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Tel Aviv too is a colony - The official guide to Palestinian newspeak - in large part, already adopted by the worst abusers of  natural Palestinian rights by encouraging a fatal folly, whose hatred for the Palestinian Arabs is only modestly outweighed by their vehement hatred of Israeli Jews. Where is the balm of a faithful,warning love?

It takes the Russian media to cover what Syrian rebels are doing to Syrian Catholics and Orthodox, and this is by no means isolated - why no nuance or balance in Western sources?

A contemporary Shiphrah and Puah and a contemporary blood stained Pharoah (Remember this?)

The EU, Save the Children and the UN have again dipped their hands in blood - by funding the incitement of hatred - with this kind of result and this display of barbarity.

Foggy bottom sticks its head deeper in the sand in Obama's election year.

A popular new love song from Egypt (remember this?)

  More glories of the Global Jihad:    530 murdered by Boko Haram so far this year.
400 Afghan schoolgirls allegedly poisoned this month alone.

Col. Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan,                 His 2009 report to the UN        A specific indictment of the previous UNHRC, as applicable today
                            nails a key global problem on the head.   

Just how tolerant is your democracy?
Martyrs (Palestinian suicide terrorists) are "height of glory," their "blood opens path to liberty," says Israeli Arab MP Tibi

More about the North Korean camps
"When they do open up....we're going to be more appalled at what we find."

Trafficking and slavery is increasing in Europe year on year - not enough protest and action at grassroots level. Where is the sting of salt?

28/5 Vatileaks scandal hits Corriere della Sella - Cardinal behind imprisoned butler's leaks about massive Vatican corruption
'His Holiness', Gianluigi Nuzzi's expose becomes a best seller on Italian Amazon.
A power struggle to oust Ratzinger's 2006  appointed Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, reportedly perceived by his peers to be a fountain of corruption.

How common is paedophilia in the Roman Church - 60% of parishes in Chicago have at least one person formally accused by parishioners of paedophilia.
The need for continued vigilance in all faith communities.

Vatileaks - not much attention in the MSM - despite some big scale claims and a furious but telling Vatican response.
Including JP Morgan closing the Vatican's account over repeated money laundering claims.

Kazakh police 'frame' Baptist' by forcing confession on his neighbours

The cost of discipleship in Zone 5, in 'Christian' Ethiopia. Brother Tamirat Woldegorgis.

An extreme hypocrisy unveiled (and all in translated Arabic) - this is the Islam of the Qur'an and Hadith in reality not in its simulated Western dress.

Tribalism the problem Islam 'solved' is the curse of South Sudan, and may well yet unravel it.

Intolerance goes into overdrive - the Law Society breaches contract over a debate on the sanctity of marriage to protect ....
Joycamp, Minitrue, Minipax, Facecrime, Thinkpol, Diversity (= ferocious and illiberal intolerance of moral values) joins Orwell's list of Newspeak doublethink terms.

We should be expectant as national Israel's revival approaches: Spurgeon, M'Cheyne and Bonar - the classic position (courtesy of Christian Witness to Israel)
To the Jew first and also to the Greek. High mindedness in this cause so close to the Saviour's heart a great cause of barrenness and lukewarmness.

Jihadists in Syria stealing property and evicting residents

Mark Steyn's foreward to 'Marked for Death' - a political biography of Geert Wilders.

Melanie Phillips on the child rapes in Bradford, Rochdale and other parts of the NW England - not race but religion is the issue.
It's becoming increasingly facile to keep blaming the possibility of voting for the odious BNP, or the much overblown danger of 'Islamophobia' for official limp wristedness about a serious social problem, and it only fuels tensions when the police and government are seen to be acting with partiality - Jack Straw had the courage to nail his colours to the mast.

“Devotion to jihad for the sake of Allah, and the desire to shed blood, to smash skulls, and to sever limbs for the sake of Allah and in defense of His religion, is, undoubtedly, an honor for the believer.'
A popular voice on Facebook in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad al-Arefe, with 850,000 followers. Religion of peace or of artful deceit?

The GMC copublishes guidelines with Stonewall - the pro-sodomy pressure group - on how to 'deal with doctors who made offensive comments about [homo-]
sexuality', like describing it as 'sodomy'?   CMF's comments    My own letter to the GMC President in 2007.    The promotion of illness by the education and health services.
'If you think your doctor is not fit to practice, or may be a risk to patients, then contact the GMC.'
'The GMC can take action if we need to stop doctors from practising or to restrict their practice in some way.'

Home of the demonic - Facebook's shamefully casual attitude to child porn and child sexual abuse   
 The case for image censorship on the net has never been stronger

Growing number of Christians in Afghanistan

Kazakhstan tightens its grip - tract distribution now an arrestable offence.

