justified by Muslim 'clerics' in Pakistan
The Burmese junta continues its killing in Kachin provinces.
Goodluck Jonathan whistles in the wind and says Christians are 'safe' in North Nigeria, at least 22 new deaths over the festive period.

Why is the UK Government deliberately corrupting the young, by making silly excuses for avoiding image censorship of the internet.

For the third time a MK candidate is arrested on the Temple Mount for praying - the veil of restraint is tearing.

Christian practice must be universal to be authentic, Sikh, Muslim and Jewish practice does not -  selective vision of a British judgement.

If Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem today as observant Jewish Israelis they would be lynched, and even though Xmas is a pagan festival with pagan roots and pagan trappings, the hostility to the Messiah is so strong in Bethlehem, that a simple and peaceful sign is the cause of threats and intimidation by the Palestinian authorities. (EoZ)

Truly the navel of the world - certainly as far as condemnatory UN resolutions are concerned. 22 vs Israel, 4 for the whole of the rest of the globe.
85% of the resolutions for 0.02% of the land surface of the Earth! Is all the world's evil really concentrated in one place? (1st Ave, 42nd St perhaps?)
Amazing chemical skill of the ancients - not matched again till C.19th - Egyptian Blue (CMI)

Frankincense makes a return to the Holy Land, after 1,500 years (EoZ).

What has WEST got to hide and where is it heading? After a revealing, judicious and thoroughly documented exposure of WEST's ecumenical ties, three key pages are removed from its website
WEST's history, WEST's news and reasons for joining WEST. (Copies from the google cache). As well as this appeal.

Why is the Lausanne Movement's International Director also a Director of WEST?
  In 2010 at the Third Lausanne Congress, the head of the World Council of Churches Rev Olav Fykse Tveit spoke in an official capacity.

Even Peter Tatchell thinks that David Cameron's 'triple lock' cheque will bounce

HM Elizabeth II attends a cabinet meeting for first time since Victoria - and the matter is more prominently covered by Armenian Press Radio, from where I discovered it, than the BBC (bottom RHS)!     No wonder Her Majesty doesn't trust Aunty with her broadcast tapes any longer.

hy the PA in practice despises peace - incontrovertible evidence from its own mouth in Arabic for anyone who wishes to think.
Glorifying terror    Inciting hatred in children    Bankrolling murderers     3 PMW reports to the Dutch Parliament.

What vested interest is tying David Cameron's administration's hands from doing what it knows it ought about Section 5?
Is it jihadist oil money, the church of Rome's concern about its unexposed corruptions, or both?
Bold and shameless when it comes to depredating marriage to accommodate sodomy, sly and obstructive when it comes to advocating free speech?

When radical Islam implodes and a radically new religious synthesis supplants it - don't expect life to get easier - on the contrary.
Lessons from the Young Turks and the planning of the Armenian genocide. The Turkish scholar Taner Akҫam.

Hamas = Hate  (h/t EoZ)
By the way, its progenitor the Muslim Brotherhood has profoundly evil roots too.   A second article
   (though Qutb's disgust at the current US fountain of vice is easily appreciated, as the founding fathers would have agreed - liberty has been turned to licentiousness)

Quite a lot of mischief and exaggeration about building in E1 in the MSM.

The school performance of Arabic students in the satanic Zionist entity is the best in the Arab world - strange that.

Torture chambers of the Muslim Brotherhood proudly disclosed to Al Masry Al Yom - courtesy of Pharaoh Mubarak II
The intrinsically anti-democratic character of the MB - democracy is more than just ballot boxes - independence of the press, the rule of law, constitution by consensus (not a slim 50/50 vote when intimidation is likely to be rife), preservation of the rights of minorities. The worst tyrants of recent history came to power through ballots.

A Saudi centre of religious tolerance - the Rupert Murdoch chair of media ethics or the Robert Mugabe institute of human rights?

What's really going on in Palestine - a Palestinian view.

A Judenrein Judea? - there is an ugly and shameful hypocrisy in British and French demands for Israel not to build Jewish homes in land from which the very name Jew is derived! Not to mention a servile kowtowing to Muslim oil regimes. How many Jews will live in 'Palestine' - not even one!
Will the real supporters of apartheid please sit down for a while?

A welcome European attempt to ban the appalling degradation of prostitution - gainsaying pimps and madames notwithstanding.
9/10 prostitutes are reported to be victims of trafficking, 85% have suffered serious violence.

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