The FIEC's formal verdict on the evidence presented

The Letter to which this e mail was a reply.

02 January 2010 17:33

Dear brothers

Thank you for contacting me again about Malcolm Clegg’s ministry.  As you know, James Muldoon and a fellow member of the Carey staff have recently visited Malcolm to explore your concerns in detail.  The conclusion they have reached is that the ministry he is exercising in a Polish setting is not ecumenically compromised.    I have spoken at length with James and have nothing to add other than to endorse the approach they have adopted and to support their conclusions.

You have been right to raise matters that have concerned you; can I appeal to you at this point to accept the judgement of church leaders whose character and ministries we prize in the Lord?

Yours in him


Richard Underwood

General Secretary
The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches

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