A glimpse in the abyss (news on North Korea's camps)
N Korean camps

Burma's killing fields so far unaffected by political reform      Army still has supreme court mandate to rape minority civilians at will. Real justice must follow soon.
The EU's financial crisis on the verge of a serious downturn, despite Mario Draghi's financial necromancy

Hundreds of Nigerian Christians massacred in a few weeks - 300 reported in one diocese alone - and the international community brushes jihadist murder under the carpet.

Peace partners or virulent enemies? PA official broadcast, April 16, 2012
"On one street, for example, we will hold 500 people [hostage]... at any moment, he can blow up everyone; blow up their building, or the whole thing, no matter how many people are there... We want to turn the Tel Aviv day black. We want to turn the Tel Aviv day into destruction, Allah willing. We will turn the Tel Aviv day so it will be remembered in the history of Tel Aviv as black Saturday, black Sunday. Tel Aviv will be closed that whole day with blood and destruction."
[PA TV (Fatah), April 16, 2012] and one of his most famous child killer protegees.

Another case for the higher court of appeal - Maspero massacre ignored and sidelined by Egyptian SCAF

Between naivete and naivete - a new book by Colin Chapman on the virtues of restrained dialogue with Islam - why not worship at a mosque and find out more?

A disturbingly coercive development, the GMC's new draft guidance on personal belief.
'Doctors should be free to practise medicine in accordance with their beliefs, provided that in doing so they are not denying patients access to appropriate medical treatment or services, or causing distress to patients. In these circumstances we expect doctors to be prepared to set aside their personal beliefs [a.k.a. conscience and principles] so they can provide effective patient care in line with Good Medical Practice.' (Para 4) Is this a charter for good practice or for evil? The illiberal ethical corollary of codifying multiculturalism over Divine Law.

Poisoning school girls - the latest feat of glorious jihadist valour.

Cracking articles on the grossly exaggerated similarity of chimp and human genomes - nothing like 1% in the latest Journal Of Creation. (The link is to old data)
Creation Journal

Benedict XVI isn't sure where he'll shortly be, as he celebrates his 85th birthday.  (Thanks to PN)   How tragically different from the New Testament    Vatican embraces anti-Jew SSPX

On Holocaust remembrance day - Lithuania still a dark combination of denial and repetition.

Demonisation applauded by the PA official media, funded by gullible US and EU taxpayers.

Mingi children - modern victims of Molech
Mingi babe

More childish tomfoolery about breastfeeding adults from the wise men of Sunni Islam

Jizya tax imposed on Christians by Free Syrian Army in Homs

Two important posts from SWC: The sound of deadly silence about Christian persecution  The ugly face of Malaysia's government

The major reason Palestinian healthcare is still poor (although often much better than surrounding Arab states - see UN data on infant MR for example),
this despite the Lancet and BMJ's obsessive bashing of Israel for 'apartheid' - the shoe is on the other foot!

Lawsuits for regarding sodomy as sinful in Lexington.

Hamas confirms Gingrich's comments about the fiction of Palestinian nationality

Three years for Minnie mouse in a hijab, for hatefully calling the Coptic church head 'an infidel' and thanking God for his death - you guessed it - zilch.
Respect is a one way street in Islam. Why should anyone respect Mohamed's crooked partiality for one type of idolatry against another?

A week to leave your home - 500,000 Christians in Sudan are told to leave, 'cancer cells in the body of Sudan', whilst Sudanese air force bombers are busy destroying churches and mosques in Nubian mountains in the N W of Sudan. Fears about the 8th April deadline.
N. Sudan by the way is a prime candidate for Cush (Ethiopia in KJV translation), one of Gog's main partners.

The corrosive heresy of Prosperity

An extraordinary testimony finally confirmed in her trust in Messiah by an expert anti-missionary Rabbi - RPP

A prime example of Middle Eastern doublespeak - condemning Toulouse but praising and honouring other serial murderers

Back to the USSR - Uzbekistan return to the dark days of Soviet religious oppression (though the SGA has its own problems)
Uzbek flag
The other case for a one state solution

Three hundred Islamist lawyers - many with bats and other weapons force out Christian lawyers and threaten the judge - in the case of an egregious miscarriage of justice in Assiut.
What kind of God fearing religion is this that overthrows due legal process with violence - by the hand of lawyers behaving like thugs?

Grand mufti of Saudi, Abd Alaziz Abdullah - we "must destroy all churches in the [gulf] area" - three sources confirm.
He's probably badly rattled by the number of Saudi ex-Muslim Christians, now probably in the 1,000s, inside Saudi Arabia.

