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An Anglican vicar and a hater of Jews. Nick Howard exposes Stephen Sizer's record and with him the real character of 'Christ at the checkpoint.'

Wolves fleecing the sheep - the shameful lifestyle of prosperity 'preachers' exposed - long ago foreseen by the Apostle Peter (2 Peter 2.3)

The jewel in our crown - but why hasn't Her Majesty yet visited the land of her namesake (Elisheva)?

In Kagoro, Kaduna, Muslim gunmen shoot Christians in front of their own home - Christians respond with prayer. Will wicked men never learn they can't fight God and win?

Tesco promotes sodomy  and now draws back somewhat.

42 Ethiopian Christians arrested and tortured for praying in that world beacon of light and peace! - Saudi Arabia

The ugly realities of a one sided Islamic blood feud in Egypt

The UK government descends further into evil, for Christians 'following their conscience' is no longer a core requirement of faith.

Focus on Cameron's welcome stance is a distraction from the dire state of European finances which have not been addressed in Brussels. Storm clouds are rapidly approaching. France's 3 biggest banks downgraded by Moody's  Referendums ahead in up to 6 EU states. So why not the UK?  Legal footshuffling Merkel's team calls 'trickery'.

Overt UN and international hypocrisy on the Middle Eastern refugees

Aggressive and unlawful discriminatory attacks against Christian convictions on the evil of sodomy by US faculties continue.   Health effects of sodomy.   Other data (thanks to OB)

Is this the real face of the European Union? This snarky fellow is the former Belgian PM and head of the European Liberal group in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt.

Yousef Nadarkhani is reportedly from the Sabellian or modalist Oneness Pentecostal Church - which is neither Nicene nor evangelical.
It is improper to represent him as orthodox, as I have misguidedly done here before.
Sabellianism can be expressed as the belief that the Father is the Son and the Son is the Father, the distinctions between them are only apparent.
(see Jn.8.17-18, Jn.17.5)
We may well still pray for his severe predicament, and for his enlightenment and salvation, but with weak assurance that he is a brother, (perhaps he is in gross ignorance).
Nadarkhani CNNCNN

Trouble already brewing in Egypt, a minor property dispute flares into two murders, in el Ghorayzat in Sohag. 100s of vengeful Muslims reportedly run amok.

Why are Christians being murdered in the 100s in Muslim countries but not being given refugee status by UNHCR?

Unholy war
North Nigerian Jihad again goes the way of Muslim warfare - theft, vandalism, rape, and the directed slaughter of children and women - all in emulation of a blood stained 'prophet' of terrorism. An Al Capone in chief.      Why are other Nigerians so passive?

Even by Pakistani standards - an appalling miscarriage of justice. Pregnant Christian woman and her husband beaten for 3 days by the police on misplaced charges - and an offer of impunity if the couple converted  - is this a religion of purity and justice - or a haven for criminals?

At least 45 Christains slain by Jihadists in Nigeria's Plateau State.

CatCH organisers promote Dr Jim West's disgraceful website - a resurrection of pro-Nazi German Evangelical Church doctrine amongst mainstream groups. (RPP)

Daniel Hannan's erudite and illuminating commentary on the 'hideous strength' behind the Euro crisis - though of course the currency will endure... for a while.

Choosing between 12 years jail and marrying the rapist - what the EUrabian authorities chose to censor of their own documentary.

North Nigeria slips back into the dark ages, thanks to Muslim paranoia about vaccines.

Breathtaking deceit - how a mainline US Muslim advocacy group actively sponsors jihad against America.


Anti-Semitism once again enters the evangelical mainstream. A rogues' gallery of anti-Zionist participants at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, and why some are so dangerous.  (RPP) A list of international organisations officially represented: World Evangelical Alliance, Asia Evangelical Alliance, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, International Federation of Evangelical Students (IFES), Langham Partnership Int, Institute for Global Engagement, Church Mission Society, Anglicans in World Mission, and the Israeli Bible Society. That 2 eminent Messianic Jews are also in attendance proves nothing but their own myopia, in being used as cover.

Once again the Egyptian army goes on the offensive - against its own Coptic citizens. Tantawi is a disgrace.

Susan Ithungu the Ugandan teenager who left Islam for Christ now leaves hospital one year after her father tortured her.

How the Muslim Brotherhood itself views the Revolution (the Arabic caption on the prostrate man in the cartoon)

A piercing lament for Oslo - a deepening sense of betrayal in Israel over broken promises.
(Gush Katif is one of the Jewish towns depopulated by the Israeli army in Gaza in 2005)

The battle with the heresy of racism inside evangelical churches continues - one simple starting test is whether the real leadership is racially mixed like Antioch's was (Acts 13)
'A giant Ponzi scheme' - the incomparable Daniel Hannan on the Euro bailout. Britain to throw £12.5 billion good money after bad, and that's just the beginning!

The extraordinary character of the European Stability Mechanism - the heart of tyranny.

