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A Saudi centre of religious tolerance - the Rupert Murdoch chair of media ethics or the Robert Mugabe institute of human rights?

What's really going on in Palestine - a Palestinian view.

A Judenrein Judea? - there is an ugly and shameful hypocrisy in British and French demands for Israel not to build Jewish homes in land from which the very name Jew is derived! Not to mention a servile kowtowing to Muslim oil regimes. How many Jews will live in 'Palestine' - not even one!
Where is the real apartheid Elephant in the room?

A welcome European attempt to ban the appalling degradation of prostitution - gainsaying pimps and madames notwithstanding.
9/10 prostitutes are reported to be victims of trafficking, 85% have suffered serious violence.

Iran stations ministry staff at North Korean missile site. (The Syrian reactor Israel knocked out was a N Korean design)
New long range missile test imminent.

If the North Lanarkshire Council was a parent - its children should be considered at risk, taken away and given to foster parents who actually care.

No Husband No Wife - just partner 'A' and 'B' - a glimpse of things to come from Washington's new 'marriage certificate'.
Progenitor 1, Progenitor 2 on birth certificates. Or perhaps 3, and 4 under new UK GM proposals

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the UK - a sink of hate and malice - and no benefit to the Palestinians.

Former Commander of British Armed Forces in Afghanistan on Gaza and international hypocrisy. (Courtesy A7)

An illiberal and intolerant Green Party - Christian Councillor's expulsion confirmed over her rejection of 'homosexual marriage'.

Internet image censorship is long overdue - 10 year olds charged for rape apparently triggered by freely available on line filth,
the willfully blind ISPs, the government, and advocates of complete licence, as well as the site hosts will carry the judgement in the Day of fury.

I do not support the EDL - their tactics are far too close to the repugnant BNP (even if it's the now last established party to officially oppose sodomy) - but the failure to grant Stephen Lennon bail for passport fraud looks highly political, and reeks of inappropriate heavy-handedness.

Gaza's real character?

'If the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.' Dodo of Sardis? The Anglican church comes very close to eviscerating the Lord's clarion commands yet again.
The BBC avoids quoting any contrary comments from social networks on grounds of 'discrimination' - showing they've already lost perception of the real issues and who's outlook is actually fossilised.
'If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.'
1 Cor.14.37-38. The Apostle on this very subject, hardly a ringing endorsement of the two Archbishops (past and present) - given their 'ignorance'.

Now watch to see if the UK Parliament will tamper with its own legal foundations.

Unnoticed in the West the 'lust jihad' for Syrian refugee women continues - why are all journalists obsessed with Israel?
Again fertile evidence of the inner workings and roots of the religion we call Islam. Do Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic clerics do the same, despite many sins?

Hamas - lovers of peace and justice? Whilst many in the international community pretends Gazans are the primary victims

Published 18th November by Hamas in Hebrew

1 M people living their whole lives within 15 s of a bomb shelter, and 3 M now under the tender mercy of Hamas' restraint.

Sodomy - the obscenity and physical sickness promoted in the name of 'health and education', taxpayers and charities paying.

120 more Israeli aid trucks waiting on Wed 20th

Nearly 1,000 rockets fired from Gaza (100 have fallen back into Gaza without interception), many from near ordinary dwellings.
Hamas' propaganda to its own people is exceedingly mendacious, even by its usual low standards.

The lengths to which Israel goes to avoid civilian deaths
(previously commended by Frmr British commander in Afghanistan
, Richard Kemp, as without precedent in the history of warfare.)

The Fajr 5 (IDF) 
Debka reports new Iranian shipload en route to Sinai.

Iran is stirring the pot, Jonathan Sacks thinks so too - the Fajr missiles even the BBC now acknowledged Hamas are firing are manufactured in  Iran.

Hamas firing scores of bunker busting mortars and Katyushas and Fajr missiles indiscriminately into an an area of 3 M pop in Israel.

Syria opens fire across the Golan for the first time since 1967 - is Iran stirring the pot?
Katyusha missiles

'We must have no truck with any form of homophobia' Archbishop elect, Justin Welby is already ensnared in the semantic cobweb of victimhood, despite his proper opposition to homosexual marriage. The term is almost meaningless now, any form of opposition to perversity is quickly so labelled.

Brad becomes Ria becomes...Brad, courtesy of the NHS.  (CI)

An extreme liberty? - the Charity Commission has rejected the Plymouth Brethren as a charity ,
thus threatening to desecrate its very own foundation.   The lines of battle are drawn. 
The brethren involved are exclusive, with some cult like practices.  Some serious allegations are made against them, and we do not defend their secrecy.
Nonetheless the issue at stake is a serious and fundamental one for all churches and religious groups
(Public Administration Commmitee from 1:08 onwards)

Debka reports Hizbollah is deeply embedded and using Katyushas in Syria.
If true, the conflict is already escalating regionally, and will do, whatever the West thinks or wants.

