Serious problems with doctrinal compromise in FIEC - a call to Gospel churches to leave now!

''Evangelicals who remain in complacent fellowship with those who deny their faith are not only failing to stem the tide of apostasy;
they are accelerating the pace.''

Edward Joshua Poole-Connor

Updated 1/12/2018

An excellent biography of the founder of the FIEC

2001 Today's FIEC and Poole-Connor

2009 The problem at Wroclaw*

2009 Correspondence with the FIEC

A subsequent letter to the General Secretary of the FIEC.

2010 The FIEC's verdict on the evidence presented above     Reakcja Sekretarza Generalnego FIEC

2009 21st Century Baal

2010 An anaemic response to Wroclaw

2010 A following note*

In 2011, the FIEC continued to hold leaders' teaching (PfS) at Carey Baptist Church,
despite the continuing extreme ecumenism of its missionary to Poland.

2012 More prominent FIEC figures engaged with pioneering Polish ecumenists*

March 2012 Withdrawal by the FIEC of its robust 1996 statement on ecumenism,
and its replacement with a prolix, vehemently expressed but weaker alternative.

2014 In a semiofficial work, the FIEC claims to exercise subapostolic authority over its churches. We have seen this in practice, with ugly consequences.

2016 Leader's conference includes one speaker who directs studies at Langham Partnership, and another with a doctorate from Fuller, both institutions with fulsome ecumenical philosophies, and no indication by either of the least dissent.

March 2016 It is preceded by a similar conference with some of the same partners.
A prominent quote from the architect of Nottingham's wickedness (archived), unabashedly heads the site.

January 2017 The FIEC goes soft on sodomy in partnership with 2 founders of Living Out, Ed Shaw and Sam Alberry.
Openly gay 'Christians' welcomed, provided they profess celibacy.

Hating the sin but embracing the sinful inclination.
The scripture indicates such affections are 'vile' and to be shunned and that ex-homosexuals need sanctification and justication to hate and renounce these sinful desires not just practice. The FIEC, like the EA before it, welcomes those who profess such vile affections openly. They have cut the foundations from under their own feet and their inevitable collapse into the open embrace of practising homosexuals in ministry is a matter of time only. See this exchange in 2013, halfway down the page.

June 2018 FIEC promotes John Keller's insipid man-centred philosophy, an anaemic and antinomian pseudo-Gospel, without any bite or commanding call to repentance (Archive)
All John Stevens in commentary could muster to say on homosexuality and militant feminism was 'mainstream churches are divided on these issues'. Does that sound like John the Baptist, or Christ or Peter? 'Repent...Save yoursleves from this perverse generation!' The FIEC leadership has sadly long lost its salt.

October 2018
Living Out publish writings coauthored by one of their founders and Steve Chalke. The latter's organisation, Oasis, now proudly publishes its Transgender Equality Stance in a prominent advert in the Metro.
This means enforced recognition of new pronouns, the newly assigned gender, and the use of bathroom and private changing facilities by dissenters, and that's just the start.
Having embraced Living Out, will the FIEC now follow suit? Will we see gender neutral bathrooms in their HQ, or 'altered' men using the women's facilities and vv? Or will they reprove cruelty and ungodliness of those who promote and pander to this abomination, as they ought?

December 2018
FIEC goes full on 'Christian Hedonist' by closely joining hands with Co-Mission - who have been actively promoting the profane decadence of so called 'New Calvinism' (which is neither new nor Calvinistic) for a decade.
They have tagged along in production of a sweet, sentimental but doctrinally skin shallow film that would serve a liberal church or a cult just as readily, jointly sponsored a publicly creedless church plant (also here), and shared speakers at many of their teaching events.
Apostasy of a kind Poole-Connor would strongly condemn as idolatrous, especially the nightclub-style, Piper-in-the-dark worship, is mainlining.
Shipwreck for many affiliated churches beckons. We can only weep at this needless and weak-kneed surrender of the Lord's banner, in days of gathering evil like this.

(*All reproduced by kind courtesy of BLQ, by whom copyright is reserved)


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