A haredi markets kidneys - a shameful Israeli weakness encouraged by Rabbinic rulings.

Patrick Sookhdeo defends himself from a defamatory article in the Grauniad

'It was diverse from all the beasts that were before it' Dan. 7.7
17 states, one fiscal union - a recipe for war.

The primary reason for the Western (and soon other Gentile nations too) church's spiritual famine - blood guiltiness over a covenant people.

Egypt's army fomenting trouble for Copts to grasp onto their privileges - a bloody greed. One Copt's story.

Praying in Eritrea?

Still wholly unprepared for an EMP attack - despite years of warning

Muslims in Pakistan again unprosecuted for gang raping a child - where is the honour of the police and of other Muslims? Yet more criminal impunity, in Punjab.

Army barbarism in Egypt - Tantawi goes Gaddafi.

Limp wristed evangelicalism - Roy Clements continues to publicly defend his sodomy - who has told him he's wholly reprobate, unless he manifests fruits of repentance? EN hasn't.
How much more ministerial closet sin is there like his?
All the progress that they have made in establishing the credibility of the Christian gospel within modern western culture is being threatened by a group of loony militants
who loudly insist that what a person thinks about gays is a crucial mark of orthodoxy.
' the Apostle Paul perhaps?
'Be not deceived... nor abusers of themselves with mankind (αρσενοκοιτης)... shall inherit the kingdom of God.'
(1 Cor 6.9-10)

The West's lost jewel - modesty.

Illegal Muslim bigamy and polygyny rapidly on the rise in the UK  - and thriving on benefits intended for lone parents, c. 20,000 according to seasoned Social Workers.

Stuart Olyott an otherwise valiant defender of the Gospel of grace falls into blinkered supercessionism and anti-Zionism,
and has departed from the high and nuanced position of the Puritans and Charles Spurgeon on the future salvation of a great mass of the Jews. (RPP)

Of which Israel does Paul then write, 'Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you.'?
He has travelled with Hendriksen and Robertson's wholesale allegorisation of the restoration prophecies, and neglected a double horizon fulfillment.
We shall shortly see who holds the Lord's mind.     Michael Brown's convictions, and my own.
'Be not high-minded but fear' - our Joseph still remembers his estranged kinsmen and will bring them to particular repentance.

Almighty God of love,
Set up the attracting sign,
And summon whom thou dost approve
For messengers divine;
From favoured Abraham’s seed
The new apostles choose,
In isles and continents to spread
The dead-reviving news.

Them, snatched out of the flame,
Through every nation send,
The true Messiah to proclaim,
The universal friend;
That all the God unknown
May learn of Jews to adore,
And see thy glory in thy Son,
Till time shall be no more.

O that the chosen band
Might now their brethren bring,
And, gathered out of every land,
Present to Zion’s King!
Of all the ancient race
Not one be left behind,
But each, impelled by secret grace,
His way to Canaan find.

We know it must be done,
For God hath spoke the word:
All Israel shall the Saviour own,
To their first state restored;
Rebuilt by his command,
Jerusalem shall rise;
Her temple on Moriah stand
Again, and touch the skies.

Send then thy servants forth,
To call the Hebrews home;
From East and West, and South and North,
Let all the wanderers come;
Where’er in lands unknown
The fugitives remain,
Bid every creature help them on,
Thy holy mount to gain.

An offering to their God,
There let them all be seen,
Sprinkled with water and with blood,
In soul and body clean;
With Israel’s myriads sealed,
Let all the nations meet,
And show the mystery fulfilled,
Thy family complete!

Charles Wesley     (courtesy CWI)

The basic reason a Palestinian state
will be the most foolish of nations

Suddenly as the world begins to notice the barbarity of the Apostasy Law, Pastor Nadarkhani is accused of rapes and extortion
 to 'justify' his execution  - more state injustice in evil Iran.
If he renounced Christ he could walk free tomorrow. 12/10 Retrial ordered

Murdering the victims of rape to appease the shame of a fertility cult - the immoral madness of Pakistan's so called 'honour'.

Wearing the veil now compelled on non Muslims in Egypt

A landmark speech, worthy of careful consideration in the 'hall of darkness'.

Yet another Pakistani rape, treated with impunity. Islam is at the root of this evil practice.

A wild cat result now serially confirmed at Opera - neutrino speeds faster than light.
Einstein's foundation now looks distinctly wobbly, potentially ushering in a major change in basic physics.

The third Jihad - now available for free - the key to the promised victory is the employment of the correct weaponry.
Allahu akbar, wa leysa 'aqim huwa!

Who is the real power behind the throne in the new Libya? - Reuben has an excellent track record for analysing situations in the Arab world.

Michael Brown on homosexuality's politics

Egypt a new vandal state - what hath democracy wrought?

A glimpse into the ugly horror of Sharia, August 2011.

The EU army in preparation over NATO's broken remains. Which would you trust to keep the peace?