The Mubi massacre takes on a grimly sectarian contour - silence from the MSM.

Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat UK warn the UK gov, block the banal Mohammed video or Muslims will be violent. (JW)
46% of US Muslims in survey want criticism of Islam illegalised. Comparable figures for other faiths are less than 5%.

If you live outside of London - vote for and lobby a police commissioner who takes flag up seriously.  Spot the signs.  Briefing.

Homosexual 'marriage' a repulsive act of spiritual vandalism, not at all a matter of personal rights.
Note well.

The UK government pays the salaries of Palestinian terrorists

Another Christian minor kidnapped in the land of the 'pure' (Pakistan), Islamabad.
Yet another egregious case - why are Muslims given to defending/excusing this wickedness?
  Another 14 year old in Egypt abducted by Islamists, the police do nothing.

Sharia courts 'as consensual as rape', House of Lords.

Iran and the bomb - the no.1 global issue

The UK shamefully sticks its head in the sand. A nuclear Iran - the world's most prolific state sponsor of terrorism - seems increasingly inevitable. The medium term social implications of even a single nuclear strike on a major city will be enormous, and will be far more injurious even than a million deaths - we'll wave good bye to many simple liberties we cherish now.

An appalling religious barbarism - child rape officially ignored and even justified - what pertains in Pakistan is often also reported in Egypt and no doubt many other mainstream Muslim nations - the root of this wickedness is the 'prophet'.

The rising new Silicon Valley and a much neglected superpower in the making, in a region of intellectual stagnation.

(cyber technology being increasingly dominant in defence, trade, health and almost every sphere of innovation)

Hurrah, Hurrah for Rowan Atkinson!  (Courtesy of CI)

More affinity for ecumenism in the FIEC in the morass that is Polish neo-evangelcalism.

The BBC - an international fountain of filth then and now*. What would Lord Reith say?

The Indy thinks that stopping the slaughter of the innocents is 'nasty' (the other reason is its avid promotion of sodomy).

13 week old foetus. The usual excuse for murdering infants in the womb is the risk of a much smaller number of mothers going for back street abortions.
Such reasoning displays the exemplary moral myopia of the 20th and 21st century. (Personally, I haven't voted Conservative for a long time)

A fascinating glimpse into Christian relief efforts for North Korea's refugees - in CT.

Turkish foot shuffling continues over the Malatya Martyrs - no trial 5 years on!

Two striking insights into the wickedness of the Iranian government: jailed Pastor's Muslim lawyer also imprisoned.
The convoluted but appalling story of Nadeh Ageh -Soltan's substitute - Iranian tyranny facilitated by Western media intellectual laziness.

Publicly Iran says it needs 60% Ur for its nuclear submarines.

Extremely grave charges of organised Muslim child rape and trafficking covered up by the Rotherham police over 10 years, because of 'diversity' concerns, aired in The Times (paywall). Oxford paedophile prostitution ring over 8 years - all Muslim - face charges at Old Bailey. Alleged violence included use of baseball bat, meat cleavers.   Wealthy, stable families far from immune to such exploitation.
All this is very much related to Mohammed's attitude to dhimmi women and slavery, wickedness which is normative for Islamists. Though the compelling of prostitution for women slaves is slack handedly condemned in the Quran.

Mursi and Obama's Cairo speech's enduring legacy?
Honour murder filmed in Egypt in broad daylight (distressing and graphic video) 91% of global 'honour' killings (religiously motivated family murders) are committed by Muslims (MEQ).

The most important politician's speech of 2012 (though tinged with more praise of nationhood than the prophets would approve, and sadly doomed to be ignored by those that should have heard it most, and are most likely to suffer from its neglect - the US representative was out to lunch, RT).

The US ambassador in Libya's death was a chaotic celebration, wholly contrary to Clinton's early descriptions

Iran says war is imminent and inevitable for the first time

Israeli judges discriminatively penalise a Messianic Jewish settlement for sexual harassment for denying a litigious lesbian couple their hall to marry.
Wickedness frames mischief by a law (Ps. 93.20). The UK does the same with Christian B&B owners - again.

The poor man is doomed - a prominent imam rips up the Bible in Cairo before a jeering mob - he's destroyed all hope of mercy - unless he swiftly bows in sorrow.