The PA closes the first Baptist Church in Bethelehem - Islamist discrimination.

Palestinian revisionism works hard to belie the New Testament and mountains of historical testimony about Israel's history. A serious problem with denial.
Jerusalem the Holy
A Palestinian shekel - in Hebrew?! Can ostriches fly?

200 missiles in latest exchange and still counting - what self-respecting state puts up with this from a neighbour? Iran stirs the pot.
rocket(Illustration from JP)
IAEA inspector - Iran testing neutron initiator - uniquely used for nuclear bombs - why the bluster? - a nuclear war is imminent unless the world acts promptly.
It's likely the reason Iran has not already tested on its own soil is to plausibly deny attacks using its terrorist proxies, which now have a global reach.

Long overdue - a welcome grassroots initiative
Joseph Kony

Justifying Molech - the Journal of Medical Ethics (part of the BMJ group) debauches itself.

Despite superficial political reforms, Burmese army still exceptionally sadistic and cruel

Sacrificing democracy on the altar of integration - the EU elite's progressive ascent to tyranny.

Preparations for Purim 2012    CaTC organiser Sami Awad whitewashes principal terrormaster Khader Adnan - what is Langham Partnership International doing at this conference?

Wake up evangelicals a mutated supercessionist theology of the neo-Manichean German Evangelical Church is coming back.

A day for shame for Libya
- and a sign of its future direction? (AINA) All this for a collection of fairytales.

A detailed analysis of stealth jihad - the plan and its implementation in the US.  (Freedom center)

The other horrific massacre - this time unspoken and unknown - the Nuba in Sudan.

The company he keeps - Stephen Sizer in Qatar this weekend shares a platform with Qaradhawi. (RPP)

Coalition for Marriage - if you care about the sanctity of marriage - the foundation of society - sign up!

Norman Finkelstein a leading light in the BDS  (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement candidly explains that a large proprotion of its adherents want Israel destroyed. (Honest Reporting)

Fatah and Hamas a unity made in paradise.

An instrument of Sharia' - Interpol was reportedly the agency used to track a Saudi dissident in Malaysia - astonishing and outrageous!

Iran launches multiple, simultaneous attacks on soft Israeli targets in different continents - war is coming closer.

"The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor that must be removed, and God willing it will be," Iran's head of state's official English language website.
The great lesson of the Holocaust is, if your enemy says he will annihilate you take him seriously. Especially if he's already denying the last one.
 Iran is in violation of Geneva Convention.   Gog's right hand makes ready?

SIL, Wycliffe and Frontiers entertain heresy and publish Bibles for Muslims with the Father and Son removed

Barnabas fund's Proclaim freedom petition - please sign.

Big white lies - Christ at the Checkpoint - a 'Christian' hatefest. (Prov. 26.23-8)

Pakistan's commitment to combatting terrorism is so great it charges the man who tipped off Osama bin Laden's location with treason!

The most salient analysis of the last tumultuous year in the Middle East

Religion of respect? Saudi police strip search participants in a prayer meeting.

When the judges become crooks - the Egyptian judiciary accused of abetting abduction, rape and enslavement.

A peace partner? - the official religious representative of Fatah calls for slaughter of the Jews - following his bloodied master's mandate

Is Gog showing himself? Moscow calls an attack on Tehran's nuclear weapon's program an attack on its own security.

John MacArthur on the emptiness and carnality of Islam and its jealousy of Israel - (though he has misidentified Mohamed Dura).
He was never more Biblical, (nor more Spurgeonic) than in his simple, running exposition of Ezek. 36 here.
'For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.
Then (please note the chronological order brother Hendriksen and his disciples) will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness...'

The shameful cost of obedience to Christ in Somalia - an ex-Muslim flogged publically.
'Our light affliction worketh for us an eternal weight of glory.'

Muslims destroy - Jews repair - the evangelical ex-Muslim pastor from Uganda attacked with acid.
Umar MulindeCDN

Muslim fanatics kill scores more in North Nigeria in the name of Islam and their gangster 'prophet'.

Despite political peace overtures the wanton and mindless psychopaths in the Burmese army keep on on killing innocent Kachins and Karens.

Harvard succumbs to dhimmitude and censors one type of 'hate speech' but not another .

A singularly important and prescient analysis of the intellectual fossilisation of the Muslim world - despite being written by a Thomist and a rationalist, and therefore intrinsically flawed.
The closing of the Muslim mind.

Salient analysis on the EU comes from the English language service of a local oligarchy - why can't the Beeb even begin to match it for a probing interview without hectoring?

Another evil charlatan - how long will the Lord's sheep put up with being fleeced by this huge and growing pack of wolves?

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