Serious and unanswered allegations against the Lebanese Red Cross and ICRC HQ in Geneva.




Re detailed and specific allegations found at here.


Sent: 11 September 2006

Dear British Red Cross,


Thanks for the response.


Praise for the workers of the LRC is well and good, and no doubt appropriate, but the excellent work of the many in and out of Lebanon is profoundly jeopardised by the apparent completely fraudulent activity of a a few.


Good work doesn't atone for serious bias and manipulation - on the contrary it is demeaned and defiled by it, especially when serious investigation has not been seen to take place at ICRC. These are extremely serious allegations which directly impinge on ICRC and LRC's credibility and objectivity, nor are they isolated to this incident as I indicated before. It should be recognised the offhand reaction of ICRC and LRC so far has hardly bolstered its credibility or even addressed the concerns in the website.


I am not an anonymous writer and I have relayed the details of the allegations, which I have seen plain and detailed evidence for, which include:


1. By spuriously claiming a Israeli missile strike on its ambulance 782 in Qana on 23/7 at 23.15 - which the photographic evidence patently refutes. Your present report cites two ambulances - what is the number, where are the details of the attack, location and photographs of the second?


2. The date of the damage to 782 is patently wrong, given the photographic evidence of advanced corrosion.


3. Of removing the high resolution image that so clearly demonstrates the falsehood of ICRC's own testimony from its website. The original reference of image is preserved is 20060823ICRCAmbulance01.jpg, it was created on 1/8/06 at 09:02:16, using a Canon EOS 350D Digital Camera.

(Why should this image generate any controversy if the original press release wasn't obviously foolish?)

4. Claiming there was an explosion and intense fire inside the ambulance - which the published photographic evidence patently refutes.


5. The Red Cross driver, Kasim Shaalan, claimed in widely published statements that a passenger's leg had been amputated whilst lying on the gurney inside the ambulance by the missile strike. Photographic evidence shows no damage to the gurney of ambulance 782.


6. The same ambulance driver was widely reported to himself have been injured in the attack, in spite of photos on the 24 and 25th August showing him unscathed.


7. The Red Cross has either denied or refused to publicly investigate what amounts to serious fraud, by its own employees.


Given the ICRC's international responsibilities, its failure to investigate and evidence that it has actually covered up the wrong doings of its own employees, it has brought the Geneva Convention itself into serious disrepute and profoundly injured its own reputation for impartiality.


If I don't receive some form of specific response to these questions, in lieu of notice of a formal, published investigation by ICRC, within a reasonable period of time, I too shall publish my letter,


Yours sincerely in Christ,


Charles Soper