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World Watch List 2015


Source of persecution: Islamic extremism

Morocco ImageThe Pressure seems to have increased on Christians in Morocco, particularly in the community sphere. Believers from Muslim backgrounds face the greatest persecution, although restrictions also apply to the small historic Catholic and expat communities, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for foreign workers to enter the country. In 2013, few violent incidents against Christians were recorded. But the arrival of an Islamist party in government has left many Christians pessimistic about the future, with Islamist movements rapidly gaining influence in the country.


  • For Muslims who convert: the police treat them as criminals and friends and family often reject them.
  • In the wake of the Arab Spring, many government reforms have favoured Muslims. Pray that these reforms will not hinder Christians from practising their faith.
  • Islamic movements are becoming more visible in the country. Pray for local Christians to remain strong in spite of this trend.