The borrower is servant to the lender. The UK's financial slavery.
Combined UK debts

PC goes plod in Australia

The UN calls the murderous thugs, chanting of the slaughter of 'Khaibar', in the Mari Marmara 'humanitarian workers' - a reminder of how inadequately prepared and dangerously naive Israeli commandoes narrowly escaped their own carefully prepared slaughter - no doubt, a harder, sharper initial assault might have led to less loss of life.

Were uniformed Muslim members of the Nigerian Army's Special Task Force complicit in the mass murder of Christians in Plateau State? - a spokesman will not deny what could cause civil war if not defused quickly. Immediate investigation and discipline is needed. Detailed testimonial corroboration of these charges.

Plus ça change.... Egypt's new human rights abuses - a Christian blogger gets 3 years in a secretive and illegal trial for criticising the army.

HIV rising in the US among male homosexuals (MSM), brought to my attention by CI.
Why is the NHS and the Home Office still promoting anal sex, whilst banning smoking?
MSM rates in US 

Marriage or murder - the Pakistani police continue to defend the most evil of criminals.

Egypt convulses itself over five security men probably killed by Islamists - and the world follows (the blinkered BBC averts its gaze from the details),
Barak expresses regret to placate Egypt's humiliation over Sinai chaos, though the evidence is still being sifted.
Moussa stirs the pot over Egypt's recent neglect of the nest of terror that is North Sinai in an anti-Zionist bidding war with his rivals.
Gaza hails more than 20 missiles down on Israel, including 3 Grads.

More glorious mujaheddin in Kabul descend straight into the Fire

Nabila Sedky (15), her alleged abductor Mohamed AbdelBari Mady and Zeina al-Sadat - police collusion in kidnappings persists in lawless Egypt.
Another good reason to boycott the country's tourist trade.

How to win friends and influence people, Al Shebab style - starve them to death unless they convert. A not unusual Islamist tactic.

Syria's endless bloodletting - now rewarded openly by another endless bloodletter.     Now the Syrian Navy starts war on its citizens too.                        

  Why did no one tell me this?  (RPP)                              Satan's principal success - to mask the Jewish Messiah by Gentile wickedness

A sweeter love - a 14 year old daughter starved till she was a speechless, cripple by her father - because of her love for Christ. (CDN) Now released from hospital.
Susan Ithungu

A deadly riot - Nazlet Faragallah, Minya, Egypt - Ramadan karim.

North Sudan proves itself as steeped in blood and monstrous barbarity as ever.

A glimpse into Hell, when Divine restraint  is removed - London faced a second Blitzkrieg, much of it carefully organised- from its own feral children
- the corrupt harvest of single parent families and a failure to consistently discipline.
The contrast with Japan's reaction to its massive triple disaster is revealing - sin is a reproach to any nation.

Frank warning about gang culture - 'Surely in vain is the net spread in the sight of any bird' - how many dodos are there yet in London?

Even violence and threats of extreme violence doesn't prevent women from seeking out the Truth from among India

An increasingly common form of conversion to Islam in Muslim countries - abduction and rape - here is Hiba's account.
The real wickedness is that it is so often excused, embraced and ignored by the authorities and other Muslims - how can this possibly be the Truth of God?

Does the US have a coherent foreign policy in the Middle East? - one of the most perceptive observers in the region sees only one.

The lawless Union - time to step off the fast track to disaster.
'The Union shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments, regional, local or other public authorities, other bodies governed by public law, or public undertakings of any Member State.'

How many more years before Egypt shakes off Islam altogether - perhaps not many, but not with the sword.

The vilest incitement I have ever seen - an Egyptian Imam - when will muslims denounce him, as Christians denounce, disown and excommunicate Breivik?
The images on the Holocaust are extremely graphic - the commentary breathtakingly evil.
'This is what we hope will happen, but Allah willing, at the hand of the Muslims'
Of course there's no such problem in the UK, or is there?

The  wicked Norweigian psychopath - a mason, a militaristic crusader, an eager video gamer, an avid New York Times reader - but a radical Christian? - did he even attend a church? How many times does he quote Scripture in his 1.5k page thesis?
Hitler also claimed to be Christian, but hated Christ. Much Western reporting is adept at distorting reality.
The more radical a disciple the closer he is to his Master. Carnal weapons won't prevail against the real strongholds.

The Beast takes shape - fiscal union mooted

Molech is alive and well today in Afghanistan

Massive slavery in Sudan - justified by Sharia

A glimpse into persecution at the hand of rabbinic Jews in Israel (comparatively minor by comparison with the neighbours, but still painful and upsetting).

Christine and Nancy
Two more girls kidnapped in Egypt - Christine Azat (16) and Nancy Magdi (14) en route to church, June 12th in Minya - fruits of Islam's root character.
The latest twists in the affair 7/7
Egyptian Muslims tell me the country is slipping into chaos with protection rackets and wanton violence commonplace. The police are impotent.

Evolution   Rome     EU


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