An as yet unanswered letter to Evangelical Times


Dear [brethren],
I welcome the tone and the character of the front page article in the latest ET on the Papal visit. It strikes a helpful balance. However I am disappointed at the choice of author, especially given brother Underwood's persistent failure to act over Carey BC's longstanding envoy Malcolm Clegg's rampant ecumenism with Rome, Islam and liberal groups. The abject failure to police the FIEC's own statement on ecumenism in a flagship church, from which its own drafters were drawn, was the final trigger for our own fellowship's departure from the FIEC earlier this year, after many months of pleading and persistence to no avail.
In effect you have chosen an author who says one thing in your column, but when it comes to the crunch not only failed to investigate independently, but also obscured the gravity of the apostacy involved, in the face of extensive documentation.
I fervently hope this is not a path ET intends to follow. The details have long been public for well over a year, a website details them,
Yours sincerely in Christ,
Charles Soper

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