The importance of modesty - in a day when prurience is Queen, and chastity is foolishly and dangerously scorned.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt speaks with forked tongue - Taqqiya in action again.
In Arabic  “Egyptians revolt for the Prophet’s victory in front of US embassy.”
 In English  
“relieved none of @USembassycairo staff was hurt”

The extreme defensiveness implicit in the vocal and savage reaction to a banal and obscure US film, C4's dubiously 'demythologised' Islam:the untold history, and the increasingly numerous blasphemy cases  eloquently portends the death throes of a religion riven with internal but unspoken doubts.
US Ambassador Chris Stevens

Waiting before sexual intimacy leads to healthier relationships.

More evidence of the poisonous fruit of a major fertility cult: Pakistan and Egypt (in both instances encouraged by clerics)

Egyptian crucifixions by a Muslim Brotherhood mob documented under Morsi's nose - despite critics' ill founded scepticism. Earlier report. (I can vouch for the translation of Al Balad) Sky spokesman apparently dissimulates.
The US military continues to train the now MB controlled army, Congress to fund it.
A reported victim rescued by police
Israel and refugees - the untold story.

The accuser accused! Blasphemy snare ensnares the snarer in Pakistan  His accusers wriggle.

Rachel Corrie's lawyer is more a rabid Israel hater (the country of his citizenship) than a human rights activist. (PMW)

The nanocity of a cell - protein synthesis simplified - 'Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair' of imitation we might add to Shelley's words.
                    For a lengthier more startling example see here

Karen testimony 23 minutes of searing need and of extraordinary grace. Things haven't yet changed much since Aung Sun Syi Chi was elected to Parliament in the outlying areas.

An ingenious Mind behind the world - an hour of poor quality video but well worth studying
for those with doubts about evolution or as material for witness.

Israel's own problem of bias - Migron requests justice not mercy - but is sacrificed to appease world opinion

Islamists show their claws in Pakistan - a young boy tortured and murdered ? for blasphemy.
Plus of course this abomination and this.

Ahmedinejad says again, 'The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land.'
'The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumour'  Make no mistake the man means trouble, and he hasn't much more time to make it.
'The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity'

Every woman has a right to wear a veil, but to remove it? 2 incidents of extreme violence in Europe.

AQ sheikh writes, 'don't consult with anyone [before] killing 'Alawite's

Israel's US envoy warns action will be taken soon about Iran's nuclear weapons programme.

Official Palestinian paranoia about the Temple reaches psychotic levels - 'Israel uses chemicals to erode Al Aqsa's foundations'
Extensive destruction of the foundations of the area continue by the mosque's occupants. The corresponding sense of Jewish grievance.

ZPD (Zion psychotic disorder) in action again. The Muslim brotherhood, despite prior Israeli warnings to the Egyptian Army about impending attacks blames Mossad for the coordinated Islamist attack on an Egyptian army Rafa border post - to save Mursi from looking like  lemon for ordering the opening the border. Hamas lamely follows suit.

When Anti-Zionism becomes plain old fashioned Jew hatred - Ahmedinejad's latest rant most poisonous yet.

The essence of illiberality - Gay rights activists are behaving like totalitarian Islamists in Chicago and Boston.

Singeing a customer's shirt is a dangerous business in Mursi's new Islamist paradise.

Some challenging thoughts on marriage and sexual intimacy from a dear brother. 4th of 4 parts.

Spain, not Greece, is almost certain to drop out of the Euro, with enormous implications for other countries' banks - the UK in particular..

The PA tries to out-Hamas Hamas by imprisoning fast-breakers during Ramadan, non-Muslims included.

China's vehement opposition to Israel's capital. Remember Zech. 12.1-3?

The German media is telling about the horrors traditional Christians face in Syria, why so little detail in the UK and US? (Original Spiegel article here)

A shining torch in the darkness of Pakistan - an extraordinary testimony from Barnabas.

'I am for peace, ... they are for war'
Israel monster

CSI and the US Helsinki Commissin report ongoing abduction of Egyptian Coptic women and children - with impunity from police and judiciary.
Abducted Coptic women

Tyranny inside the EU, Romania's relapse into autocracy

A paradoxical form of AntiSemitism - prominent MK rips up the Jewish New Testament in public.

What kind of role hero for children? A murderess of bus passengers? The EU/UK/US funded 'peace partner', the PA shows its real colours again.
Dalal Mughrabi

A Wesleyan Methodist at last

If you agree please support his comments at the BFP (requires simple registration)

Women as bishops? It's primarily a question of pagan mythology.

The Istanbul Declaration on trafficking in human organs - a most welcome and timely stand - after the first report of the practice inside the UK.
The evil practice is the standard route of obtaining a kidney in Egypt, being coordinated by tissue typing labs.

Perfidious Albion? Why is the CFO ignoring profligate incitement and a barely concealed desire for Israel's wholesale destruction by UK aid recipients?

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